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Font Example


4Mini Used for the BACK button on the MixMastah 800. BACK
8-bit Limit (BRK) Used for the text found within the graphics of Thy Dungeonman 3. If thou lived here, thou would be home by now


a Papa Used to identify the costumes in Happy Hallow-day. "I got instant spray-on Halloween Night!"
Aarco- Jagged font used several times throughought the site. Especially used in monster truck. SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SOMEDAY!
Abadi MT Condensed Used for the list of songs available on Strong Bad Sings. Featuring hundreds of your favorite Strong Bad hits!
Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold Used for a variety of purposes, including the text on Strong Bad's Reesy Cup milkshake in dangeresque 3. ...and a Reesy Cup milkshake.
Abadi MT Condensed Light Used for the certificate title "Certificate of Rigamoralarity" in bedtime story. Let it be known from the valleys to the hills. Or maybe the dells.
Academy Engraved LET Used for a variety of purposes; found as the engraving of "Mr. Shmallow" in Malloween Commercial. _____
ActionIs Most notably used for the intro credits of The Best Decemberween Ever, and on the packing of Hairstyle Runner. Written and animated by
Adobe Garamond Pro Used for the tarot cards in Jibblies 2. "That means you should seriously stop hogging all the hot chicks."
Æ Systematic TT (BRK) Used for the text of Thy Dungeonman 3. Get Ye Flask!
AhnbergHand Used for Strong Bad's handwriting. Some European characters are manually replaced with American versions using Flash "shapes"; apostrophes are similarly added since apostrophes are not part of the font. Sooo good!
Alba Used for the text on Pom Pom's bicycles ("X-HEAD" in bike thief, "BIG CHEESE" in from work). Bush. Bush. Leaves. Branch. Um... Berries.
Alba Matter Used for a variety of purposes. Notably, it was used for the words "Drops Next Sursdai" in the Peacey P Easter egg of Teen Girl Squad Issue 13. Y'all biscuitheads!
Alba Super Used for a variety of purposes. Most notably used for the "4 wheels" label on the Wagon Fulla Pancakes and the labeling on SeeDees. "Liftin' weights and feelin' all right."
Algerian Used for The Homestar Runner's "speech" on Main Page 10. Old Timey Fun Timey!
Alpha Beta BRK Used for the text "squished bad" in Strongest Man in the World. Ohh.... These grapes are succulently crushing my windpipe....
Andy _____
ArcadeClassic _____
Architect _____
Arial _____
Arial Baltic _____
Arial Black _____
Arial CE _____
Arial CYR _____
Arial Greek _____
Arial Narrow _____
Arial Rounded MT Bold _____
Ashbury _____
Asimov _____
Atomic Clock Radio _____
AvantGarde Bk BT _____
AvantGarde Md BT _____


Baby Kruffy _____
BadaBoom BB _____
Baskerville Old Face _____
Bauhaus 93 _____
Bauhaus-Thin _____
Bell Gothic Std Black _____
Benguiat Bk BT _____
Berlin Sans FB _____
Berlin Sans FB Demi _____
Bernard MT Condensed _____
Betty Noir _____
Bickham Script Pro Regular _____
Bickley Script _____
blacc_.ttf _____
Blackadder ITC _____
Blackletter686 BT _____
Blackoak Std _____
Bloody _____
Book Antiqua _____
Bookman Old Style _____
Braggadocio _____
Britannic Bold _____
Broadway _____
Brush Script MT _____
Brush Script Std _____
BrushScrD _____


Californian FB _____
Calisto MT _____
Candice Fancy handwriting font used for Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2 and higher. The Brothers Chaps have manually replaced the apostrophe with one of their own design. Hi, this is Marzipan...
Cataneo BT _____
Century Gothic _____
Century Schoolbook _____
ChalkDust _____
Chang and Eng _____
Cherub _____
Cherry Coke _____
Chicago _____
Chick _____
Chiller _____
Comic Sans MS _____
ComixHeavy _____
Commodore 64 _____
Coolvetica _____
Cooper Black _____
Cooper Std Black _____
Copperplate Gothic Bold _____
Copperplate Gothic Light _____
Courier New _____
Courier New Baltic _____
Courier New Greek _____
Courier New TUR _____
Crack Babies _____
Crayon _____
Creepy _____
Croobie _____
Curlz MT _____


