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The Brothers Chaps have participated in several projects independent of Homestar Runner, especially during hiatuses.


[edit] Websites

  • Thorax Corporation (2000-2002) — The Brothers Chaps, primarily Matt, created this website for a fictional company that spoofs many elements common to low-quality websites in the early '00s. Though the site itself is not directly connected to Homestar Runner, elements of the Thorax Corp have been occasionally referenced in the Homestar body of work.
    • The fictional Thorax Corporation is a crudely-run business made up of stereotypical, overly aggressive domain-name owners.
    • File directories on the site have been used to host Matt's former music projects.
  • Mellow Mushroom (2001) — The Brothers Chaps designed the website for Georgia pizza chain Mellow Mushroom. The layout, navigation, and sound effects are similar to that of Homestar Runner, and the voices of the brothers and Missy Palmer are very distinctive.
    • The website has since been redesigned, albeit keeping a link to the 2001 version through an Easter egg on the home page.
  • The Great World of Sound Recording Comapny!! (2007) — Created to promote the movie Great World of Sound (see below), the site is purportedly for a shady record company.
  • Eric Conveys an Emotion — The Brothers Chaps guest-starred in two of Eric's "Adventure Edition" photo galleries:
  • Ron Planet (2009-2010) — A webcomic by Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel, centering on the last astronaut on Earth in the year 2040.
  • "Happy Holidays, Mike Chapman Style" (2011) — An animated customer story for email marketing service MailChimp.
  • Cosmic Scoundrels The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning (2014-2016) — A sci-fi/comedy webcomic co-created by Matt Chapman and Andy Suriano. Many pages of the comic contain Easter eggs in their text descriptions, similar to the clickable words in Strong Bad Emails.

[edit] Television

Matt as "Carl" (The Aquabats! Super Show!)
Matt's "Mermando" voice credit (Gravity Falls)

[edit] YouTube

The title screen of The Brothers Chaps' cartoon, Two More Eggs.
  • The Paul and Storm Nondenominational Perennial Holiday Special - Parts One and Two The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning (2014) — Paul and Storm created a parody holiday special as a bonus relating to their kickstarted album Ball Pit. The special was released in two parts, on December 1 and 23 of 2014.
    • Mike and Matt are credited with animating the special, as well as helping to create the story.
    • Matt voiced the character Mister Small Business.
    • One of the backgrounds also contains a Videlectrix logo, and the "Indie Record Store" character bears a resemblance to Mike.
  • Two More Eggs (2015-2017) — A series of shorts produced by The Brothers Chaps for Disney XD's YouTube channel and other platforms.
  • Camp Camp (2016–)— Matt provides the voice of Carl, Neil's father in the season 2 finale The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning.
  • Homemade Dance Party (2021) — Mike provided animation for this children's project posted on Missy Palmer's "Feline Revolution" channel.

[edit] Film

[edit] Music and Music Videos

[edit] Games

An incredibly HAMdsome pig

[edit] Family

  • If I Ran the Camera — Mike and Matt created this Flash slideshow for a poem that their sister Karen had written for their father, Don Chapman, for Father's Day. The slideshow featured images of Don with his granddaughter Astrid Renee (Karen's daughter). This piece was a secret page originally posted on, but it was removed sometime in 2003 after the Brothers Chaps realized that fans had discovered it.

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