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Always looking for a fighting or a challenge.

Blue hair, anyone? Stinkoman's always got fightings and challenges to keep him busy. Jump and shoot your way to all ends of Planet K. End Boss feature!! --Videlectrix description

Stinkoman 20X6 is a side-scrolling platformer game which stars Stinkoman. This game is based on the classic Capcom Mega Man series. It also parodies the poor "Japanese to English" translations common to video games of that era, similar to those that appear on the current Games Menu.

The Brothers Chaps demonstrated the game at their talk at NYU before it was released.

Date: March 21, 2005


Stinkoman 20X6 box art


  • March 21, 2005 - Debut
  • April 26, 2005 - Level 4 Added With Stinkomanual Article
  • May 9, 2005 - Level 5 Added With Stinkomanual Article
  • May 16, 2005 - Level 6 Added
  • May 24, 2005 - Level 6's Stinkomanual Article Added
  • July 4, 2005 - Level 7 Added
  • July 6, 2005 - Level 7's Stinkomanual Article Added
  • August 1, 2005 - Level -0 Added With Stinkomanual Article
  • September 5, 2005 - Level 9 Added With Stinkomanual Article, icons added to the menus, "Continute" menu select-colours changed and shooting mechanism changed.

Easter Eggs

  • Hover your mouse below "Controls" on the main menu to access the Stinkomanual.
    • When you click it, "loading manuél" appears briefly.
  • Wait long enough at the title screen to see an intro cinematic.
  • Stay still long enough and Stinkoman will yawn.
    • On the Level 4 stages, after yawning Stinkoman will rest against his giant fist.
    • On the Level 5 stages, 1-Up will fall asleep and blow a snot bubble.
    • On the Level 7 stages, Stinkoman will shiver and eventually freeze (this costs you one unit of energy.)

Fun Facts



  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the PLAY GAME! screen it says "V7.1 EPISODES 1-9".
    • It said "V6.0 EPISODES 1-8" until September 5, 2005, when the ninth level was added.
    • It said "V5.0 EPISODES 1-7" until August 1, 2005, when the eighth level was added.
    • It said "V4.0 EPISODES 1-6" until July 4, 2005, when the seventh level was added.
    • It said "V3.0 EPISODES 1-5 THUS FAR" until May 16, 2005, when the sixth level was added.
    • It said "V2.0 EPISODES 1-4" until May 9, 2005, when the fifth level was added.
    • It said "V1.X EPISODES 1-3" until April 26, 2005, when the fourth level was added.
  • In versions 4 (and below), the Flash 7 Warning in the bottom left corner read "FLASH PLAYER 7 REQUIRED". In version 5, it read "FLASH 7 VERY REQUIRED". In version 6, it read "FLASH 7 REQUIRED, 8 IS COOL TOO". In version 7, it reads "FLASH 7 OR HIRE REQUIRED".
  • The "No Flash 7" warning box reads;


Levels 4-8

  • This game used to lack the gray navbar at the bottom of the screen to move to other parts of the website. But when Level 4 was added the links were added also.
  • In the beginning of level 6, in the cutscene when Stinkoman is playing the game the music is the same as the moon level. When he gets Game Over it is also the same music you get when it's Game Over. He might be playing Stinkoman 20X6!
  • The quality of the music in Level 7 onward is higher than the other ones, resulting in sharper sound.
  • When world 8/-0 was first released, the Poorbt at the beginning of level -0.1 came from the right side of the screen. It now comes from the left.
    • With the release of version 7.1, it comes from the right again.

Level 9

  • Version 7 enabled the menus to be navigated with either the mouse or keyboard.
  • When version 7 was released, Stinkoman's punches changed from the usual pattern. They used to fly forwards a small bit, while falling slightly, and then disappear. However, it seems they now have much the same traits as the lasers the ship fires, heading almost straight forward without any hindrance.
    • Because of this, you can kill the Greggo at the beginning of 1.2 by shooting repeatedly as you fall into the level.
  • When level 9 was first released, your number of shields would remain constant after losing a life. This meant that you could hoard shields if you had lives to spare, or that you could use up all your shields on one life and have none on the next. This has since been changed: after losing a life, your shield count always resets to 3.



