Trogdor!! The Board Game Playthrough

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"I'm going to burninate this blueberry bush down here..."

Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homestar and Human Mike sit down to play Trogdor!! The Board Game.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Coach Z

Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Running Time: 39:06


[edit] Transcript

[edit] Setup

{The screen fades to white as the box for Trogdor!! The Board Game appears. A red banner labeled "SETUP" drops down on the screen.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Okay, let's set up the table for a rousing round of Trogdor!! The Board Game.

{Scene cuts to Mike setting up the board game by placing the tiles on the table. The footage is sped up as Strong Bad continues to narrate.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} The game board is made up of a five-by-five grid of map tiles, forming the peasant kingdom of Peasantry.

{An image of the rulebook's map examples appears to the left. The Normal map on the right is circled in yellow. The page disappears a few moments later.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Here we're using one of the map examples from the back of the rulebook, but feel free to create your own. Now place a cottage on each of the three cottage tiles, with the roof unburninated side up. Now we place one peasant at each of those three cottages, then the knights, the archer, and finally Trogdor himself!

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Above the map, place the Trog-Meter, which serves as Trogdor's health. Plop the flame helmet, the Troghammer and the remaining four peasants in position a-like so. Put the Void card over here, which is where peasants go when they die, and the movement deck up top, which controls the countryside's movements as they fight back against Trogdor. And last, place the action deck over here after first removing all the Troghammer cards and setting them aside.

{A Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad with a goofy face appears in the lower left corner with a speech bubble saying:}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover, high-pitched tone} Now we're ready to play!

[edit] Objectives

{A banner reading "OBJECTIVES" appears. Strong Bad is now talking to Mike in real time, waving a boxing glove from the bottom of the screen as he speaks.}

STRONG BAD: So what's the objective of this game, Mike?

MIKE: Well, are you familiar with the Trogdor song?

STRONG BAD: I wrote the thang ding!

MIKE: Well, we have to do the three things in the chorus of that song. We have to burninate the countryside by flipping over the—all 25 of these countryside tiles to their burninated state like this.

STRONG BAD: Double-sided!

MIKE: Yeah. {speaks a bit quieter and wags his finger around the previous tile he flipped over} Look at the fire.

STRONG BAD: I get excited...

MIKE: {unintelligible} char...

STRONG BAD: ...when it's double-sided!

MIKE: {resumes his normal speaking voice} And then, we also have to burninate...

STRONG BAD: The peas-ants!

MIKE: The peasants, so you have to make it so there's no peasants on the board. And then we have to burninate the thatched-roof cottages.

STRONG BAD: Say it the right way, Mike.

{A clip from the song Trogdor plays:}


{Clip ends}

STRONG BAD: There you go. Look at—look at those flippable roofs!

MIKE: In order to burninate the thatched-roof cottages, though, they have to be surrounded with burnination.


MIKE: The tiles around them—so this one, for instance, you would just need these four tiles need to be burninated. This one on the side is just six and this one's all nine of those.

STRONG BAD: It's like Trogdor's seasoning the ground.

MIKE: 'S right. So, all twenty-five tiles burninated, all the peasants gone, and the three thatched-roof cottages burninated, and then you'll win the game.

STRONG BAD: Yaaay! So how do we do all that stuff, Mike?

MIKE: We're going to be drawing cards and using action points to burninate the countryside and the cottages and everything. Actions are: moving Trogdor one tile—you can move Trogdor one tile north, south, east, or west...

STRONG BAD: What about diagonally?

MIKE: Normally he can't move diagonally. There are some cards and powers that allow you to move diagonally, but normally he can just move north, south, east, or west.

STRONG BAD: What's next?

MIKE: Then you can also burninate the tile that Trogdor is on...


MIKE: ...for one action.


MIKE: You can burninate a peasant on the tile that Trogdor is on for one action.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, what happens then?

MIKE: If you burninate a peasant, he gets the flame helmet. And we'll draw a movement card, and he runs around the path burninating everything in his path—"aaaah!"—and he'll burninate all those tiles, but then he goes into the Void. You can also burninate a cottage, if it's ready and eligible, on the tile that Trogdor is on, for an action.

STRONG BAD: How would it be eligible?

MIKE: If it's surrounded by all the tiles around it—north, south, east, west, and diagonally, and the tile that it's on—

STRONG BAD: I think you should have to flip them all over now to show everyone.

MIKE: Okay. You want me to? {starts flipping the tiles over in fast motion}

STRONG BAD: Yes, we can speed it up.

MIKE: Okay. {chuckles}

{Enter Too Much Talking Man: a grinning Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad with a carrot on his head. He jigs across the screen from left to right as Mike and Strong Bad talk.}

STRONG BAD: We wouldn't want Too Much Talking Man to show up, would we, Mike?

MIKE: {laughs} No.

{Audio jumps to later}

MIKE: So now it's surrounded. One action: froosh it up.


MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: I think you should turn all those tiles back.

{Mike starts flipping the tiles back to the unburninated side in fast motion.}

MIKE: {laughing} I will.

{He finishes.}

MIKE: Okay. So another action you can do is chomping a peasant.

STRONG BAD: What's that do?

MIKE: When you chomp a peasant, he goes into the Trog-Meter up here, which is Trogdor's health.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, we wanna keep that full.

MIKE: That's right. So, burninated peasants, after they run their burnination path, go into the Void. Chomped peasants go up here and become health.

STRONG BAD: So one action to chomp.

MIKE: One action to chomp. Then the—you can also, on the two mountain tiles, here and here, you can spend an action to hide.

STRONG BAD: Whoa! Where did Trogdor go?

MIKE: That's right, you can't see him, and the knights won't be able to see him, so he can't take damage when the knights and archers move.

STRONG BAD: That seems like a good defensive move.

MIKE: Yes. And then you can also spend an action to burrow between the two tunnels. So one action, you can go from this side of the board to this side of the board.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's some quick movements.

[edit] Gameplay

{A banner appears reading "GAMEPLAY".}

STRONG BAD: So let's start playing already!

MIKE: All right, so we're going to play a four-player game of Trogdor!! here. {waves his hand} I'm here, Human Mike. I'm here with Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: {waves his glove} Hi guys.

MIKE: And Strong Sad.

