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:{{short hr}}
:{{short hr}}
:'''DRIVE-THRU WHALE:''' Please smile for the Blubb-O's satellite camera!
:'''DRIVE-THRU WHALE:''' Please smile for the Blubb-O's satellite camera!
:{{short hr}}
:'''STRONG BAD:''' ''{seen from high up}'' ''{camera shutter sound}'' What the-?
:'''STRONG BAD:''' ''{seen from high up}'' ''{camera shutter sound}'' What the-?
:{{short hr}}
:'''DRIVE-THRU WHALE:''' Thank you!
:'''DRIVE-THRU WHALE:''' Thank you!
:{{short hr}}
:{{short hr}}

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These are the responses you get after clicking an item in The Field.


The Field


Brick Wall

STRONG BAD: Hi, pointless wall! {high pitched, covering mouth} Hi, Strong Bad!


The Stick

STRONG BAD: It's The Stick!

{fanfare plays from offscreen}

STRONG BAD: And, that's about all there is.



DRIVE-THRU WHALE: Welcome to Blubb-O's!

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: For a new dynamic, please drive through!
STRONG BAD: I'm not through with the old one!

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: Would you like monkeys with that?
STRONG BAD: No. No I would not.

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: Special orders can be upsetting.

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: Please smile for the Blubb-O's satellite camera!
STRONG BAD: {seen from high up} {camera shutter sound} What the-?

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: In the event of a firestorm, the salad bar will remain open.

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: I've got your nostrum right here.

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: When the End Times come, we will all dance the Conga of the Apocalypse.

DRIVE-THRU WHALE: If you are dissatisfied with our service, please accept our invitation to bite me.


Cool Car

STRONG BAD: This is our go to vehicle for pretend high speed chases, pretend road trips, and oh so real make out sessions.

Bubs' Concession Stand





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Photo Booth

Strong Badia




STRONG BAD: Hail, First Citizen Tire. How fair things in the glorious Republic of Strong Badia?

{camera slowly zooms in on the tire}

STRONG BAD: Very good. Carry on then.


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