DeepFreeze _____
Denmark _____
Dot-Matrix _____


Edwardian Script ITC _____
Elephant _____
Engravers MT _____
English111 Vivace BT Used for Strong Sad's handwriting in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. Well, I gotta go.
Enviro _____
Eras _____
Eras Bold ITC _____
Eras Demi ITC _____
EraserDust _____
Eurostile _____


Fat _____
FederationBold _____
Figaro MT _____
Fine Hand _____
Fontdinerdotcom _____
Footlight MT Light _____
Forte _____
Franklin Gothic Book _____
Franklin Gothic Demi _____
Franklin Gothic Demi Cond _____
Franklin Gothic Heavy _____
Franklin Gothic Medium _____
Franklin Gothic Medium Cond _____
Freestyle Script _____
French Script MT _____
Freshbot _____
Futura Lt BT _____
Futura Md BT _____
Futura Medium Condensed BT _____
Futura XBlk BT _____
Futura XBlkIt BT _____
Futura-Bold _____


Garamond _____
Georgia _____
Gigi _____
GillSans _____
Gill Sans MT _____
Gill Sans Ultra Bold _____
Glitch0 _____
Glitch1 _____
GlooGun _____
Gloucester MT Extra Condensed _____
GoreFont _____
Goudy Old Style _____
Goudy Stout _____
Gradl _____
Green Screen _____
Gringo Nights _____
Gungsuh _____
GungsuhChe _____


Haettenschweiller _____
Harlow Solid Italic _____
Harrington _____
High Tower Text _____
Highlight LET _____
Hobo Std _____
Horror _____
Hurry Up _____


Impact _____
Imprint MT Shadow _____
Informal Roman _____
InkyBear _____


Jenkins v2.0 _____
Jokerman _____
Jokerman LET _____
Jokewood _____
Joystix _____
Juice ITC _____
Junior & Stinky _____


Kabel Ult BT _____
Karloff _____
KidTYPEPaint _____
Kino MT _____
Kristen ITC _____


La Bamba LET _____
Latha _____
LcdD _____
Linoscript Fancy handwriting font, used for the slogan of The Cheatcakes in stupid stuff. Just ask The Cheat!
Lithograph _____
Logger _____
Lucida Calligraphy _____
Lucida Console _____
Lucida Handwriting _____


Magneto _____
Maiandra GD _____
Matisse ITC _____
Matura MT Script Capitals _____
Mekanik LET _____
Mercurius Script MT Bold _____
Metal as in Heavy _____
Metal Lord _____
MisterEarl BT _____
Mistral _____
Modern No. 20 _____
Mom´sTypewriter _____
Monotype Corsiva _____
MS PGothic _____
MotterFemD _____
Motrhead _____
MS Reference Serif _____
MS Reference Specialty _____
MS UI Gothic _____
Myriad Pro _____
Myriad Pro Cond _____


Narkisim _____
Nimbus Script _____
NimbusSanT _____
NimbusSanTCon _____
NOKIA® 5110 FontSet _____


OCR A Extended _____
OCR A Std _____
OCRB _____
Odessa LET _____
Old English Text MT _____
OldCountry _____
OldDreadfulNo7 BT _____
One Stroke Script LET _____


P22 Folk Art Block _____
P22 Folk Art Cross _____
P22 Folk Art Extras _____
P22 Folk Art Stitch _____
Palatino Linotype _____
Papyrus _____
Parade _____
Parchment _____
ParkAvenue BT _____
Peanuts _____
Pepita MT _____
Period X _____
Perpetua _____
Phyllis _____
Placard Condensed _____
Playbill _____
Pleasantly Plump Used primarily in the Fluffy Puff Marshmallows logo. "Before I drink a tall glass of melonade..."
Plump MT Used for a variety of purposes. Most notably found on the package of Fluffy Puff Malloweens. "They fit on top of each other!"
Poor Richard _____
Poornut _____
Poplar Std _____
Porky's _____
PosterBodoni BT _____
Potrzebie _____
Prestige Elite Std _____
Pristina _____
Prototype Pavilion _____
PT Banana Split _____
Pump Demi Bold LET _____
The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning
A font similar to Impact, but with scratches throughout. Most noticeably used for the words "Death Metal Dungeon" in the title of the Half-Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour and for the word "CRISP" in candy product.
Pussycat _____