STRONG SAD: {waggles his fingers} Grrreetings.

MIKE: And Homestar Runner.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {puppet enters from the left} Oh hewwo.

{For the remainder of the video, Strong Bad waggles his glove when speaking, and Strong Sad waggles his hand. Homestar has no such visual cue.}

MIKE: So we've got the board set up. We're going to deal everybody a Keeper card and an Item card. So I'll start with you, Strong Bad. {deals cards to Strong Bad} So you've got your Keeper, and here's your Item, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: All right, I am Crangolev! {card is superimposed on the screen} On my turn I gain one action point! And my item is the Disk of Healing. {card is superimposed on the screen} Its use is I can return a peasant from the Void to the Trog-Meter. But it has no recharge, which means it's a one-time-only use.

MIKE: Yeah, so, Keepers, you can use all the time on your turn, and Items you can use on your turn but once they're used once, you spin 'em sideways and have to recharge 'em on your turn to use them again.

STRONG BAD: All this stuff is on my turn only.

MIKE: That's right.

STRONG BAD: Unless otherwise noted. Okay.

MIKE: Strong Sad, you are... {deals a Keeper to Strong Sad}

STRONG SAD: Ooh, I am Worchex! Knights cannot repair cottages during my turn!

MIKE: Okay, and your Item? {deals an Item card}

STRONG SAD: The Ring of VOIP! Its use is I can teleport Trogdor to any tile on the board. And its recharge is when a cottage or cottage tile is burninated.

MIKE: Okay. Homestar. {deals Homestar a Keeper}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh, I got Yubbitz! I may trade action cards with other players, either on their turn or mine!

MIKE: {chuckling} Okay, good. And your Item is...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh. That Dog Tennis Ball Thing, 'cept with Fireballs!

MIKE: And you can burninate any tile or eligible cottage with that.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, that's great. Thanks for readin' that for me, Mike.

MIKE: {laughs} Sure. {deals himself a Keeper} And I am Stonklar, which gives Trogdor wraparound movement on my turn. Normally when Trogdor's on the edge of the board you can't go east from here, but with Stonklar, I can go east and I would go over here; from here I could go north and go here.

COACH Z: It's the wraparound!

MIKE: {laughs} Oh, Coach Z, hello!

COACH Z: I'm gonna leave now!

MIKE: {dealing himself an Item} And my Item is Ye Flask of Dennis. For the rest of your turn, any burninated peasants that would normally go to the Void instead go to the Trog-Meter.

STRONG BAD: That's pretty powerful.

MIKE: That's a good one. So I should burninate peasants on my turn.

STRONG BAD: Totally.

MIKE: Okay, so, then the other thing we have to do is just everybody gets one banked action card, {deals out action cards to everyone face-up} and on your turn, you'll draw a card and choose between this action card that I just gave you and the action card that you draw.

STRONG BAD: So we always got one in the bank.

MIKE: You always got one in the bank, and you select between the two.

{Mike organizes Homestar's cards a little.}

MIKE: Okay. I think we're ready to start. Strong Bad?

STRONG BAD: I go first!

{Throughout the game, Mike draws cards and takes actions on behalf of the three characters.}

MIKE: You go first. {draws an action for Strong Bad} So.

STRONG BAD: I can choose between Majesty and Wingaling! Majesty's got five action points, and it's, before my actions I may burninate any tile on the board for free. That's pretty sweet.

MIKE: That's a good one.

STRONG BAD: Or Wingaling: before my actions, I may jump to any tile, but it's only got four action points.

MIKE: Mmkay. That's a good one to start with, 'cause the center tile's not necessarily ideal for starting...

STRONG BAD: That's true, and I get one extra action point because I'm Crangolev. {accent on the third syllable}

MIKE: Okay. So whatcha gonna do?

STRONG BAD: I'm gonna play Wingaling!

MIKE: Playin' Wingaling. Four action points plus your one, so we've got five action points. We'll start a discard pile right here. {starts the discard pile next to the draw pile with Strong Bad's Wingaling}

STRONG BAD: All right. So I want to wingaling over to that blueberry bush down there at the bottom.

MIKE: Okay. {moves Trogdor to the tile one west of the southeast corner} So that's free. So...

STRONG BAD: For one action: burninate that bush!

MIKE: {flips the tile} One.

STRONG BAD: Froosh! Now I want to move north to that archer.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor north} 'Kay, two.

STRONG BAD: Does that hurt me, Mike?

MIKE: It doesn't. Moving onto a knight hurts you, but moving onto the archer doesn't. He's got a ranged attack. Just the tiles after he shoots.

STRONG BAD: So he's just like peein' his pants right now.

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG BAD: All right. Burninate that tile.

MIKE: {flips the tile} So that's three actions.

STRONG BAD: And then move east to the cave there.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor east} Four actions.

STRONG BAD: Burninate for five.

MIKE: {flips the tile} And five actions. So this is surrounded. We've just got to do the tile that the cottage is on, then it'll be ready to go.

STRONG BAD: That's right!

MIKE: All right, so now, next part of the turn.

STRONG BAD: We call this phase two!

MIKE: Phase two: bad guys move. {draws a movement card, which is then superimposed on the screen} So the first thing: peasants, we've got two peasants on the card, and so that's how many the board wants. And there are three on the board, so we don't need to spawn any peasants. Peasants that are on the board move northeast and repair.

STRONG BAD: What's that mean?

MIKE: So they're gonna move one tile northeast, all three—every peasant on the board. {moves the first two; simultaneously with Strong Bad:} Northeast, northeast, {moves the last peasant, which is on the southeast corner} and this guy's gonna wrap around; northeast is this tile.

STRONG BAD: All right.

MIKE: Okay, so. If they—they would have repaired any tiles if they had landed on a burninated tile, but they didn't, so that's good. Now next up is the knights' and archer's move. And their path is east-north-north-east. So...

{Strong Bad and Mike recite the path together as Mike moves the knights.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-north-north-east. East-north-north-east.

MIKE: And then the archer...

MIKE AND STRONG SAD: East-north-north-east.

MIKE: And so they shoot in the direction of their last move, both directions. So they moved east, so they'll shoot east-west this way, across.


MIKE: Ptooo! And we're not in the way.

STRONG SAD: What happens if we were in the way?

