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"The boys with their new lord and master Sunset PlayButt."

From the post-Flash update:

Keep in mind, Ruffle is still in development so not everything works perfectly. Games made after, say 2007, will probably be pretty janky but Ruffle plans on ulitmately supporting those too one day.

Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator written in Rust. The project is designed to allow the playback of Flash files after the discontinuation of Flash Player by Adobe after December 2020. On December 31, 2020, was updated to run most content within embedded Ruffle players, rather than the embedded Flash players used prior, which means that the new site will run Flash-based content without the users needing to install any kind of plugin or extension to their browsers.

The first mention of Ruffle in relation to Homestar Runner was on September 18, 2019, when the @StrongBadActual Twitter account began helping with the emulator's development by suggesting improvements. On April 6, 2020, when asked about the fate of Easter eggs, Strong Bad responded "I'm putting all my easter eggs in the Ruffle basket." On November 19, 2020, Internet Archive announced that they were preserving Flash content using Ruffle, prompting a short video from Strong Bad the next day.

While Ruffle offers wide compatibility with Flash playback, the project has limited compatibility with ActionScript, the built-in programming language for Flash files. Multiple pages have warnings in place in cases where the toon or game may have compatibility issues with Ruffle.

Ruffle didn't fully support embedded video until August 2021, leaving many Puppet Stuff toons and live action scenes such as those in the Strong Bad Email death metal unwatchable on the site. This was fixed when the site updated to a newer build of Ruffle on January 3, 2022.

On most pages, this message is generally displayed at the bottom:

'What is that big play button' you ask? Well, Flash is all kinds of dead! But the amazing Ruffle project helps our cartoons live on! Not every cartoon and game works perfectly just yet so be patient and expect some jankiness here and there while we keep a-workin!

[edit] Pages with compatibility issues

Main Page 24 on Ruffle
The FAQ is extra broke currently. But don't worry! Ruffle is all the time updated and striving and sometimes fighting to work with ALL the old Flash styles. Thanks for your patience and at least you get to enjoy that great fanart cover image!
BEWARE! THIS GAME IS BROKE! On a good day Hallrunner kinda seems like it doesn't work so this version is extra problematic. Be patient and maybe someday soon we'll run these halls together again!
This main page is MESSED UP! Currently, Ruffle doesn't support Actionscript 3 which is what made the blurry stuff blurry on this page. All the links should work, the main joke of the page won't though. Also, the "new button" and little "homepages menu" don't show up either. Sorry! Thx4patience!
BEWARE! THIS GAME IS BROKE! We're still working on getting Ruffle and Peasant's Quest to love one another so thanks for your patience. Parts of the game sorta work though. You can walk around and type stuff. But you can't go inside any buildings and picking up objects is weird too. Have fun?!
The message was later changed to:
Hey I think this game pretty much totally works in Ruffle now and you can win it!
WARNING! This game is currently SUPER BROKE and might crash your browser if you try and play any levels except your favorites 3.1 and 3.2! But hopefully we can make it work with Ruffle someday soon. Hey! At least you can still watch cutscenes, the awesome intro cinematic, and read the manual for more hot tips!
This message was later changed to:
WARNING! This game is still a bit busted. Levels load after a moment or two (except level 9, still broke) but the music is not loading and some sound effects are swapped inexplicably. But it's fairly playable now at least. We'll keep working on it.

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