Quixley LET Used for the words "Fancy Laundry Paste" in radio. "Don't eat it like the cartoon, man."


Raavi _____
Rage Italic _____
Rage Italic LET _____
Raskin A crooked font, frequently used in Old-Timey toons. Kick it.
Ravie _____
Rockwell _____
Rockwell Condensed _____
Rockwell Extra Bold _____
Rounded Informal A font with rounded edges used most consisently for the lettering on Swiss Cake Roll boxes (although font Alba Matter was used for the ones in garage sale). "Oh, hey guys!"
Ruach LET _____


Sand _____
Saturday Morning Television _____
Script MT Bold _____
serif_v01 _____
Sevenet 7 _____
SF Atarian System _____
SF Atarian System Extended _____
Showcard Gothic _____
Shruti _____
SignPainter HouseSlant A slanted font. Used extensively throughout the site for a large variety of purposes. Wear A Bikini!!
Smartie CAPS _____
Smudger LET _____
Snap ITC _____
SnowCaps An all-caps font with each character covered in snow. Found in the logo of Ice Style Cream. File:SnowCaps.png
Souvenir Lt BT _____
Space Toaster _____
Square721 BT _____
Staccato222 BT _____
Stencil _____
Stencil BT _____
Stencil Std _____
Sterling _____
Swiss911 XCm BT A sans serif font. Used for the words "Smoothies, Too!" in lunch special. Smoothies, Too!
Sydnie _____
Sylfaen _____


Tahoma Used for the text "fine tip permanent" on the permanent marker. "Max out your Cloits and Dloits with the ease of a thousandaire."
Tahoma Small Cap Used for the label on the Kleenload dishwasher box in original. Well, Original Bubs, who is totally behind that dishwasher box...
Team MT Used for the slogan "Buy all our playsets and toys!!" in Cheat Commandos (toon) and An Important Rap Song. Also frequently used for subjects relating to college and/or sports. "Weekdays at 4:30."
Tekton Pro Used for the text "Flying Okays" on the Mediocre Institute pennant Easter egg in bike thief. MI: Mediocre Institute
Tekton Pro Cond Used for the label of the "Tube Cream" in hygiene. "By fifth grade the damage is already done."
Tekton Pro Ext Used for the "Click gently..." link on New Paper in environment. New Paper, doing his part.
Tempus Sans ITC Used for the "Strong Sad's Haunted Haikus" banner in Halloween Fairstival. So sick of Smarties.
ThereChat2 Used for the letter "g" in the "i got your Lappy" ransom note in cliffhangers. "Oh, sweet lady irony! Why do you mock me?"
ThereSignHead1 Used for various purposes. Most notably it is used for the text "DRY T-SHIRT CONTEST!!!" in bottom 10 and "WE'RE GOING TO NEED YOU TO FLUSH TWICE!" in underlings. "Absolutely No H2O!!"
ThereSignHead2 Used in the text "e-NIVERSITY" on the medallion in theme song. "At CGNU, one year equals one click."
ThereSignHead3 Used frequently and for various purposes. Is consistently used for the labels on paint cans, and for the text on Mrs. Bennedetto's buttons. "I never pass up a chance to stick it to the man!"
ThereSignText1 Used for the text on the chocolate hundred-dollar bills in different town. "Imitation chocolate!"
ThereSignText2 Used for the slogan ("Eat'em like candy!") of Jobar's Big Ol' Headache Medicine in time capsule. Jobar's Big Ol' Headache Medicine
Times New Roman
Times New Roman Baltic
Times New Roman is used extensively throughout the site for a variety of purposes. Notably used in coloring for the names of the crayons and most of the text in the Limozeen Coloring Book. Times New Roman Baltic is used rarely and has a similar, if not identical, appearance. "Grab a box of sixty-four, with a sharpener built right in!"
Tiranti Solid LET Used for the title of "Da News Papes" in underlings. Back Pape is good, too.
Transylvania Used for the words "Folding Chair" in yes, wrestling. Strong Bad's Folding Chair Dungeon
Trebuchet MS Used for the entire olde version of The King of Town DVD. But he worries all the time.
Tw Cen MT Primarily used for the word "contrast" on the Tandy 400. contrast
Tw Cen MT Condensed Most consistently used for music video credits. Dir: The Cheat
Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Used for the list of courses to study at CGNU. Or GET YOUR DEGREE!
Twentieth Century Poster1 Font designed to look like movie poster lettering. Used most noticeably for The Pizz pizza boxes. Also available in Slumber Party Style!
Typewise Alpha Used for the text "SX:" in the game title Lewis Rudkin SX: england. SX:
TypewriterRough A frequently used font designed to simulate an inferior typewriter, as seen in the title of Rough Copy! in rough copy. Rough Copy!