MIKE: We would've taken one hit of damage, and had to remove a peasant from the Trog-Meter.

STRONG BAD: All right, so is that it for the countryside?

MIKE: That's it for the countryside!

STRONG BAD: End of phase two!

MIKE: End of phase two, next person's turn. So we'll put our discard pile right here, {starts the movement discard pile next to the draw pile} and Strong Sad's up. {deals Strong Sad an action}

STRONG SAD: Okay! Let's see, I can choose between High Energy, {cards are superimposed as Strong Sad names them} which just has a weird little poem on it, but it just means we get seven action points. Or Hidey Hole, which is four AP, but it says after Trogdor's actions, I may burrow to a mountain tile and hide there for free. So that's like a couple actions saved there.

MIKE: That's a good one.

STRONG SAD: Hmm. Let's see, and my powers are the knights cannot repair, {his Keeper and Item cards appear as he describes their abilities} uh, cottages, and/or I can use the Ring of Voip to teleport Trogdor to any tile. I think I'm going to use High Energy, Mike.

MIKE: Okay, so we've got seven action points.

STRONG SAD: Okay. {hands the card to Mike to discard} Play that.

MIKE: 'Kay.

STRONG SAD: And I'm going to move south for one.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor south} One.

STRONG SAD: Two, burninate the tile.

MIKE: {flips the tile} 'Kay.

STRONG SAD: Three, burninate that cottage!

MIKE: Right! {close-up as he flips the roof of the cottage}


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, I'm over here too!

MIKE: {chuckles} All right, so that was three.

STRONG SAD: And now, I would like to voip to, let's say, this tile over here where there's a peasant. {indicates the tile one north of the southwest corner}

MIKE: Okay. {picks up Trogdor to move}

STRONG SAD: Start working on this cottage.

MIKE: So that's a free, so you use this, we're going to spin this to the side, meaning it's been used. {turns the Ring of Voip card sideways} It's not an action to do that.

STRONG SAD: And so what do I got left here?

MIKE: Uh, this will be four.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so five, let's—er, four, burninate the tile.

MIKE: Okay. {flips the tile}

STRONG SAD: Five, let's chomp that peasant.

{Mike moves the peasant from the tile to the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG SAD: And six, move north.

{Mike moves Trogdor north.}

STRONG SAD: Seven, burninate that tile.

{Mike flips the cottage tile.}

STRONG SAD: And then, I thereby recharge my Ring of Voip! {his Item card rights itself}

MIKE: Whoa, smart!

STRONG SAD: At first you thought I was making a bonehead blunder, didn't you, Mike?

MIKE: {laughing} Yeah, I sorta did.

STRONG SAD: So I can't use this twice in one turn, but I can recharge—use and recharge in one turn. So that was seven.

MIKE: Okay. Countryside's go! {draws a movement card} All right, so no peasants on the card, so that's good, no peasants come out.


MIKE: Um, they move northwest and repair. So {moves westernmost peasant} northwest, {moves northernmost peasant, who wraps around} and this guy moves northwest, which is this one, and he repairs.


{Mike flips the tile to its unburninated side.}

STRONG SAD: Does that mean the cottage gets repaired?

MIKE: No, it doesn't, we've just got to re-burninate that—cottage stays burninated. Uh—

STRONG SAD: And what do the knights do?

MIKE: Now the knights move south-east-south-west-west. {moves the first knight} South-east-south-west-west.

{He moves the second knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South-east-south-west-west.

{He moves the archer:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South-east-south-west-west. Ptooo!

STRONG SAD: Ptooo! Let's do it together.

STRONG BAD AND STRONG SAD: {moving their hands in opposite directions} Ptooo!

MIKE: So we still haven't taken a hit of damage yet, that's good. Five peasants in the Trog-Meter. And Homestar, it's your turn. {draws Homestar a card}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I get to talk! Nobody remembers me over here.

MIKE: {laughs} You've got Smell the Daisies and Wraparound.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: So on Smell the Daisies, if I end my turn on a tile with flowers on it—

MIKE: {indicating two flower tiles} Right here and here, they're both close to you.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: They are. Uh, then I get to give the next person, that'd be you, Mike—

MIKE: Yeah!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —three extra AP on your turn!

MIKE: All right, so, something to think about, and then Wraparound.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uh, that means that I gain wraparound movement for this turn...

{Cue Too Much Talking Man.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...and it's also five AP. Okay Mike.

MIKE: Okay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: This is a good time to mention you can always discard either of your cards for five actions with no special powers.

{Text on the screen reads, "If you don't like either of your action cards, discard one to gain 5 AP with no special ability."}

MIKE: Is that what you're gonna do?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's what I want to do. So I'm gonna get rid of Smell the Daisies, actually, Mike.

MIKE: Okay. {discards the card}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't think it's going to help me this turn.

MIKE: All right. But you're gonna discard it, not use the power, and get five actions.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's right. So I want to move east, one tile.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor east} One.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Burninate those daisies!

MIKE: {flips the tile} Two!


MIKE: {moves Trogdor north} Three!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Burninate that forest!

MIKE: {flips the tile} Four.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And then I want to use my Dog Tennis Ball Thing, 'cept with Fireballs...

MIKE: Okay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And let's see, I'll just do, uh... let's do the one right next to me.

MIKE: This one?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That beautiful autumnal... tree. Underneath the knight. {Mike flips the tile} Froosh!

MIKE: And you still have one more action, right?


MIKE: Oh, you just—you discarded for five. {gestures to the discard pile}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, I already forgot!

MIKE: {laughs} So you can, uh...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's move further away from these knights. They're makin' me nervous.

MIKE: Should we go north or east?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's go east.

MIKE: Okay. {moves Trogdor east}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right. I like—I'm gonna hide in that tree. Can I hide in that tree?

MIKE: {chuckling} No.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh. That's too bad.

MIKE: All right. {draws a movement card}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What's the damage?

MIKE: So one peasant's up here. Um, two on the board, so we don't need to spawn any peasants.

STRONG BAD: We're getting lucky with no peasant spawn.

MIKE: We are. But, for the third card in a row they do move and repair, northwest. So this guy {moves southernmost peasant} moves northwest, and this guy, {moves peasant from northwest corner to southeast corner} northwest is all the way over here.

