Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 3

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[edit] Level 3 - DUMB WALL!

"Stinkoman overcompensates and has to collect random crap"
Stinkoman leaves his house only to find that a wall is blocking his way to future challenges. To get over the wall, he decides to try jumping (a little too far) over it, only to discover that the wall isn't actually a wall at all.

[edit] Stage 3.1 (Transcript)

{Cut to the outside of Stinkoman's house. There's a city in the background and a wall a few feet away. The door opens for Stinkoman and closes when he leaves. Stinkoman walks out of his house and attempts to backflip-jump over the wall, but the wall is a little bit too high. After three more failed attempts, Stinkoman shakes and soars into the sky.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 3.1 (Guide)

  • This level is more like a mini-game than anything else. Instead of side-scrolling, in this stage Stinkoman is flying up, up, and away. You are stuck in a fixed section of the screen, but you can use the left and right arrow keys to move sideways. The S button punches, but no flying fist will appear. Instead, the shots only move slightly to the left or right.
A change of scenery.
  • As you fly, angry raindrops named "Mr. Ubbers" will fall from the 'bove. You have to punch them, which will cause them to pop, making golden nuggets shoot out. The nuggets will fly up and then fall down, and you'll have to collect them as they fall. You have to get 20 golden nuggets.
  • That would be simple, if it weren't for the evil rain clouds called "Clowders." They float up from underneath. You can't hurt them; you have to avoid them. Touch them and you'll take damage.
  • So the basic idea is that you'll have to kill a Mr. Ubbers and stay in the same place long enough to collect the golden nugget that'll come down. Sometimes a Clowder will interfere, and when this happens the best strategy is to leave, forget about the nugget and try again. It's a little harder than it sounds, but the level won't end until either you die or collect 20 golden nuggets. Don't worry about winning with a small amount of health, your health is fully refueled when you win.

[edit] Stage 3.2 (Transcript)

Almost there...

{A silhouette of Stinkoman flies up against a blue background streaked with white for effect.}

{Close up to Stinkoman's head. He is still flying up.}

{View from Stinkoman's eyes. He is looking down and sees his feet above a rapidly-shrinking Planet K.}

{Cut back to the close up of Stinkoman's head. He is still flying up.}

{Cut back to view of Stinkoman's silhouette flying up against the blue sky. Suddenly he stops moving and lines appear arround him, signifying surprise.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 3.2 (Guide)

P is for Purple!
  • Like the last stage, this stage is also mini-game like. This time Stinkoman is falling down and lots of different items are coming up. The controls are the same as stage 3.1's, but you won't be needing to punch.
  • You want to collect ten pieces of bread without collecting anything else. Collecting anything else (there are also apples, bars of soap, ears and P's) will make you lose a point, but you can't get anything less than 0 points. So if you have 0 points, don't worry about touching bad things that are in the way of bread.
  • You cannot get hurt during this round. It will last as long as it takes you to get ten points. A good strategy is to stay away from everything bad and to only try to collect bread when it's in the open. This can prove difficult, as bread constitutes only one-fifth of the items that come up.
  • Another good strategy is to stay on the far left of the screen. When you see easy-to-reach bread, grab it and return to the left. This is easier on the left than on the right.
  • This level can be tricky to master, so practice, practice, practice. Expect to have Stinkoman fall for a long, long time before he hits the ground.

[edit] Level 3 Boss: Stlunko (Transcript)

{Stinkoman falls down on the other side of the wall. Suddenly the ground shakes and Stlunko the giant robot pops out of the ground and Stinkoman finds himself on a conveyor belt. There are two giant gray hands at the sides.}

{The camera zooms into Stinkoman's eye and he squints.}

{Switch to original view. Two Pooru-Poorus have mysteriously appeared on both sides of the conveyer belt. As the fight begins, Stinkoman says his classic line out loud.}
STINKOMAN: Are you asking for a challenge?

Stinkoman with his "new powerup"

After you defeat Stlunko...

{Whatever was left of the antenna explodes.}

{Cut to a cinematic sequence with Stinkoman's head silhouetted in the foreground. In the background, explosions are appearing all over Stlunko as he sinks into the ground and disappears.}

{Stinkoman is standing in a field. One of Stlunko's hands is lying around nearby.}
STINKOMAN: {subtitled} AHA!!

{Cut to a scene with ingame-like graphics. Stinkoman walks up to giant gray hand and attaches it to his left fist. Then he walks away to the right to where he had come from.}

[edit] Level 3 Boss: Stlunko (Guide)

  • Stlunko is a stealthy robot who was hiding in the ground. At first, only his antenna was showing, but when Stinkoman landed, he arose to attack. He boasts a huge conveyor belt and two hands that he can move around freely. His only weakness is his antenna.
Puncha! Puncha!
  • Stinkoman is stuck on Stlunko's conveyer belt. The conveyor belt will hinder Stinkoman from running one direction and help him run the other way. It will occasionally switch directions.
  • There are two Pooru-Poorus on the sides for Stinkoman to meet if he falls off. But Stlunko's main attack is the combined forces of his two heavy hands which he smashes into the ground. They fly around, and when they want to smash, they freeze, flash and smash straight down, crushing Stinkoman below. Occasionally both hands will move to the edges of the screen and smash together in a duo attack.
    • For a bit of extra help: Stlunko's hands always go in a set pattern of 8 hits (the 8th being the duo attack). You'll eventually pick up on the pattern and know where his next hit is going to be. Both hands tend to stay on "their side" of the antenna.
    • Be careful - their 4th and 5th hits aim for you. That's a good time to stay on one side and work on attacking him.
  • Stlunko's only weakness is his antenna, which at first is made out of four rectangular sections. Every time it is hurt four times, a section will disappear. Apparently Stlunko's antenna is his energy source, because if he loses it, he dies.
  • To defend his attacks, watch the hands. The conveyor belt is too slow to make you care about falling off too much. You still don't want to fall off, though. Anyway, back to the hands. You must always be watching the hands. Don't worry about them flying around until they stop moving and start to flash; that's a sign to get out of the way!
  • Don't try running away against the conveyor belt; you will probably take too long to get into the clear. Instead, run with the conveyor belt to stay safe. If you have to get to the side opposite of the direction of the conveyor belt, you can jump forward to avoid being pushed back.
  • You can only attack his antenna. Don't bother shooting anything else. Whenever you aren't dodging fists, jump and take a shot at it. You can't hurt it while it's blinking red, though. A great opportunity is when both fists go off to the sides to perform their duo attack. Every four shots, the antenna will shrink, making it harder to hit. Sixteen shots will do him in.
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