Utility Used for the "Cliff" sign in Old-Timey toons. Cliff


Verdana Rarely used. Found on The Cheat's "see", "gee", "in", and "you" cards in mascot. "Me?"
Victorian LET Rarely used. Found in the title of Decemberween Short Shorts. Short Shorts
Viner Hand ITC A rarely-used handwriting font; it's found in the header of the Podstar Runner background. podstar.runner
Vladimir Script A handwriting font used for the text "Sings..." on the Strong Bad Sings album covers. Sings...
VOY DOT LCD A font that looks like the lettering of a scrolling LED sign. Used extensively throughout the site, but best known for being the font of The Paper. Preeeeow!


Warnock Pro Caption
Warnock Pro Light Caption
Warnock Pro SmBd
Warnock Pro SmBd Caption
Warnock Pro Subhead
Each of the fonts in this font family are very similar, and are very infrequently used. The most noticeable use is Warnock Pro Caption in An Important Rap Song for the phrase "Holler for a Dollar". Holler for a Dollar
Webdings A symbol font that is rarely used. It is most noticeably used in one of the instant messages in marzipan. i seriously hope you didn't somehow decode this. it would make me real sad.
Weltron Urban A military-type font used consistently on the packaging of Cheat Commandos Action Figures. Not A Good Commando Name!!
Westminster A font based on the machine-readable numbers printed on checks. Used extensively throughout the site, but best known for being the Tandy 400 font. Ah, the old Tandy.
Westwood LET A font with various border effects, not used consistently. It is most noticeably used for the words "Chocolardiac Arrest" in bottom 10. "Oh, that looks sinful."
Wide Latin A wide font, not used consistently. It is most noticeably used on the wanted poster in Ballad of The Sneak. WANTED
WP IconicSymbolsA
A symbol font with a wide variety of star shapes. In Everybody To The Limit, this font is used once for the word "on" in the phrase "I said come on, Fhqwhgads!" "I said come on, Fhqwhgads!"