STRONG SAD: Oooh! What does that mean, Mike?

MIKE: Well, so the peasant ran into a burning cottage and burninates himself. Self-burnination.

STRONG BAD: That's really stupid! Why would you do that, peasant?

MIKE: {crowns the peasant with the flame helmet} He didn't... he didn't know it was there.

STRONG BAD: All right. Any peasant stupid enough to walk onto the same tile as a flaming cottage sets himself on fire. So now what?

MIKE: So now we draw a movement card, {he does so} and we use the knight movement path to make this peasant run around burninating every tile on his path. So this peasant's going to move east-east-north-north.


MIKE: So east... {peasant wraps around, Mike flips the tile}


MIKE: Burninate. East... {moves and burninates}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Froosh again!

MIKE: Burninate. North... {moves and burninates}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Froosh again!

MIKE: Burninate. And north again. {moves peasant north}


MIKE: Which is already burninated.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And now what happens to that flaming peasant?

MIKE: So now he goes into the Void. {places peasant in the Void and returns the flame helmet}


MIKE: So now he can no longer be potential health. {straightens some burninated tiles} Gonna straighten up here.

STRONG BAD: 'Cept I got the Disk of Healing, Mike.

MIKE: Oh, you can bring one back.

STRONG BAD: Don't forget.

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: Only on my turn, though.

MIKE: All right, so that cottage is ready to go, though. That's good. Um, okay, so. That was the peasants moving. And so now knights move, back to our original movement card. They go north-north-west-west. {moves the first knight} North-north-west-west. {moves the second knight} North-north-west— {the knight visits a burninated cottage}

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} North-north-WEST!

MIKE: Oh, he repairs this cottage. {flips the roof back over}


MIKE: And west, and then the archer: north-north-west-west. {archer lands on Trogdor's tile} Ptooo! But he doesn't hit the tile that he's on, so we're safe.

STRONG BAD: That's a close one.

MIKE: Okay. {discards the movement card} And whose turn was that? That was—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That was my turn, Mike; it's your turn finally!

MIKE: My turn, all right! {draws a card} Okay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Human Mike gets...!

MIKE: Ooh, I have two Shot Put cards, so—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's boring.

MIKE: I'm going to play Shot Put. {discards one of his cards}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's a Boeing 747 right there.

MIKE: I have wraparound movement, and I—burninated peasants go into the Trog-Meter instead of the Void on my turn, so if I can get down to that peasant I should burninate him.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Except he's standing on a lake tile.

MIKE: Oh, that's right.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: How does that work?

MIKE: If he, if he—burninated peasants get extinguished by the lake. So it wouldn't make sense, it would—I would light him on fire and then he would immediately extinguish himself and stop running around.


MIKE: So I won't do that. So I've got Shot Put, which, after my actions I may burninate a tile, peasant, or eligible cottage from up to two tiles away.

{Cue Too Much Talking Man again.}

MIKE: So this is eligible, so if I were to end my turn here, for instance, I can burninate that cottage.

STRONG BAD: That'd be pretty good. Burninate that tile you're on.

MIKE: Okay. So {flips the tile} one. Then we go {moves Trogdor north} two. {flips the tile} Three. And then... {moves two tiles south} four, five. And then my Shot Put ptooo's to eligible cottage. {flips the roof of the westernmost cottage}


MIKE: And we got that guy done. So—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's pretty good.

MIKE: We're in good shape.


MIKE: {draws a movement card} Three peasants up here.


MIKE: There's only one on the board, so two peasants need to spawn. And they spawn at unburninated cottages.

STRONG BAD: There are two of those.

MIKE: There are two of those, so each one gets one. {moves a peasant from the Trog-Meter to each unburninated cottage} Spawned peasants come from the Trog-Meter.

STRONG BAD: So they—peasants are born from Trogdor's stomach, is that what you're tellin' me?

MIKE: Sor...don't think too much on it, Strong Bad. Don't think too much on it. Um, they move northeast and do not repair.

STRONG SAD: That's a good one.

MIKE: So {moving first two peasants} northeast, northeast, and {wraps around last peasant} northeast is this one. 'Kay. And then knights and archer, east-east-north-east. So...

{He moves the first knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-north-east.

{He moves the second knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG SAD: East-east-north-east.

MIKE: And...

{He moves the archer:}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: East-east-north-east.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Why come I'm not in this thing?

MIKE: Ptooo! Um, all right. {discards the movement card}

STRONG BAD: We dodged a bullet!

MIKE: Next up, Strong Bad. {draws Strong Bad a card}

STRONG BAD: My turn!

{Mike draws a movement card for Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, I got Block, which is four AP, and during the knights' and archer's actions, Trogdor cannot take damage from them on this turn. That's pretty good. Or I got Majesty, which again I can burninate any tile on the board for free before my turn, before my actions. Also, I'm Crangolev, so I get one extra action, and I got the Disk of Healing so I can bring that peasant back from the Void.

MIKE: That'd be good.

STRONG BAD: Yes. Let's see here.

MIKE: What should we do? Should we... we've got that cottage down there that got repaired. Should we go back to that or continue working on this one?

STRONG BAD: So I'm gonna use Majesty, {gives the card to Mike to discard} and I get one extra action, so I want to—before my turn, I'm going to burninate this blueberry bush down here.

MIKE: {flips the tile one west of the southeast corner} 'Kay, so this is your Majesty burnination. Okay, so now six actions?

STRONG BAD: Yes. All right, so: east, to the peasant.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor east} One.

STRONG BAD: Chomp that peasant!

MIKE: {moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter} Two!


MIKE: {moves Trogdor south} Three.

STRONG BAD: South again!

MIKE: {moves Trogdor south} Four.


MIKE: {moves Trogdor east} Five.

STRONG BAD: And burninate that cottage!

MIKE: {flips the roof of the cottage} And six. All right, so two cottages down.

STRONG BAD: And then before the bad guys go, why don't we go ahead and return a peasant from the Void.

{The Disk of Healing appears and turns to the side as Mike moves a peasant from the Void to the Trog-Meter.}

MIKE: Ooh. All right. So now that's done, that one cannot be recharged. Okay.

STRONG BAD: Now let's move the countryside.