  • This is the second instance of sprites modeled after 8-bit Megaman, the first instance being with Coach Z in Hip Hop Dance.
  • To get capsules that are hiding behind enemies without having to kill the enemy, run into the enemy with health to spare. You will take damage, grab the crunch and will be invincible long enough to escape unharmed.
  • The sound made when collecting a capsule or an extra life is the same as cracking a Bitzar.
  • This is the first new game not to use some sort of scoring system.
  • There are three kinds of ladders used in the game: Ladders with small rungs (1.1, 1.2, 5.2), ladders with large rungs (2.1, 2.2, 5.1, 6.1), and ladders with duck rungs (-0.1, -0.2).
  • If you type in the URL for volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, for a split second the page title will say "Old Stinkoman Game Page R.I.P." then it will take you to the current one.
  • All of the voice clips in the game have been taken from previous 20X6 'toons and sped up. ("20X6!"; "Are you asking for a challenge?"; Stinkoman's victory laugh; "I wanna be the guy too!")

Levels 1-3

  • In Level 2.3, if you listen closely, when Brody tries to peck you, you can hear him shriek. Also, Ekersby shrieks when he raises his arms.
  • During the fight with Brody, he will lift both of his legs off the ground at the same time. How could he be still standing?
  • The background music of the cutscene of level 1.1 is the same as the music in the background of the level 3.1 cutscene.

Level 4

  • On Levels 4.1 and 4.2, Stinkoman can actually fall down in certain spots to join 1-Up, but you will eventually lose because there will be no one to jump on the tiles.
  • In Episode 4, when Stinkoman is facing to the right, his giant fist powerup is a left hand but when he turns around the fingers are still facing the player so it turns into a right hand. This "sprite mirroring" is common in older games to conserve memory. A notable exception is Metroid, in which Samus is always left handed.
  • When 1-Up falls into the fiery lava below (usually when a platform is not in the right position), the screen pans to the right for a little bit before losing the life. Is 1-Up still walking down there?
    • Stinkoman can also fall through the lava without getting hurt. That is until he reaches the bottom.
  • The 1-Up sprites in Level 4 are slightly different from the ones in Level 5 — they were not reused, as the Stinkoman ones are.

Levels 5-7

  • Before Level 4, 1-Up says he is taking a short cut. Before level 5, they are back at Stinkoman Headquarters. The "short cut" didn't go anywhere!
  • Stinkoman "breaks the Fourth Wall" by saying (in Level 5) "No way! I helped you in Level 4!"
    • He does it again at the end of Level -0 by saying that 1-Up and Pan Pan "are on Level 10."
  • The head of the silhouette at the end of Levels 5 and 6 and beginning of 7 and -0 appears to match the head of 20X6 Coach Z in the Games menu.
  • The meteors in Level 5 cause the game to lag for a split second when they crash. This may be done on purpose to emulate how easy it is to put stress on older game systems.
  • At the end of level 7.2, if you jump right when you see the retractable ladder, you can shoot An Ice Machine before the battle starts.

Levels 8-9

  • It is possible to get a ton of extra lives in level -0.2. Since there are two extra lives available, once you get both, you can die and start over, gaining one more for each time.
  • Sackastanos and Semulades sport visors which are edited Browntant visors.
  • There is no cutscene before the boss battle on Level 9.3 against Harvax XVII.
  • Harvax XVII's hands are white, but his face is purple.


Manual Inconsistencies

  • Kolkaryu is listed under level 2, but Kolkaryu already appears in level 1.
  • Old Sage is listed under level 2, but Old Sages already appear in level 1.
  • Level 3 is called "Dumb Wall" on the level select screen, but it's called "Up 'n Down" in the instruction manual.
  • In Level 1 in the manual, the original version said "face treats" instead of "fave treats."
  • Level 3 is the only part to have its title constantly on the top of the page. All of the other Levels' titles disappear after the first page.
  • When v4 (Level 6) and v5 (Level 7) were first put up, The Brothers Chaps forgot to update the Stinkomanual to include Level 6. This was fixed, but the release of version 5 seemingly broke it again. Later in the day, the level 6 section was replaced, the level 7 section was added.