Simple Font List

  1. _sans
  2. _serif
  3. 4Mini
  4. 8-bit Limit (BRK)
  5. a Papa
  6. Aarco-
  7. Abadi MT Condensed
  8. Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold
  9. Abadi MT Condensed Light
  10. Academy Engraved LET
  11. ActionIs
  12. Adobe Garamond Pro
  13. Æ Systematic TT (BRK)
  14. AhnbergHand
  15. Alba
  16. Alba Matter
  17. Alba Super
  18. Algerian
  19. Alpha Beta BRK
  20. Andy
  21. ArcadeClassic
  22. Architect
  23. Arial
  24. Arial Baltic
  25. Arial Black
  26. Arial CE
  27. Arial CYR
  28. Arial Greek
  29. Arial Narrow
  30. Arial Rounded MT Bold
  31. Ashbury
  32. Asimov
  33. Atomic Clock Radio
  34. AvantGarde Bk BT
  35. AvantGarde Md BT
  36. Baby Kruffy
  37. BadaBoom BB
  38. Baskerville Old Face
  39. Bauhaus 93
  40. Bauhaus-Thin
  41. Bell Gothic Std Black
  42. Benguiat Bk BT
  43. Berlin Sans FB
  44. Berlin Sans FB Demi
  45. Bernard MT Condensed
  46. Betty Noir
  47. Bickham Script Pro Regular
  48. Bickley Script
  49. blacc_.ttf
  50. Blackadder ITC
  51. Blackletter686 BT
  52. Blackoak Std
  53. Bloody
  54. Book Antiqua
  55. Bookman Old Style
  56. Braggadocio
  57. Britannic Bold
  58. Broadway
  59. Brush Script MT
  60. Brush Script Std
  61. BrushScrD
  62. Californian FB
  63. Calisto MT
  64. Candice
  65. Cataneo BT
  66. Century Gothic
  67. Century Schoolbook
  68. ChalkDust
  69. Chang and Eng
  70. Cherub
  71. Cherry Coke
  72. Chicago
  73. Chick
  74. Chiller
  75. Comic Sans MS
  76. ComixHeavy
  77. Commodore 64
  78. Coolvetica
  79. Cooper Black
  80. Cooper Std Black
  81. Copperplate Gothic Bold
  82. Copperplate Gothic Light
  83. Courier New
  84. Courier New Baltic
  85. Courier New Greek
  86. Courier New TUR
  87. Crack Babies
  88. Crayon
  89. Creepy
  90. Croobie
  91. Curlz MT
  92. DeepFreeze
  93. Denmark
  94. Dot-Matrix
  95. Edwardian Script ITC
  96. Elephant
  97. Engravers MT
  98. English111 Vivace BT
  99. Enviro
  100. Eras
  101. Eras Bold ITC
  102. Eras Demi ITC
  103. EraserDust
  104. Eurostile
  105. Fat
  106. FederationBold
  107. Figaro MT
  108. Fine Hand
  109. Fontdinerdotcom
  110. Footlight MT Light
  111. Forte
  112. Franklin Gothic Book
  113. Franklin Gothic Demi
  114. Franklin Gothic Demi Cond
  115. Franklin Gothic Heavy
  116. Franklin Gothic Medium
  117. Franklin Gothic Medium Cond
  118. Freestyle Script
  119. French Script MT
  120. Freshbot
  121. Futura Lt BT
  122. Futura Md BT
  123. Futura Medium Condensed BT
  124. Futura XBlk BT
  125. Futura XBlkIt BT
  126. Futura-Bold
  127. Garamond
  128. Georgia
  129. Gigi
  130. GillSans
  131. Gill Sans MT
  132. Gill Sans Ultra Bold
  133. Glitch0
  134. Glitch1
  135. GlooGun
  136. Gloucester MT Extra Condensed
  137. GoreFont
  138. Goudy Old Style
  139. Goudy Stout
  140. Gradl
  141. Green Screen
  142. Gringo Nights
  143. Gungsuh
  144. GungsuhChe
  145. Haettenschweiller
  146. Harlow Solid Italic
  147. Harrington
  148. High Tower Text
  149. Highlight LET
  150. Hobo Std
  151. Horror
  152. Hurry Up
  153. Impact
  154. Imprint MT Shadow
  155. Informal Roman
  156. InkyBear
  158. Jenkins v2.0
  159. Jokerman
  160. Jokerman LET
  161. Jokewood
  162. Joystix
  163. Juice ITC
  164. Junior & Stinky
  165. Kabel Ult BT
  166. Karloff
  167. KidTYPEPaint
  168. Kino MT
  169. Kristen ITC