MIKE: All right. {draws a movement card} One peasant. There's already two on the board, so we don't need to spawn any peasants. They move northwest but don't repair. So {moves the westernmost peasant, who wraps around to the east} northwest is here, and {moves the northernmost peasant, who wraps around to the south} northwest is here. 'Kay, and then knights move north-north-west-north.

{He moves the first knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: North-north-west-north.

{He moves the second knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG SAD: North-north-west-north.

MIKE: And the archer...

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: North-north-west-north. {Homestar's last "north" is in an alarmed tone; the archer lands facing Trogdor}

MIKE: Uh-oh. {gestures} Ptoo!

{The following words appear in a speech bubble coming from Trogdor:}

STRONG BAD: Ohhhh, my beef!

MIKE: So, we do take one hit of damage. {moves a peasant from the Trog-Meter to the Void} Move a peasant into the Void, and this is the first time we've taken any damage, so we're going to deal in the Troghammer cards into the action deck.

{Close-up on Mike's hands as he shuffles in the cards.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, man. I just brought a peasant outta the Void.

{A funky tune plays as Mike shuffles the cards in fast motion. Cut back to the board.}

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG SAD: So what happens when the Troghammer cards come up?

MIKE: The first Troghammer card that gets drawn, Troghammer will enter the game on the center tile.

{Cue Too Much Talking Man.}

MIKE: And then any subsequent times that a Troghammer card comes up he will move right then, in addition to the normal time that he would move with the rest of the knights.

STRONG BAD: So he can move during phase one and two?

MIKE: That's right!

STRONG SAD: Oh dang!

MIKE: Okay, so, Strong Sad's turn.

STRONG SAD: Let's do it, Mike!

MIKE: All right. {draws a card for Strong Sad} Consummate V's.

STRONG SAD: Okay! That gives me diagonal movement for this turn, but I don't know if that's really gonna help me, Mike, so I'm gonna discard Consummate V's.

MIKE: {discards the card} 'Kay, so five actions.

STRONG SAD: Five actions, so let's move west for one.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor west} One.

STRONG SAD: I'm going to chomp that peasant for two.

MIKE: {moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter} Two.

STRONG SAD: And now I would like to use my Ring of Voip...

MIKE: 'Kay.

STRONG SAD:, we'll go to the, let's see... go to the center tile there.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor to the center tile} 'Kay, you used that, good.

STRONG SAD: And now, three, I'll burninate that tile.

MIKE: {tries to flip the tile, accidentally knocking over Trogdor} Aah! {flips the tile}


MIKE: I've rooned it. Three.

STRONG SAD: And now, four, I'd like to go east.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor east} Four.

STRONG SAD: And five, burninate the crunchberry bush.

MIKE: {flips the tile} Five. All right. I've made a mess of the board. {straightens some of the tiles}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's see what the damage is, Mike.

MIKE: Okay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'm still here!

MIKE: {laughs and draws a movement card} Let's see, two peasants; only one on the board, so we have to spawn a peasant.


MIKE: It has to go—it can only be spawned at this one. {moves a peasant from the Trog-Meter to the only unburninated cottage} 'Kay, peasants move west and do not repair. {moves a peasant onto Trogdor's tile} So west. {moves the other peasant} And west. Okay, now, knights are moving north-east-east-north-north.

{He moves the first knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG SAD: North-east-east-north-north.

{He moves the second knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: North-east-east-north-north.

MIKE: And the archer.

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: North-east-east-north-north. Ptoo!


MIKE: No damage.

STRONG BAD: We got away with it.

MIKE: Homestar's up.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: It's my turn!

MIKE: All right. {draws a card for Homestar, starts to give it to him and then notices what's on it} Ooh...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What do I gets? The Troghammer?!

MIKE: You got a Troghammer card!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: We just had drawn that guy!

MIKE: {discards the card} All right, so—oh, so the first time you draw one, he just comes out onto the center tile. {places the Troghammer on the center tile, which is occupied by a knight} But he can't be on the same tile as a knight.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, they don't get along very well.

MIKE: So normally he would stay at the center tile, but because there's a knight there, we're going to draw another movement card and the Troghammer's gonna move right now.

STRONG BAD: The Troghammer works alone!

MIKE: {draws a movement card} He goes west-west-south-south.

{He moves the Troghammer. On the way, he passes through the tile of a burninate cottage but does not repair it.}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: West-west-south-south.

MIKE: All right.

{Shot freezes. A banner reading "OOPS DANG!" appears.}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} Oops dang! The Troghammer should've repaired that cottage. {the offending cottage is circled} But it's okay. A different knight's about to repair it anyways. So stop yellin' at me!

{Banner disappears and the playthrough resumes.}

MIKE: So anytime the Troghammer lands on a tile with a knight or the archer, he moves again 'cause he can never be on the same tile.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Like right dang then?

MIKE: Yes, right dang then. {draws a fresh card for Homestar} So Homestar, here's your card. Tunnel Warp.


MIKE: Before Trogdor's actions, you may swap one tunnel tile with any tile that doesn't contain a cottage. Pieces on the tiles move with them, including Trogdor.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh, so I could voip myself around?

MIKE: Mm-hm.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's see. Um... I think I'm going to use... Wraparound for this one, Mike.

MIKE: 'Kay. {discards the card} Five actions.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, let's chomp that peasant for one.

MIKE: {moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter} One.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And now let's go to the east for two.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor east} Two.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Three, burninate. Please.

MIKE: {flips the tile} Three.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Now, you may think this is crazy, Mike.

MIKE: 'Kay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But I'm gonna go four, five to the north, to get to that corner tile.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor two to the north} Four, five.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: To recharge my Dog Tennis Ball Thing...

MIKE: Okay. {flips Homestar's item rightside-up}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...'cept with Fireballs.

MIKE: 'Kay.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And then why don't we go ahead and use it—

MIKE: 'Kay.


MIKE: Yep.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —on—let's do it on that mountain tile. Just next to me.

MIKE: Okay. {flips the tile to Trogdor's west, then turns Homestar's item sideways again} So now I spin it back to the side, 'cause you just used it.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Boooo. What do the bad guys do, Mike?

MIKE: {draws a movement card} Three peasants need to be on the board, but there's only one eligible cottage, so one peasant is spawned here. {places a peasant at the only unburninated cottage}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hello, young peasant.

