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"Lurking beneath the waves, it's The Cheatviathan!"

In this extra-special viewer-submitted Skills of an Artist, Strong Bad gives instructions on how to draw a really cool boat—or does he?

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Glen Burnie Teenager, Announcer, Deep Sea Fangly Fish, Baby Styles, Cheatviathan, Pterodactyl Coach Z

Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Running Time: 2:52

Page Title: A Double Masquerade!


[edit] Transcript

{Opening titles enter and then fade, music begins}

STRONG BAD: Welcome to my first viewer-submitted Skills of an Artist! I make drawing submittedly fun! Chris OConnor asks: "How do you draw a really cool boat?" And you all know that drawing things that are cool is my specialty. So let's start by putting this thing at sea with a series of scalloped droops.

{Strong Bad draws a series of curves resembling ocean waves}

STRONG BAD: Scallop out those droops, look at that. Kinda makes me want to put a dust ruffle under my bed after drawing that guy. Alright, then now let's draw the bow of the boat...

{Strong Bad draws a basic boat shape above the waves that slants upward}

STRONG BAD: That looks very seaworthy, very seaworthy. And, {gestures at the back of the boat} astern, to show that it's moving at top speeds, let's do a set of Glen Burnie bangs.

{He draws some hair-like spikes to show a spray of water coming from the back}

STRONG BAD: Oh, these things look like they crested the brow of a Glen Burnie teenager in a food court.

{A Teen Girl Squad-esque girl dressed in black with similar bangs appears at the left}

GLEN BURNIE TEENAGER: I wanted Orange Julius.

{She disappears as Strong Bad continues}

STRONG BAD: Alright, since this is a cool boat, instead of the usual pilot house, this boat has... a castle.

{Strong Bad draws a castle shape with parapets on top of the boat}

STRONG BAD: An entire castle instead of a pilot house.

{As he narrates, he adds a round gate and two cross-shaped murder-holes to the castle}

STRONG BAD: So, here we go, let's do some parapets, a big ol' wooden gate, couple of them murder-holes so you can pour hot pitch on invaders... And for towers, just a pair of King Grahams.

{He draws a couple of towers off from the castle that bear a resemblance to King Graham in his hat from King's Quest}

STRONG BAD: There they are. Here he is. Off on a quest. And last, a little flag.

{He draws a quick triangle-shaped flag at the top of the castle, waving in the breeze}

STRONG BAD: To fly the colors of... the kingdom of... really cool boat. RCB. But nothing makes a boat cooler than a pair of cool, cool glasses. That's right. So right here on the portboard stow...

{He draws the outline of some sunglasses on the front of the boat, with only its right arm of the frame visible}

STRONG BAD: Butt scoop, butt scoop... back here for the frames...

{He shades in the glasses, leaving diagonal spaces to make them look shiny}

STRONG BAD: And a little scritch-a-scratch fill-in... and don't forget to leave a little space for the eternal slanty reflection stripe... that's a real pro move...

{He finishes the glasses}

STRONG BAD: That is a really cool boat! But did you see what we really drew? Oh man, you guys! This is what we've been working towards!

{He draws the curve of The Cheat's "chest-chin" beneath the water, then adds what appear to be fangs, as well as The Cheat's "cinnamon swirl". Now the upper part of the boat looks distinctly like The Cheat's head wearing sunglasses.}

STRONG BAD: {ominous voice} Lurking beneath the waves, it's The Cheatviathan!

{He gives The Cheatviathan a right arm, with spots}

STRONG BAD: Oh man! This thing preys on unsuspecting mariners who approach the really cool boat in hopes of... {lamely} seeing a really cool boat.

{He draws drool coming from the left side of The Cheatviathan's mouth}

STRONG BAD: {still with an ominous tone} And he's drooling somehow, even though he's underwater. And when they draw near, he snatches their boats, and then... just kinda shakes them around in the hopes that there's like some chips inside. Or something.

{In fast motion, he draws a left arm extending above the water, and a "chips" bag with some chips escaping from the top. He adds a few lines coming outward between the arm and the chips for emphasis.}

STRONG BAD: Chippies!

{Cut to a Powered by The Cheat clip of the Deep Sea Fangly Fish swimming through the sea.}

ANNOUNCER: The Deep Sea Fangly Fish approaches what it believes to be prey.

{The fangly fish surfaces and approaches the really cool boat, which, even submerged, is pretty clearly The Cheat's head. The castle towers are actual King Graham heads.}

ANNOUNCER: But really, it's a double masquerade. {pronounces "masquer-ahd"}

HOMESTAR LURE: Oh, it's my birthday time, at Medieval Times.

{The Cheatviathan opens his mouth, revealing sharp fangs and a tongue, and roars, then rises out of the water and grabs the Deep Sea Fangly Fish.}

{Cut to the dance floor on the fangly fish, where Baby Styles and Strong Bad are still dancing despite being high in the air and tilted over 45 degrees. Baby Styles is holding a bag of "Chipeez", which are freely spilling out.}

POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: Hey Baby Styles, hold on to those Chipeez.

{Wide shot; The Cheatviathan growls as the chips spill into his mouth. Pterodactyl Coach Z flies overhead.}

PTERODACTYL COACH Z: Hey, The— {pauses and looks around; the dance music stops when he starts speaking again} Hey, The Cheatviathan can do it again!

{He turns around and flies away. Most of The Cheatviathan's Flash symbols vanish, then cut to an "END" screen made of chips. A bite is taken out of one.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • This Skills of an Artist was the result of meeting the third stretch goal of 5,000 backers for the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter campaign. The reward was a viewer-submitted Skills of an Artist video. On July 20, 2018, Chris OConnor commented on the update, saying, "I think Strong Bad should draw a really cool boat."
  • This is the only Skills of an Artist to be only posted on YouTube. All earlier episodes were posted on @StrongBadActual, and re-posted to YouTube later.
  • This Skills of an Artist was released five months and eighteen days after the previous episode, Barf Bag, breaking the longest hiatus between Skills of an Artist episodes.
  • The YouTube description for this video is "Strong Bad implements scalloped droops as he draws an extremely seaworthy vessel. Chippies!"

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Bad calls this his first viewer-submitted Skills of an Artist, yet the basis for the series, the Strong Bad Email dragon, was also viewer-submitted.

[edit] Inside References

  • The Deep Sea Fangly Fish and Baby Styles are from the email animal. Pterodactyl Coach Z is from Summer Short Shorts, and says a similar line.
  • Cool, cool glasses (generally used to describe Dangeresque's sunglasses) are brought up once again.
  • Strong Bad's made-up nautical term "portboard stow" returns from the email modeling.
  • The Cheatviathan is a portmanteau of "The Cheat" and "leviathan".

[edit] Real-World References

  • Glen Burnie is a suburb in Maryland.
  • Orange Julius is an American chain of fruit drink beverage stores.
  • King Graham is from Sierra's King's Quest series.
  • The intonations of the Announcer resemble that of English nature broadcaster David Attenborough.
  • Medieval Times is a US-based medieval-themed dinner theater company. Their buildings are shaped like 11th century castles and, as the Homestar lure alludes, they are popular as birthday celebration locations. There is a location in Atlanta where The Brothers Chaps are from.

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