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Weekly Fanstuff


This is a list of all the Weekly Fanstuff appearances from 2006.

Image Date Text Description
whoa! that was fast! 14 Dec 2006 whoa! that was fast! A fan-crafted copper Eh! Steve! Decemberween ornament. The caption refers to the fact that this fanstuff was featured three days after the email what i want, which featured an Eh! Steve! ornament, was released.
ragdoll homestar 07 Dec 2006 ragdoll homestar A rag doll of Homestar Runner, with bizarrely large feet.
pencil shaded trogtat 30 Nov 2006 pencil shaded trogtat A pseudo tattoo of Trogdor the Burninator drawn on the arm.
real life marshie & co 17 Nov 2006 real life marshie & co Marshmallows painted so they look like the varieties of Marshie (from left to right: Malloween Marshie, Mr. Shmallow, Nibbles, Marshie). The top hat is from the Monopoly game.
da huuuuuudge gourd 09 Nov 2006 da huuuuuudge gourd A gourd painted to look like Da Huuuuuudge.
the trogcar 03 Nov 2006 the trogcar A car decorated to resemble Trogdor.
homestar phaser pedal 27 Oct 2006 homestar phaser pedal A phaser pedal, decorated with a picture of Homestar Runner.
bad graphics pumpkin 20 Oct 2006 bad graphics pumpkin The Bad Graphics Ghost carved into a pumpkin.
trogdor in tea leaves! 12 Oct 2006 trogdor in tea leaves! Trogdor made out of tea leaves.
awesome cheatcow 25 Sep 2006 awesome cheatcow Stylized picture of The Cheat (drawn to look like a cow), Strong Bad, and Homestar Runner with what appears to be a cake dropped on the ground.
strong bad shot glasses 18 Sep 2006 strong bad shot glasses Shot glasses with Strong Bad's face on them.
supa-shiny sb plushie 07 Sep 2006 supa-shiny sb plushie A Strong Bad plush doll. Made by Jennifer Berry , see more pictures.
homemade supcakes 31 Aug 2006 homemade supcakes A homemade "Sup cake" T-shirt from Teen Girl Squad Issue 11.
homebrew no loafing led 18 Aug 2006 homebrew no loafing led A 'digital age No Loafing' sign from redesign.
new potato pom 11 Aug 2006 new potato pom Pom Pom crafted out of a red potato, new potatoes (hence the title), and toothpicks.
who likes the fat bee? 03 Aug 2006 who likes the fat bee? A craft foam version of The Grape Fairie's fat bee.
painter's tape marshie 27 Jul 2006 painter's tape marshie A rendition of Marshie, made with painter's tape on a brick wall.
awesome fanart! 20 Jul 2006 awesome fanart! A drawing of the Bear holding a Shark and Strong Badman fighting in a forest. Drawn by Andrew Willmore, see also the complete drawing.
sb appears in onion! 13 Jul 2006 sb appears in onion! A slice of onion that oddly resembles Strong Bad. This probably refers to incidents in which The Virgin Mary or Jesus was seen in various foods.
trogapult 06 Jul 2006 trogapult A hand-crafted Trogdor catapult.
i say there monstrositea, do you know the times? 29 Jun 2006 i say there monstrositea, do you know the times? A hand-crafted teapot with The Cheat on its lid and Trogdor forming the spout. The line comes from animal.
the difference? hardly. 18 May 2006 the difference? hardly. A pizza box with a Pom Pom-like character on it. It apparently came from a restaurant named "The Pizza Place" and has the subtitle "Pizza with the difference".
12 pts. of articulation 11 May 2006 12 pts. of articulation A fan-made Strong Bad action figure.
pyrex trogdor 04 May 2006 pyrex trogdor A stylized Trogdor, made out of Pyrex.
seriously talented clown 27 Apr 2006 seriously talented clown Two balloon animals resembling Strong Bad. The first one is holding a Stratocaster, probably to show scale.
35 year olds still get cakes? 06 Apr 2006 35 year olds still get cakes? A cake, presumably for a 35-year-old person, decorated with Homestar Runner figurines and the Strong Badia sign, made to resemble Strong Badia.
homestar oilymens 30 Mar 2006 homestar oilymens Homestar Runner and Homsar, made of Sculpey. Painted with Tamiya Color Acrylic paints, which are responsible for the glossy, oily look. Created by Julia Minamata, an illustrator and extremely intermittent sculptor. The name may refer to an older Fanstuff, which was titled "homestar meltymens!" Click here to see bigger and better pictures of the Homsar figurine, as well as the process of making it.
metal hsr with bangs 24 Mar 2006 metal hsr with bangs Homestar Runner made from pieces of scrap metal. The "bangs" appear to be slots in the metal used to make his head.
jolly homestar roger 16 Mar 2006 jolly homestar roger A Jolly Roger depicting Homestar Runner instead of the usual skull.
hand knit tgs mittens! 10 Mar 2006 hand knit tgs mittens! Mittens depicting several Teen Girl Squad scenes. From left to right: What's Her Face saying "we're cool", The Ugly One saying "teehee", What's Her Face being crushed by NO POUNDS, and The Ugly One being crushed by a sack labeled "YOU'RE NOT POTATOES" (from issue 4).

Close-up pictures of the mittens, as well as instructions on how to make them, can be found here.

homestar cubeheads 02 Mar 2006 homestar cubeheads Cube-shaped heads of several characters and the logo made of LEGO bricks. From left to right...
Top: Homestar Runner.
Second Row: Homestar Runner logo.
Third Row: Strong Bad, Strong Sad.
Fourth Row: Coach Z, Bubs, Homsar.
Fifth Row: Pom Pom, The King of Town, The Poopsmith, The Cheat.
cheatar jr. 23 Feb 2006 cheatar jr. A guitar painted like The Cheat. Name refers to The Cheatar.
stinko handfoot sb 16 Feb 2006 stinko handfoot sb Strong Bad with round hands and feet, a lot like Stinkoman. It appears to be made of Floam.
cheatcorn casserole 09 Feb 2006 cheatcorn casserole A bunch of corn scattered into the shape of The Cheat.
the cheat lard sculpture 02 Feb 2006 the cheat lard sculpture A sculpture of The Cheat, apparently made of lard.
clockin much dough 26 Jan 2006 clockin much dough A Pom Pom clock.
strong bad tubamaba 19 Jan 2006 strong bad tubamaba Sousaphone bells painted with the image of Strong Bad's head over the Tandy screen. "Tubamaba" is a neologism from The Simpsons. The musician playing the Sousaphone is a member of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, a group known for its outlandish and irreverent costuming and performances, but mostly for The Play.
knitdor & strong bag 12 Jan 2006 knitdor & strong bag Knitted and stuffed Trogdor and Strong Bad.
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