MIKE: Peasants move southeast but do not repair. {moves the peasants} Southeast. Southeast. Knights move west-west-north-east-north. {moving the first knight} West-west—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {simultaneously} West-west! {the knight has come to the cottage that the Troghammer previously skipped over}

MIKE: {flips the cottage's roof} Repair.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Booooo! Repaired!

{The "OOPS DANG!" banner reappears momentarily.}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} See? I told ya!

MIKE: {finishing the knight's movements} North-east-north.

{He moves the second knight:}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: West-west-north-east-north.

MIKE: And... {moving the Troghammer} west— {the Troghammer has come to the other burninated cottage; Mike flips its roof}

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} West! Aw, man! All of our cottages are un...

MIKE: {finishing the Troghammer's movements} West-north-east-north. And archer. {moving the archer} West—

MIKE AND STRONG SAD: —west-north-east-north.

STRONG SAD: Ptoo, I say!

MIKE: {discards the movement card} We have some cottages to burninate.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. You gotta make—it's all on you, Mike.

MIKE: My turn.

STRONG BAD: I'm gonna blame you if we lose.

MIKE: {laughs and draws a card} All right. Block.

STRONG BAD: That might be good.

MIKE: Now I also got Shot Put. Block or Shot Put.

STRONG BAD: And you got Flask of Dennis, remember. We haven't burninated really any peasants.

MIKE: That's true...

STRONG BAD: They're not too far. You could wrap around and re-burninate that cottage real quick.

{Cue Too Much Talking Man.}

MIKE: Ooh, I could maybe...

STRONG BAD: And then you could Shot Put a peasant on fire, at the end of your turn.

MIKE: Okay. I think I can use Shot Put and burninate two of the—both of those cottages. {discards Shot Put}

STRONG SAD: I'd like to see how you plan to pull this off, Mike.

MIKE: So five actions. And I have wraparound movement, 'cause I'm Stonklar. So one— {burninates his tile} —two, I'm gonna wrap around here— {jumps Trogdor to the south of the board} —three, burninate here, 'cause it's eligible... {flips the roof of the cottage}


MIKE: Four, I'm going to wrap around to here— {jumps Trogdor to the west of the board}


MIKE: And then I'll just move here for five, {moves Trogdor north} and then I can Shot Put from one or two tiles away to an eligible cottage, which is there. {burninates the cottage north of Trogdor}


STRONG BAD: Nice work, man!

MIKE: Thanks! {draws a movement card} All right, two peasants on the spawning part, and there are two on the board already, so no peasants spawn. They move northeast and do not repair. So {moves the peasants} northeast, and northeast. Knights move east-east-south-south-west.

{He moves the first knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south-south! {the knight reaches a burninated cottage; Mike flips its roof} West.

STRONG BAD: Bo-ring.

{He moves the second knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south-south-west.

MIKE: And this guy...

{Strong Bad groans; the Troghammer is about to wrap around to the other burninated cottage.}


{Mike flips the roof.}

STRONG BAD: Mike, you just did all that!

{Mike laughs and fumbles with the pieces a little.}

MIKE: {finishing the Troghammer's movements} East-south-south-west. {the Troghammer has just moved in a partial circle around Trogdor}

STRONG BAD: Stay away from me, Troghammer.

MIKE: And this guy...

{He moves the archer:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south-south-west.


MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: That sucked.

MIKE: That was pointless.

STRONG BAD: You should've burninated peasants. Always burninate peasants when you have Ye Flask of Dennis, Mike. I think we've learned a valuable lesson—

MIKE: I've learned my lesson. I've learned my lesson. All right, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: My turn!

MIKE: {draws a card for Strong Bad} Troghammer card!

STRONG BAD: Boooooo!

MIKE: So he moves, so we're just going to flip over a card, he's gonna move east-east-south-east.

{He moves the Troghammer:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south-east.

MIKE: Okay. Draw another card. {draws Strong Bad a fresh card and puts it on the discard} Stump and Rock.

STRONG BAD: Stump and Rock.

MIKE: {gives the card to Strong Bad} This goes here.

STRONG BAD: Uh, once this turn, if Trogdor burninates a tile with a stump or rock on it, I gain four more AP right then, but—

MIKE: Aaah, there—

STRONG BAD: —it looks like we've already burninated all of our stumps and rocks. Hmm. Or I have Block, which can help out if we started to get low on peasants. Uh, so for right now, I'm gonna discard Stump and Rock for five actions, please, Mike.

MIKE: {discards the card} 'Kay, and you're Crangolev, what do you do—?


MIKE: Oh, you get one extra AP.

STRONG BAD: So I get six.

MIKE: 'Kay.

STRONG BAD: Which is a great time for me. I say we move to the north, one.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor north} One.

STRONG BAD: Burninate for two.

MIKE: {flips the roof of the cottage} Two.

STRONG BAD: Move north again.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor north} Three.

STRONG BAD: And Mike, I'm gonna make a bold—a bold play.

MIKE: {chuckling} Okay.

STRONG BAD: I'm gonna burninate that peasant!

MIKE: Okay, so this is your fourth. {crowns the peasant with the flame helmet}

STRONG BAD: Fourth action. Burninate the peasant.

MIKE: Burninate the peasant.

STRONG BAD: Now we draw a separate movement card for this guy.

MIKE: {draws a movement card} 'Kay.

STRONG BAD: Where's this jerk gonna move around?

MIKE: He's gonna move west-west-south-east-south.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, I like that! So:

MIKE: {moves the peasant} West. {the peasant visits another peasant} Uh-oh.

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} West! Peasant chain reaction! Set that peasant on his side! Burninate the tile! We'll come back to you, peasant!

{Mike does what Strong Bad commands, then moves the peasant again:}

MIKE: West. {the peasant visits an unburninated cottage tile surrounded by burninated tiles}

STRONG BAD: West again! So he burninates the tile, and then the cottage, 'cause it's eligible!

{Mike burninates the tile and the cottage.}

MIKE: West, and then {moves the peasant} south-east-south.

STRONG BAD: And then he flames out.

MIKE: {moves the peasant to the Void} And then he goes to the Void.

STRONG BAD: In a blaze of glory.

