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This article is about the user. For the character, see Green Helmets.
This is not the user.

Green Helmet is a generic, expendable member of the HRWiki, much like the "Greenshirts" in G.I. Joe (or the Star Trek equivalent, Redshirts). As such, his main purpose is to go on dangerous missions in place of the regular Cheat Commandos cast, so that none of the main characters have to be killed off contribute to the wiki, um... so that none of the other wiki users have to be killed off? Gunhaver doesn't seem to be too concerned with this user's safety, since they exist in different universes.

Here's that air support you asked for.

Green Helmet was very flattered to be given the Air Support barnstar for his work here, and hopes that maybe next year, he'll actually be allowed to fly that plane.

[edit] Complete Filmography

Naw, it's cool!
  • Green Helmet (user) has not, and will never appear in any toons.

[edit] Personal Stuff

Green Helmet got sick of having to type in the Captcha every time he made an edit. So a new account was born.

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