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"You could have stolen UPWARDS of one Sega tape."

"Sega tapes" is a term used in the Homestar Runner universe to describe the cartridges used by the Sega Genesis (known as the Sega Mega Drive outside North America) game system. Portrayals have included actual Sega games, Videlectrix titles, and additional fictional games. While none of the characters have been seen playing any of these games, Homestar Runner once successfully used a Sega tape and controller to operate a waffle iron.

"Tape" is a misnomer derived from the game cartridges from Sega's previous console, the Master System. The Master System's ROM cartridges superficially resembled cassette tapes, despite using chips rather than magnetic tape to store data. The Genesis game cartridges were redesigned and no longer resembled cassette tapes, but the name apparently stuck.

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