MIKE: But now we have to do this peasant. {crowns the second peasant with the flame helmet}

STRONG BAD: I didn't intend for this necessarily, Mike.

MIKE That's the...

STRONG BAD: I—I absolve myself of all consequences.

MIKE: {chuckles and draws a new movement card} So this guy is going to go... {shows the card, which is Homestar's "wight, wight, wight" card} Oh, look! Homestar drew on this card!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh! Wight, wight, wight!

MIKE: Wight, wight, wight! Or east-east-east. So that's... {moves the peasant, who encounters nothing of interest} east-east-east. Nothin'.

STRONG BAD: That was the most boring thing I've ever witnessed.

MIKE: {places the peasant in the Void} Okay.

STRONG BAD: Boring waste of a peasant.

MIKE: Um...

STRONG BAD: All right, so I got, uh...

MIKE: Two more actions.

STRONG BAD: Two more actions still, right? That was my fourth?

MIKE: Yep.

STRONG BAD: All right, so let's see, so I'll just go... let's just take care of these guys up here. I'll go north and burninate that cave.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor north and flips the tile} 'Kay.

STRONG BAD: All right, let's see what the bad guys do's.

MIKE: {draws a movement card} No peasants, so that's good.


MIKE: Any peasants on the board would move southeast and—southwest and repair, but there are none on the board.

STRONG BAD: I took care of them!

MIKE: Knights move east-east-south-west-south.

{He moves the first knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south-west-south.

{He moves the second knight, but accidentally starts moving west:}


MIKE: Wait— {corrects his movement}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south! {the knight visits Trogdor's tile}

MIKE: That's one damage. {moves a peasant from the Trog-Meter to the Void}


MIKE: And then...


MIKE: And then...

{He moves the Troghammer:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east! {the Troghammer visits Trogdor's tile}

STRONG BAD: Aw man! The double deuce!

{Mike chuckles and moves another peasant into the Void.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South-west-south.

STRONG BAD: And the archer.

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East-east-south-west-south. Ptoo!

STRONG BAD: Okay. That, um... I did little bit of—

MIKE: There's a lot of—a lot of peasants in the Void over there.

STRONG BAD: I may have done some... made some errors in judgment, Mike.

MIKE: We're not in bad shape, though. {gestures to the one unburninated cottage} That's eligible, and these three tiles. Right?


MIKE: Okay.

STRONG SAD: My turn!

MIKE: Strong Sad's turn.

STRONG SAD: I will try and undo the damage that Strong Bad did.

MIKE: {handing Strong Sad a card} So you have Hidey Hole or Sidewise.

STRONG SAD: Hmm. Let's see, well, I'm already standing on a tunnel tile, which puts me at a unique advantage, Mike. So I think I'm gonna use Sidewise.

MIKE: Okay. Five actions. {discards the card}

STRONG SAD: So I'll burninate the tile next to me with the wavy tree for free.

MIKE: So this is your Sidewise. {flips the tile} One—er, yeah, not one.

STRONG SAD: No actions!

MIKE: No actions. Okay.

STRONG SAD: So for one action I will use the tunnel.

MIKE: {jumps Trogdor to the tunnel tile one north of the southeast corner} One.

STRONG SAD: Now go south.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor south} Two.

STRONG SAD: Three, burninate.

MIKE: {flips the cottage's roof} Three.

STRONG SAD: {turning his item card rightside-up} Which recharges my Ring of Voip—

MIKE: Ooh!

STRONG SAD: —by burninating a cottage or cottage tile!

MIKE: Nice.

STRONG SAD: So now I can voip over here for free to that forest tile.

{Mike jumps Trogdor to the bottom center tile.}

STRONG SAD: And I'll burninate for four.

{Mike flips the tile.}

STRONG SAD: And five, go north to take a swim!

MIKE: {chuckles} All right. {moves Trogdor north to the lake tile, which is the only tile that remains unburninated}

STRONG SAD: And just look at that lake tile quakin' in its lakey boots! Its waders! It probably wears waders, Mike.

MIKE: {straightens a few tiles} I would guess so.

STRONG BAD: Oh, we're so close! Let's see what the bad guys do!

MIKE: {draws a movement card} Peasants can't spawn. Uh, no peasants on the board to move. Knights move south-south-east-east.

{He moves the first knight:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South-south-east-east. {knight lands on the tile west of Trogdor}

STRONG BAD: Stay away from me.

MIKE: {moving the second knight} South-south—

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} South-south! {the knight visits a burninated cottage} Oh wait!

MIKE: Oh, it's—Strong Sad!

STRONG SAD: Oh wait! {holds up Keeper card} Knights cannot repair cottages on my turn!

MIKE: Okay, good. {finishes the movement} East-east. And...

{He moves the Troghammer:}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South-south— {the Troghammer visits a burninated cottage but does not repair}

MIKE AND STRONG SAD: —east-east.

MIKE: All right.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And the archers, Mike, don't forget.


{He moves the archer:}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: South-south— {the archer visits Trogdor's tile}


MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: —east-east! {the archer lands facing Trogdor} Ptooo!

STRONG SAD: Ohhh, his beef!

MIKE: {moving a peasant from the Trog-Meter to the Void} One damage, only one left!

STRONG BAD: We're cuttin' it down to the wire!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: It's my turn, Mike! I'm gonna bring us home!

MIKE: All right. {draws an action card, which is revealed to be the Troghammer}


MIKE: Troghammer!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: The Troghammer?

MIKE: All right, so he's gonna move... {draws a movement card}


MIKE: South-south-west-west-south.

{He moves the Troghammer:}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Homestar recites tensely} South-south-west-west-south.


MIKE: {whispers} Safe.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, now draw me a real card, Mike.

MIKE: {draws a fresh card} Smell the Daisies.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Smell the Daisies, Mike. Doesn't really matter, 'cause I'm standing in the lake, and alls I gotta do is one action to burninate and win the game!

MIKE: Whatcha gonna do? What's it gon—which card are you gonna play, Homestar?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's see. I'm gonna play, uh, Smell the Daisies for four.

MIKE: Okay. {discards the card}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And just to freak Strong Bad out, I'm gonna go east.

MIKE: {chuckles and moves Trogdor east} Okay.

STRONG BAD: What are you doing?!

