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"Aw, ZAG-nut!"

Zagnut bars have appeared several times in the Homestar Runner universe. They were first introduced in 3 Times Halloween Funjob as an option that you could give Bubs and Coach Z over Swedish Fish or Delicious "Bag". In an Easter egg, you could choose to slam the door on Bubs and Coach Z and give a treat to Stinkoman instead; a Zagnut bar was one of the choice to give to him rather than a green jar labeled "Akira" or a Prawn. Stinkoman says that he can't eat Zagnut bars because he is in training.

Zagnut bars made a further appearance in the email kind of cool, in which Senor Cardgage ate a Zagnut bar really noisily while standing too close to Homestar Runner in line at Bubs' Concession Stand. Strong Bad surmises that Senor Cardgage's Aldi Bag is full of these melty candy bars. He later was seen with a melty Zagnut bar in a flashback Easter egg.

In the email rough copy, Strong Bad eats a Zagnut bar as a "settlement" between him and Malinko, and says that it's "some good settlement". In an Easter egg, Senor Cardgage appears and tells him not to "bogart that settlement".

It is interesting to note that, in these appearances, the Zagnut bar often appears as a chocolate-covered candy bar, whereas in reality, Zagnut bars are recognized as being one of the only candy bars without any chocolate.

[edit] Appearances

*In these appearances, the Zagnut bar wrapper is obscured by Senor Cardgage or Strong Bad's hand but can be identified by decompiling the Flash file.
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