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Will we ever find all the colors before the bad guy?
And that shadowy guy looks just like Coach Z!

The Shadowy Figure seems to be the main antagonist of Stinkoman 20X6. In the game, he kidnaps Pan Pan and later 1-Up. His connection with the rest of the game's enemies is unknown, other than the fact that he was shown controlling the fleet that attacked Stinkoman in Level 9.

By looking at the shape of his head, one might speculate he is the 20X6 version of Coach Z. The shape of his shoulders and presence of a cape tends to resemble the features of Piccolo. In Twenty THANXty Six, his body shape is very similar to that of Coach Z.

In Make-O Your Own Stinko, the Shadowy Figure's silhouette sprite is shown, which appears to be a takeoff of many bosses found in the Mega Man series, such as Sigma from the Mega Man X series.

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