MIKE: One.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And then west.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor back where he started} Two.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And then I guess I'll go ahead and burninate and win the game.

MIKE: All right! {flips the final tile}


MIKE: Countryside, burninated! Peasants, burninated! Thatched-roof cottages, burninated!

STRONG BAD: The only downside to winning is that you don't get to see Trogdor's Fiery Rage, which is when Trogdor rage-quits the game instead of losing.

MIKE: Maybe we can do a little addendum here at the end here that shows Trogdor's Fiery Rage.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, an endum addendum!

STRONG SAD: Should we first have an endum addendum referendum?

STRONG BAD: No! {punches Strong Sad}

STRONG SAD: {laughing} Why did you punch my hand?

STRONG BAD: Anyways, win or lose, we love to end every game of Trogdor with a rousing Teen Girl Squad "IT'S OVER". So on three, everybody. One, two, three:


[edit] Endum Addendum

{Fade to black. A banner appears reading "ENDUM ADDENDUM". Cut back to the game board, which now has five tiles unburninated, one cottage unburninated, and one peasant. A knight stands on Trogdor's tile, and the Trog-Meter is empty.}

STRONG BAD: Welcome to the Endum Addendum for Trogdor's Fiery Rage!

{An animated fireball bearing the words "TROGDOR'S FiERY RAGE!!" appears as a clip from Brainkrieg's "Trogdor's Fiery Rage" plays.}

Trogdor's Fiery Rage! (Draw five cards!)
Trogdor's Fiery Rage! (Five movement cards!)

STRONG SAD: So what is Trogdor's Fiery Rage, Mike?

MIKE: So Trogdor's Fiery Rage is sort of the endgame scenario if Trogdor takes damage from a knight or archer with an empty Trog-Meter here. {gestures to the Trog-Meter} Not when he loses his last peasant, but when he takes damage with an empty Trog-Meter. Then Trogdor's Fiery Rage is initiated.

STRONG BAD: Like we like to say: Trogdor doesn't lose games, he rage-quits!

{The death metal instrumentals from Trogdor's Fiery Rage start playing in the background.}

MIKE: So we're gonna pretend that Trogdor has just taken damage from that knight right there.


MIKE: Um, and he had an empty Trog-Meter. And so now, Trogdor's Fiery Rage happens. We have five tiles to flip over, we have a cottage that needs to be burninated, and one peasant.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: We were not done with the game.

MIKE: We were not done. We hadn't won yet. So, in Trogdor's Fiery Rage, you draw five movement cards, so we'll just pick out five here. {draws five movement cards face-down} One, two, three, four, five. Now we're gonna flip these over and Trogdor's gonna move on the Knight movement path. He's gonna burninate everything in his path, he's gonna have wraparound movement...

{Cue Too Much Talking Man.}

MIKE: ...perma-burnination, where every cottage, tile, peasant gets burninated, and even knights get wiped off the board for some reason.

STRONG SAD: But not the archer.

MIKE: {chuckles} But not the archer.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: For reasons unknown.

MIKE: All right, so we ready? We've got five cards.

STRONG BAD: Let's do it, Mike!

MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: You can do it, Troggie!

MIKE: {flips over the first movement card} First: east-east-north-north-west. So {moving Trogdor} east-east-north-north— {Trogdor visits the peasant}

STRONG BAD: Get outta here!

MIKE: {moves the peasant to the Void} So he goes. And then {finishes the movement} west. That's one. {flips the next card} Two is north-east-east-south. {moving Trogdor} North-east— {Trogdor visits an unburninated tile}


MIKE: {flips the tile} That's one. {moves Trogdor east to a knight} East. He goes away. {tosses the knight off the board}

STRONG BAD: Get outta there!

MIKE: {finishes the movement} South.

STRONG BAD: Down here.

MIKE: That's two. All right, third card. {flips the next card} East-south-south-west.

{Sirens can be heard in the background.}

STRONG BAD: There's fire engines coming because Trogdor's setting fire to the whole countryside!

MIKE: {chuckles} That's right. {moving Trogdor east, to an unburninated cottage tile} East. That's good.

STRONG BAD: The whole cottage goes up in flames!

{Mike flips the tile and the cottage roof.}

STRONG BAD: This is looking good, Mike.

MIKE: {continuing Trogdor's movement} South-south. And west. {Trogdor lands on the unburninated lake tile} Really? I didn't even plan that. {flips the tile}


MIKE: That was a good card. All right, so here's card number four. We just got these two tiles to get.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Do it, Troggie!

MIKE: {flips the next card} Trog— {unintelligible} East-east-north-north-north.

{He moves Trogdor:}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: East-east— {Trogdor visits the other knight}

MIKE: You go away. {tosses the knight off the board}

{He continues the movement:}

MIKE AND HOMESTAR RUNNER: North-north! {Trogdor visits an unburninated tile}


{Mike flips the tile, then finishes the movement:}

MIKE: North! All right.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: One more tile!

MIKE: Last card. So we've got to get all the way down here, we need to use some wraparound action. {flips the last card}

STRONG BAD: Do it, Troggie!

MIKE: West-west-north-north-north.

{He moves Trogdor:}


{The music stops and Mike and Strong Bad recite the rest of the path in pained tones, as it becomes clear that Trogdor will not reach the final tile.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: North-north-north!


MIKE: So that one forest tile...

STRONG SAD: Well, at least we preserved the forests.

MIKE: Good job.

STRONG BAD: Aw, we were so close!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But even when you lose, it's kind of fun to watch Trogdor run around all rampant.

STRONG BAD: So that was Trogdor's Fiery Rage.

{The screen goes black with a splat and a banner reading "ENDUM ACTUALIS".}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Waders are a type of waterproof boot.

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this video is "Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homestar and Mike sit down for a full playthrough of Trogdor!! The Board Game."

[edit] Remarks

  • The consequences of the group forgetting to repair the cottage that the Troghammer visits are slightly more complex than Strong Sad seems to think. During the countryside's actions, that cottage should have been eligible to spawn a peasant, resulting in one more peasant on the board, but this is skipped over because it appears there is only one cottage available. This extra peasant would have repaired a tile adjacent to the lake, meaning Trogdor could not have burninated the lake on the final turn, so the game would have lasted longer.

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