Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 9

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[edit] Level 9 - TURBOLENCE

Get that stinking feeling flying in a goofylookin ship!
Stinkoman tries to take a shortcut through Level 9, but the shadowy figure is one step ahead...

[edit] Stage 9.1 (Transcript)

{Music plays. Pan left across a forest. Stinkoman is standing on a rock, overlooking the forest, with a castle in the background.}


{Close-up of Stinkoman as he holds his hand up to his mouth. A whistle sound is heard.}


{The music changes. Cut to a close-up of a golden hangar door opening, and Stinkoman's ship coming out. Cut back to a silhouetted Stinkoman looking at the hangar, revealed to be disguised as a nearby rock. Cut to Stinkoman.}


{Cut to the shadowy figure in his lair watching the scene on his TV.}


SHADOWY FIGURE: {subtitled, pointing offscreen} LAUNCH THE FLEET!!!

{Pan right to see he's pointing at 1-Up and Pan Pan. The music stops.}

1-UP: {subtitled} UM, ARE YOU TALKING TO US?


{The music fades back in. Cut to the outside of the castle as a large number of ships take off from it. A shot of Stinkoman inside the Stinkowing slides in from the left side of the screen to the right, and an outside shot of the Stinkowing fades in to the left of it. Stinkoman pushes a lever, and the Stinkowing powers up and flies offscreen.}

{Cut to the level start scene with the Stinkowing next to Stinkoman, and the words "TRY LEVEL 9.1" at the bottom.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds in white text.}


[edit] Stage 9.1 (Guide)

  • The controls of the ship may be hard to grasp at first, but they will become easier later on.
  • Rapidly tapping the S key can activate rapid-fire. It can destroy weak enemies traveling in lines very efficiently.
  • If you ever see a large amount of enemies or obstacles in front of you, press the A button to make a shield pop up for ten seconds. You have three shields to begin with.
  • You cannot touch the floors, walls, or ceiling in this level
  • It is impossible to stop in this level.
That Prudench is totally eating that Reid.
Are we sure this isn't a water level?

Now moving on:

  • Begin by blasting the schools of flying prawns known as "Prudench", stinging jellyfish called "Reids", and futuristic goldfish known as "Sackastanos" in front of you.
  • When you get to the volcano-like creatures called "Broodacres," study their patterns and fly through when the balls of lava are in the air. When you see the shark-like monsters called "Semulades", do not fire, dodge.
    • However, if you start firing at the one in your way within about 1.5 seconds of their appearance; sometimes, you have to kill them. Be careful; they speed up extremely fast.
  • Dodge the spike corals, and if you lost some life earlier, use a shield and go through the walls to get a capsule. If you didn't get hurt, shoot the Reids and enter the enclosed area.
  • In the enclosed area, you will accelerate through many, many, Prudench. Fire away.
  • You will eventually reach a rock wall with a small opening in it. Right before you hit it, you will slow down drastically. Be wary of the spike coral in the rock opening.
  • When you get through the opening, you will see two schools of Prudench and three Broodacres. Ignore or kill the Prudench, and get through the Broodacres.
  • After the three Broodacres, you will see an anemone that acts like a Downtant, called "Roldhap," and two unknown octopus enemies. Dodge the Roldhap's projectiles, and kill or dodge the unknown enemies.
  • When you see the capsule, watch out! A spike coral will protrude from underneath the capsule. When it begins to recede, don't go for it! It will trick you and will extend again. When it recedes after the trick, it is now safe to go for the capsule.
  • After the capsule, you will face an armored manta ray, called "Quorvekt"; three robotic oysters, known as "Dolmerlays", and a school of Prudench. The Quorvekt is your main problem.
  • After taking care of the enemies, you will enter another enclosed area and you will accelerate. In this area, there are no Prudench, but there are moving walls, Broodacres, and Reids.
  • After accelerating, there will be a rectangle shaped rock with a capsule above it. Get the capsule.
  • There will be a fork in the path after the rock. The upper path has two shield emblems, and the lower path has a moving wall and many, many, many Prudench. Take the upper path.
  • The second you get the shields, use one to drive through the rock wall.
  • After the wall, get the extra life and if you have your shield up, go through the bottom rocks and begin firing. If you don't, you can use another shield to go the bottom of the rock, or fight the enemies.
    • If you chose to stay above the rock, you will fight Reids, unknown enemies, and Broodacres. Rapid fire at the Reids, ignore the unknown enemies, and dodge the Broodacres.
    • If you chose to follow the bottom route, begin firing. Eventually, you will see a capsule. Pick that up.
  • This is where the paths converge. When you near the end of the path, Semulades will begin to appear and fly at you. On the higher path, it is best to avoid them. But on the lower path, you must fire at them. Eventually, you will leave the paths.
  • You will see two rocks ahead of you, and you have to get through them to progress. You can try to fly through, or you can use a shield. Try to conserve your shields and fly through.
  • You will see two walls of purple seaweed called "Fundlakes" in front of you. Fire at them and go through quickly. If you are too slow, the Fundlakes will reappear and hurt you.
  • The next path has a single football-shaped school of Prudench. Blast them to oblivion.
  • In the next area, there are many Fundlakes. Within the Fundlakes are powerups!
  • Use a shield and get the capsule at the top of the screen. Quickly go to the bottom of the screen and get the extra life. The shield will wear off by about now, so fire through the Fundlakes and get the lone shield emblem. Just blast through the rest of the Fundlakes to get out.
  • The next area is a large vertical shaft. At the bottom right, you will see a Prudench and a square of capsules and lives! Put the Prudench out of its misery.
  • The second before you touch the square, you will accelerate and miss the square. You will accelerate up, get a capsule, and finish the level.
    • It's possible to grab the capsule on the upper left if you stay on the very bottom of the screen and hold right.

