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Are you an astronaut?!
Starring the popular Ron Planet!

Ron Planet is a comic strip written by Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel. The concept for the comic started in 2006 when Matt and Craig joked about writing a science fiction original movie. This concept was later made into a comic, with its first strip launched on September 17, 2009. The comic stars the title character, Ron Planet, the last astronaut on 2040 Earth. Ron Planet has made a cameo in the Homestar Runner universe, appearing as the starring character in Duck Guardian 2.

The Duck Guardian 2 box calls him "The Popular Ron Planet." However, in the comic, he is anything but. In fact, his unpopularity is the driving force behind the storyline.

[edit] Background

Ron Planet is the last astronaut on an Earth that has grown bored with space travel. When NASA detects suspicious activity on the moon (in the form of a bag of microwave popcorn), Ron is literally the only man for the job. As of November 22, 2010, there are 49 strips. The strip has been on hiatus since that date.

[edit] Features

Readers can subscribe to an RSS Feed (also ran by FeedBurner), as well as send strips to Facebook and Twitter users. Clicking "thumb" will show original storyboards for that strip.

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