Half-Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour

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Featuring wideos from Vinger, Schlauter, and The Winnie Wincent Inwasion

The Half-Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour is a television program airing in Free Country, USA that shows death metal music videos, similar to Headbangers Ball or Metal Mayhem. Strong Bad watches an episode featuring a appearance by Taranchula, who shared a peek at the upcoming video for their song "The Decoupage".

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The riff that accompanies the program's logo was first used in band names, playing as Strong Bad came up with the band name "Taranchula".
  • The three real-life bands featured — Winger, Slaughter, and Vinnie Vincent Invasion — are glam metal bands, not death metal.
    • A death metal band named Slaughter did exist, although it was much less popular than the unrelated glam metal band.

[edit] Appearances

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