[edit] Stage 9.2 (Transcript)

{The same level start scene is shown with the words, "TRY LEVEL 9.2" at the bottom.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 9.2 (Guide)

These guys fly backwards fast real good.
  • Start by heading between two spike corals you need to pass; they won't extend suddenly the first time.
  • A school of Prudench will appear, followed by a line of Reids. Strafe the enemies; try to knock out two or more of each to make a gap in their line.
  • Avoid the attacks from the upper Roldhap and go under the second. Two Semulades will charge at you, so stay back! You should be able to take out one of them when they first appear, and dodge over or under the second. Grab the shield.
  • Three Dolmerlays will appear. Try to dodge between the bottom two or under all three, because you don't have time to worry much about them. If you can destroy one, your life will be much easier.
  • You suddenly accelerate! Try to stay about two-thirds of the way up the screen. This seems to work well.
  • Once you pass through a narrow gap in two extending walls, a Quorvekt appears. Fire, fire, fire. Oh, and dodge.
    • One way to kill the Quorvekt without taking damage is: When you go through the opening in the walls, hold left so as not to hit it, then rapid-fire away.
  • Make sure you've destroyed the Quorvekt before tackling the Broodacres. Dodge the first and go under the second. You'll have plenty of space to dodge the third.
  • Three of the unknown octopus enemies drop down. If you're feeling lucky, shoot at them, but otherwise just stay below them.
  • There's lots of platforms with Roldhaps. Stay low, and fire ahead to take out the Roldhaps on the bottom row. A capsule will show up between two Roldhaps. Take out the bottom one, then time your flight with the upper one's attacks to snag the capsule.
  • After that, you will encounter a narrow passage filled with Fundlakes. Shoot them, then quickly fly through where they were before they reappear. If any of the Roldhaps' bullets show up, dodge them.
  • When you're almost out, two Semulades will come at you; just shoot one of them, then head sideways up. Two strings of Prudench will be waiting, avoid them.
  • You will run into a screen full of those octopus enemies; use your shield if needed. Go to the bottom and through the moving walls. Pick up the capsule and shield.
  • You will see a sign reading "Shield Alley". Once you see that, turn your shield on. You will go through many small blocks; aim for the extra shields. Keep pressing the shield button until you see a wall.
  • Go through the wall and grab the capsule or shield. You will then be accelerated.
  • Avoid the ridges and two Quorvekts will appear, kill them. You will see a lot of Reids; blast all that you can.
  • The final challenge is to go through another narrow channel. If you are bad with steering or have only one unit of health left, you'll probably want to use a shield here.
  • Stay in the center of the channel as it narrows. You will speed under the flag and encounter Harvax XVII.

[edit] Level 9 Boss: Harvax XVII (Transcript)

{As the round begins, Harvax XVII will pop up from the bottom of the screen.}

STINKOMAN: Are you asking for a challenge?

After you defeat Harvax XVII...

{Small explosions appear under Harvax's head. It is red and shaking.}

HARVAX XVII: {subtitled} PI...PI...PI...

{Harvax's head flies off into the distance, revealing wires underneath. His body falls to the ground, exploding. When it lands, a bunch of Prudench fall from its neck. Cut to Stinkoman inside the Stinkowing.}

Alright! Prawn salad!


{The Stinkowing does a victory lap around the castle and lands out the front. Cut to Stinkoman stepping out at the front door.}


{The camera pans up to show all of the castle. When it reaches the top, the sky darkens and lightning strikes repeatedly along with thunder.}

[edit] Level 9 Boss: Harvax XVII (Guide)

  • Harvax XVII is a large '20s style gangster with a tommy gun. He shoots bullets at you, opens his mouth, and shoots again. Every now and then he will charge at you across the screen and try to smash you against the wall.
  • Harvax XVII will shoot 6 bullets at a time. After 2-4 rounds of bullets, he will charge you.
  • To beat him, stay at the left edge of the screen. Dodge the bullets, and fire. You can only hit Harvax XVII when his mouth is open (you have to hit the inside of his mouth), and his face will flash red on a hit. The bullets are relatively easy to dodge if you watch them. If you are unable to dodge them or the boss is charging you and you are unable to get out of the way, activate a shield.
  • If you only use your shields when necessary, and are careful to dodge the bullets, Harvax XVII can be defeated relatively easily. Stay at the left end and spray rapid-fire up and down, thus avoiding the bullets.
    • Another strategy is to take a position just in front and below him; this is a blind spot for the bullets. After a spray of bullets, fly by him and hit him if his mouth is open at the time. Then continue to stay right next to him and just above or below him and repeat.
  • Harvax XVII takes 15 hits to destroy.
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