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There are many inside references within Stinkoman 20X6.


[edit] General

  • The title of the page, "Check Out My New Gameplay!" is a reference to Stinkoman's first line in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, "Check out my new cosplay!"
  • The error message "FLASH 7 OR HIRE REQUIRED" is a homophone.

[edit] Levels 1 to 4

  • The health-restoring pills are a reference to the capsule containing the "power crunch" from the Strong Bad Email time capsule.
    • They are also a reference to the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu, where you can get similar capsules to change your ship.
    • Additionally, 1-Up borrows Stinkoman's "Power Crunch" at the beginning of Level 4.
  • The Stobats in Level 2 blow up like the ducks in Duck Guardian after being hit with the hatch ray.
  • The red and green lamps on Level 2 are similar to the one in the bar in the Theme Song Video.
  • Stlunko, the Level 3 boss, bears a striking resemblance to the Visor Robot.
  • 1-Up saying "I'm going this way!" is a reference to Meet Marshie.
  • The Saargtsson intro cinema contains yet another appearance of Stinkoman's signature attack, the Double Deuce, but this time uses a Single deuce.
  • Stinkoman's tongue is green when his "stummy" hurts, much like Strong Bad in Super NES.

[edit] Level 5

[edit] Levels -0 and 9

  • The background music for Level -0 is a remix of all the music from the previous levels.
  • There are ladders in Level -0 that resemble ducks from Duck Guardian.
  • Ekersby, the Level -0 boss, has a ham for a heart. The King of Town also is revealed to have a ham-heart in Halloween Fairstival.
  • The ship you fly in Level 9 is the Stinkoman ship in the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu.
  • The side of the ship you fly in Level 9 resembles Regular Strong Bad's head.
  • Stinkoman's line at the end of Level 9, "Prawn salad", is a reference to the Easter egg in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, where Stinkoman says "I love prawns! Simple as that!"
    • Prawns have also appeared in other 20X6 contexts, as well as the email fingers.

[edit] Level 10

  • The Worst End Boss Ever is the same one created by Strong Bad in the Skills of an Artist episode End Boss.
  • Level 10.3's boss battle against Z Sabre takes place in a Locker Room.
  • Level 10.4's boss theme against Mecha-Trogador is a remix of the Level 1 theme and Trogdor's theme song.
  • When 1-Up says the base is about to asplode, Vector Strong Bad tells him to quit bightening his style.
  • When the Crystal Shards that make up Trogador's core scatter 1-Up suggests collecting them to prevent bad guys from using them to which Stinkoman says it sounds like a great plot for a sequel or animated series, the latter of which happened in form of Twenty THANXty Six's Stinkoman and the Challenge of the Crystal Shards.

[edit] The Stinkomanual

  • Grundy's illustration in the manual shows him running in a manner similar to Homestar Runner.
  • The Rose Blake's description in the manual as a "'Lectric burner" is a reference to the email extra plug, where Strong Bad gets 'Lectric Boots.
  • The line "blast 'em up Dan!" is an adaptation of "fry 'em up, Dan!" from TROGDOR!.
  • The sentence in the manual, "Falling from the skies and bove", references That Time of Year.
  • The picture of Stinkoman on the manual's cover is a reference to his bulked-up appearance in time capsule after eating the power crunch.
  • The word style appears several times in the Stinkomanual.
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