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Weekly Fanstuff


This is a list of all the Weekly Fanstuff appearances from 2007.

Image Date Text Description
gingerbread burnination 13 Dec 2007 gingerbread burnination A gingerbread scene depicting Trogdor burninating a thatched-roof cottage, with two peasants fleeing.
incredible cow lamp 06 Dec 2007 incredible cow lamp A real-life reproduction of the cow lamp.
awesome fanimation 29 Nov 2007 awesome fanimation watch

A stop-motion video clip of the Gardenboy segment at the end of yes, wrestling, starring the figurines of Reynold (as Gardenboy), Gunhaver (as il Cartographer), and the Blue Laser Commander (as a gopher). Gardenboy also pulls out what appears to be a one-eyed Blue Pikmin at one point. At the end, it fades out to read "By Dan Mackenzie" and "play again?". A higher quality version of the video is viewable on YouTube.

limozeen keyswordtar 15 Nov 2007 limozeen keyswordtar A Limozeen-style keyswordtar.
limojean jacket! 01 Nov 2007 limojean jacket! A jean jacket with the discontinued Limozeen T-shirt graphic on the back. The wearer is making the "evil fingers" gesture.
papercraft homestar 25 Oct 2007 papercraft homestar A Homestar paper model, made by 20eric06. Clicking on the words "papercraft homestar" opened a printable folding template.
high school fhqwhgads 18 Oct 2007 high school fhqwhgads "FHQWHGADS" spelled out on the scoreboard of John McKissick Field (home of the Summerville High School Green Wave) in Summerville, South Carolina.
homsunami warning 12 Oct 2007 homsunami warning A "WARNING: HOMSAR" sign with a depiction of a tsunami resembling Homsar and a silhouette of Strong Bad. Below, it reads "AaaaAAaaaAAaaaAAaaa I'm the human wedgie."
interchangeable sb 04 Oct 2007 interchangeable sb A clay model of Strong Bad at The Stick with many different accessories. The accessories reference new hands, fingers, pom pom, and Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon.
amazing cross stich 27 Sept 2007 amazing cross stich A cross-stitch of a scene from Weclome Back.
somewhere in kuwait 20 Sept 2007 somewhere in kuwait A drawing of Trogdor on a wall apparently located in Kuwait. Similar in both content and caption to an older fanstuff.
tgs 360 faceplate 13 Sept 2007 tgs 360 faceplate A custom Xbox 360 faceplate with the Teen Girl Squad characters on it.
cold ones carton collage 06 Sept 2007 cold ones carton collage Homsar and Strong Sad made from cartons of Bud Light and Coors Light.
armored core 4 logo 30 Aug 2007 armored core 4 logo A stylized Trogdor, created in Armored Core 4's emblem editor by Derek.
trading card game 23 Aug 2007 trading card game Fan made trading cards. Nibbles is visible, with a caption that says "SUPER BITE-SIZED FURY". Also, Cheatball, Frank Bennedetto, Stinkoman, Marzipan, Credenza, The Stick, Lil' Coach Z, and two unknown characters can be seen behind Nibbles.
you can't destroy me! 16 Aug 2007 you can't destroy me! A rotting Marshie pumpkin. Caption refers to candy product.
cool trogdor sculpture 09 Aug 2007 cool trogdor sculpture A white sculpture of Trogdor mounted on a piece of wood.
the cheatz-it 21 Jun 2007 the cheatz-it A mosaic of The Cheat made out of Cheez-Its, sugar cubes, and two grapes. Created by The Goblin.
old cool fan art 14 Jun 2007 old cool fan art Fan art of Strong Mad, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Tire at The Stick, dated April 2004.
prison tattoo 07 Jun 2007 prison tattoo A real-life version of the tattoo from Strong Bad is a Bad Guy, including the soap and spoon supposedly used to carve it.
homebrew poptire ds 24 May 2007 homebrew poptire ds A Population: Tire game made for the Nintendo DS, created by Phlip. See the full game, including a video.
my flip-flop got stole! 17 May 2007 My flip-flop got stole! The Bear holding a Shark drawn onto a foot wearing a flip-flop. Caption is a reference to myths & legends. Note that while the exclamation is capitalized in the XML file, the displayed text was not.
cheatar hero controller 11 May 2007 cheatar hero controller A Guitar Hero controller painted like The Cheatar.
li'l brudder doggie dish 03 May 2007 li'l brudder doggie dish A doggie dish with Li'l Brudder drawn inside.
treggdor the yolkinator 26 Apr 2007 treggdor the yolkinator Pictures taken from four different angles of an Easter egg painted like Trogdor.
blue laser escape sub 19 Apr 2007 blue laser escape sub The Blue Laser Commander figurine inside a Lego submarine, made of pieces from the Aquazone Aquanauts set(s).
just add water! 12 Apr 2007 just add water! Ingredients for Instant Suudsu. Includes Gummi Bears and powdered milk. Suudsu is misspelled as "Sudzu" on the container.
marshie plushie 05 Apr 2007 marshie plushie A plushie of Marshie. It bears some resemblance to his puppet version.
stinkomural 22 Mar 2007 stinkomural A mural of Stinkoman from Stinkoman 20X6.
stained glasstar 15 Mar 2007 stained glasstar A stained glass window depicting Homestar Runner.
matching tgs tattoos 08 Mar 2007 matching tgs tattoos Tattoos of The Ugly One getting ARROWED!!, from Teen Girl Squad Issue 1.
homebrew figurine 01 Mar 2007 homebrew figurine A homemade Strong Bad figurine.
teen mii squad! 22 Feb 2007 teen mii squad! Mii versions of the Teen Girl Squad characters. (From the left in clockwise order, Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One.)
homestar's slippers! 15 Feb 2007 homestar's slippers! Real-life versions of Homestar's bunny slippers.
homestar skinnyplush 08 Feb 2007 homestar skinnyplush A skinny Homestar Runner plush toy.
make your own playsets & toys! 01 Feb 2007 make your own playsets & toys! The Strong Bad, Bubs, and The Cheat figurines in a fan-made Bubs' Concession Stand. The caption refers to a recurring tagline from Cheat Commandos.
i'm sad that i'm a diaper 18 Jan 2007 i'm sad that i'm a diaper A diaper with Strong Sad's face on it. The caption refers to a well-known line first said by Powered by The Cheat Strong Sad on Main Page 15.
it's the trog trog b'loon 11 Jan 2007 it's the trog trog b'loon A Trogdor balloon and its mirror image. The caption refers to a line in Fall Float Parade.
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