In-Game Goofs

  • The two Pooru-Poorus at either end of Stlunko seem to be hovering above the ground.
  • When you fall off the conveyor belt on Stlunko and stand on the ground below the belt, you'll still be carried along with it. (However, once you jump or are hit by one of the Pooru-Poorus, you appear back on the conveyor belt.)
  • When Stinkoman wears his giant fist, it is slightly larger than when Stlunko has it.
  • In Levels 4.1 and 4.2, if Stinkoman walks directly beneath the lavafall and then hits the ground with the rock fist, he apparently deflects the lava with his head.
Level 1 or Level 1.1?
  • Any damage you took as Stinkoman in levels 3 and 4 will remain on 1-Up in level 5, even though they're not the same person.
    • Similarly, any damage you took as 1-Up in Level 5 will remain on Stinkoman when you progress to level 6.
  • In the "Level Select" screen, levels 9.1 and 9.2 were originally listed as -0.1 and -0.2. This was fixed later in the day.


  • In the Videlectrix catalogue, if you click Stinkoman 20X6, a screenshot of the game will appear. In the bottom right corner, it says "Level 1" and not "Level 1.1".


See Stinkoman 20X6 Glitches.

Inside References

Levels 1-4

  • The health-restoring pills are a reference to the capsule containing the "power crunch" from the Strong Bad Email time capsule.
  • The Stobats in Level 2 blow up like the ducks in Duck Guardian after being hit with the hatch ray.
  • The red and green lamps on Level 2 are similar to the one in the bar in the Theme Song Video.
  • Level 3.2 reveals that Stinkoman hates apples, just as Strong Bad does in The House that Gave Sucky Treats.
  • Stlunko, the level 3 boss, bears a striking resemblance to the Visor Robot.
  • 1-Up saying "I'm going this way!" is a reference to Meet Marshie.
  • The Saargtsson intro cinema contains yet another appearance of Stinkoman's signature attack, the Double Deuce, but this time uses a Single Deuce.

Level 5

  • 1-Up saying that he's just a kid, and maybe when he's older is a reference to japanese cartoon.
  • 1 Up in the level 5 cut scene says "Mooooooon" just like a soy drunken Strong Bad did in personal favorites and in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon when Strong Bad says, "We're takin' this baby to da MOOOOOOOOOOOON!"
  • The background in Level 5 looks like the third background in the Games menu.
  • The line "KICK 'EM UP DAN!" is an adaptation of "fry 'em up, Dan!" from TROGDOR!
  • The ship that flies by at the beginning of 5.1 and 5.2 is featured twice in "japanese cartoon" that was originally intended to be the 20X6 version of The Cheat.
  • When 1-Up defeats Nebulon, he says no one likes his style, just like Strong Bad did in New Boots.

Levels 8-9

  • There are ladders in level -0 that resemble ducks from Duck Guardian.
  • "Check out my new gameplay!" is a reference to Stinkoman's quote "Check out my new cosplay!" in 3 Times Halloween Funjob.
  • The ship you fly in Level 9 is the Stinkoman ship in the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu.
  • Stinkoman's line at the end of Level 9, "Prawn Salad", is a reference to the easter egg in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, where Stinkoman says "I love prawns! Simple as that!"

The Stinkomanual

  • Grundy's illustration in the manual shows him running in a manner similar to Homestar Runner.
  • The Rose Blake's description in the manual as a "'Lectric burner" is a reference to the email extra plug, where Strong Bad gets 'Lectric Boots.
  • The line "blast 'em up Dan!" is an adaptation of "fry 'em up, Dan!" from TROGDOR!
  • The sentence in the manual, "Falling from the skies and bove", references That Time of Year.

Real-World References

See Stinkoman 20X6 Real-World References.

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