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"Yeah! The Pizz! I love it!"

The Pizz is a pizza place created by Strong Bad. Strong Bad intended it to be just a place in Strong Badia where he could "score some chicks", but shortly after The Pizz opened it became a successful and well reviewed pizzeria. The Cheat was put in charge of naming it and originally named it "Strong Bad's Strong Badian Pizza", but after Strong Bad complained about the name being too long he changed it to "The Pizz". It has received a favorable review from Strong Sad's Review Revue, although its social networking site,, was said to have missed the mark. Homestar Runner works as a server, hired for the lunch rush by The Cheat after being a customer seconds earlier. It also serves Neighborhood Style and Slumber Party Style pizza. In Fan Costumes '07, a female fan that is shown created a custom The Pizz uniform and pizza box. Upon seeing this, Strong Bad commented by saying multiple times, "You're hired." In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, The Pizz is seen in Brainblow City (which is actually The Field) at the intro.


"You're not Daphne!"

The Pizz's website is located at and enables customers to create an anthropomorphic slice of pizza to interact with other customers in a simulation. Customers can acquire "Pizz points", which they can exchange for virtual decorations and furnishings for their simulated residences. However, exactly how to acquire pizz points is never explained. In this manner, Strong Bad decorates Strong Badia and engages in a flame war with Homestar Runner and The King of Town.

A fan created a website at (now redirects to pizza joint) shortly after it was released. It contained only the logo, a "Login" button that linked to pizza joint, and an Easter egg which had links to both the Welcome Page and a Stats page. It could be seen at It was titled "No Probalo!", and once read: "Hey look, you found an Easter Egg! ...and that's all I got. Sever your leg, please." The "Please" led to the Homestar Runner website. After being down for a short while on October 27, 2009, the second and third lines of the Easter egg became "The fans at the Homestar Runner Wiki are dedicated. The 'Pizz goes down for less than a day and they had the full report. Great jorb, guys!"

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