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Hi, this is ThePizz. Prepare to experience the fury of: me describing myself. Click. I'm 13,

and I live in Davison, Michigan. My real name is Ian, and I love Homestar Runner.


Sup, Ladies. Welcome to ThePizz!

ThePizz's Userboxes

I love Homestar Runner and video games. I think SBCG4AP is a really great game. I own a Wii, Gamecube, DS, NES and Gameboy Color. In my spare time I do Flash animation and various other complex projects (i.e. decompiling technology, downloading a screensaver making program, and tweaking the movie clips just to get Strong Bad's screensaver. I have to admit, though, it's an awesome screensaver).

Characters from Best to Worst

  1. Strong Bad
  2. Homestar Runner
  3. The Cheat
  4. Bubs
  5. Coach Z
  6. Pom Pom
  7. Homsar
  8. Strong Sad
  9. The Poopsmith
  10. King of Town
  11. Marzipan
  12. Strong Mad

My Weekly Fanstuff Submissions

Favorite Limozeen Songs

  1. Because, It's Midnite
  2. Nite Mamas
  3. Brain Sister
  4. Colorin' (Outside the Lines)

My Fansites

I've made some crappy websites, feel free to visit them.

Non-Homestar Related Sites

I am also an Admin and owner of the PaperMario Wikia.

My Miscellaneous Homestar-related Stuff

How I found Homestar and the HRWiki

I first encountered Homestar Runner on around April 14, 2008, while reading about the upcoming WiiWare updates. I noticed "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People". I watched the preview and was impressed. The first official 'toon I saw was The System is Down, which i still find funny. But then i stumbled on Strong Bad Emails. The first one I saw was the chair. and i was instantly addicted. ("Not a box of chicken beaks!").
I found this wiki when, viewing Teen Girl Squad, i was so confused i Google'd it and beheld the Homestar Runner Wiki. I signed up (almost) instantly as ThePizz.

I am...

Which Homestar Runner character are you?

Yep. This is me.

Bottom Ten


7. Internet Explorer
8. Getting stuck in a good video game (like Zelda or EarthBound)
9. Debugging ActionScript
10. People who can't use the English Language(TM)

5 Signs of a Homestar Runner Fan

  • You talk with be's, a splodes and all up ons, overuse the words crap, style and total and use examples of poor englilsh, and yet your emails are meticulously typed out and spellchecked.
  • Your room is plastered with posters and littered with toys from the Store.
  • You have set aside $10 for every month until December for SBCG4AP.
  • You have sung along to your favorite Limozeen song.

My Contribs


My major contributions:

...among others I'm too lazy to list currently.


And also these...

Yeah, so... Bye. ThePizz Pick

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