  170. La Bamba LET
  171. Latha
  172. LcdD
  173. Linoscript
  174. Lithograph
  175. Logger
  176. Lucida Calligraphy
  177. Lucida Console
  178. Lucida Handwriting
  179. Magneto
  180. Maiandra GD
  181. Matisse ITC
  182. Matura MT Script Capitals
  183. Mekanik LET
  184. Mercurius Script MT Bold
  185. Metal as in Heavy
  186. Metal Lord
  187. MisterEarl BT
  188. Mistral
  189. Modern No. 20
  190. Mom´sTypewriter
  191. Monotype Corsiva
  192. MotterFemD
  193. Motrhead
  194. MS PGothic
  195. MS Reference Serif
  196. MS Reference Specialty
  197. MS UI Gothic
  198. Myriad Pro
  199. Myriad Pro Cond
  200. Narkisim
  201. Nimbus Script
  202. NimbusSanT
  203. NimbusSanTCon
  204. NOKIA® 5110 FontSet
  205. OCR A Extended
  206. OCR A Std
  207. OCRB
  208. Odessa LET
  209. Old English Text MT
  210. OldCountry
  211. OldDreadfulNo7 BT
  212. One Stroke Script LET
  213. P22 Folk Art Block
  214. P22 Folk Art Cross
  215. P22 Folk Art Extras
  216. P22 Folk Art Stitch
  217. Palatino Linotype
  218. Papyrus
  219. Parade
  220. Parchment
  221. ParkAvenue BT
  222. Peanuts
  223. Pepita MT
  224. Period X
  225. Perpetua
  226. Phyllis (not 100% confirmed, only identified by doing a comparison)
  227. Placard Condensed
  228. Playbill
  229. Pleasantly Plump
  230. Plump MT
  231. Poor Richard
  232. Poornut
  233. Poplar Std
  234. Porky's
  235. PosterBodoni BT
  236. Potrzebie
  237. Prestige Elite Std
  238. Pristina
  239. Prototype Pavilion
  240. PT Banana Split
  241. Pump Demi Bold LET
  242. pUNK********
  243. Pussycat
  244. Quixley LET
  245. Raavi
  246. Rage Italic
  247. Rage Italic LET
  248. Raskin
  249. Ravie
  250. Rockwell
  251. Rockwell Condensed
  252. Rockwell Extra Bold
  253. Rounded Informal
  254. Ruach LET
  255. Sand
  256. Saturday Morning Television
  257. Script MT Bold
  258. serif_v01
  259. Sevenet 7
  260. SF Atarian System
  261. SF Atarian System Extended
  262. Showcard Gothic
  263. Shruti
  264. SignPainter HouseSlant
  265. Smartie CAPS
  266. Smudger LET
  267. Snap ITC
  268. SnowCaps (not 100% confirmed, only identified by doing a comparison)
  269. Souvenir Lt BT
  270. Space Toaster
  271. Square721 BT
  272. Staccato222 BT
  273. Stencil
  274. Stencil BT
  275. Stencil Std
  276. Sterling
  277. Swiss911 XCm BT
  278. Sydnie
  279. Sylfaen
  280. Tahoma
  281. Tahoma Small Cap
  282. Team MT
  283. Tekton Pro
  284. Tekton Pro Cond
  285. Tekton Pro Ext
  286. Tempus Sans ITC
  287. ThereChat2
  288. ThereSignHead1
  289. ThereSignHead2
  290. ThereSignHead3
  291. ThereSignText1
  292. ThereSignText2
  293. Times New Roman
  294. Times New Roman Baltic
  295. Tiranti Solid LET
  296. Transylvania
  297. Trebuchet MS
  298. Tw Cen MT
  299. Tw Cen MT Condensed
  300. Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold
  301. Twentieth Century Poster1
  302. Typewise Alpha
  303. TypewriterRough
  304. Utility
  305. Verdana
  306. Victorian LET
  307. Viner Hand ITC
  308. Vladimir Script
  309. VOY DOT LCD
  310. Warnock Pro Caption
  311. Warnock Pro Light Caption
  312. Warnock Pro SmBd
  313. Warnock Pro SmBd Caption
  314. Warnock Pro Subhead
  315. Webdings
  316. Weltron Urban
  317. Westminster
  318. Westwood LET
  319. Wide Latin
  320. WP IconicSymbolsA
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