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In Homestar Runner, the brain is more than the most important organ of the nervous system. In fact, some characters hardly use theirs for thinking. Some alternate uses for the brain include zombie costumes and dangerous mechs.

[edit] Appearances

  • Main Page 7Homestar is in his grave with a crack in his skull exposing his brain. Mousing over "Games" will cause a crow to tear off part of his brain, and "Store" will cause blood to squirt out of it.
  • Homestarloween Party — In Strong Sad's story, the Visor Robot has a human brain that was stolen from a "kindly old man" who was the father of The Sad Kids.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 4Cheerleader asks out Quarterback, to which he replies "Hows about you get some brains?" Cheerleader is then CEREBELLUM'D by a giant brain mech with lips and a eye patch that is operated by the Arrow'd Guy.
  • That a Ghost — The skeleton of Old-Timey Strong Bad has a crack in its skull, exposing the brain.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — In Level 1, Stinkoman easily defeats Tampo, a robot with a giant brain. At the end of the level, Tampo's brain comes back to life and is the boss battle for level 1. Its weak spot is the cerebellum.
  • Email big white face — An Easter egg with a diagram of The Cheat's physiology shows a brain-like organ below the "face bone" with what appear to be nerves sticking out through the bottom.
  • Puppet Jam: President's Daughter — Homestar and They Might Be Giants make a song about the President's daughter's brain.
  • Email boring (really)Strong Bad says he hoped he bored Callie back into their mind and he demonstrates the "bored" he does not mean by making various noises like a drill going through a brain, which he writes as the very sound he's making: "awesome drilling some brains sound".
  • Commandos in the ClassroomGunhaver explains that the brain is divided into two halves: the good half, which likes things such as self-esteem, Oreo Cheesecake, bringing your old man a Cold One, and all the Cheat Commandos' playsets and toys, and the evil half, which likes things such as littering, loitering, latering, and lootering.
  • Summer Short Shorts — The visuals for the Limozeen song "Brain Sister" show a brain with feminine legs walking along the screen.
  • Happy Hallow-day — Homestar tries to lure Halloween night with a squeaky chew toy that appears to be a brain with a bolt and an eyeball sticking out of it.
  • Email your funeral — In an Easter egg, Strong Bad is wearing a costume that makes it look like his brain is sticking out of his head.
  • Email winter pool — In the Fluffy Puff Jell-O commercial, Gel-Arshie's translucent body makes his brain visible.
  • Email rated — A brain appears on the poster for Axe-Gun: The Legends Of The Brain-Outener.
  • Email specially marked — Strong Bad says he's wanted "to give specially marked boxes of cereal a specially marked piece of [his] mind", followed by a close-up of his brain.
  • Email being mean — On the chalkboard behind The King of Town, there is a gun drawn the right side pointing left, firing, and on the other side, there is a picture of a brain flying out, giving the illusion of the KoT's brains being shot out.
  • 79 Seconds Left — Homestar states that Strong Bad's tape leg and his cow lamp had a baby in his brain.
  • Main Page 26Marxie has a transparent dome covering a visible brain where his bite normally is.
  • Fish Eye Lens (YouTube version) — One of the fake video thumbnails contains Pom Pom in between the hemispheres of a brain.
  • End Boss — Strong Bad insists that end bosses should have exposed brains and attempts to create a drawing of one.
  • Email parenting — While raising a bag of pudding as a baby, Strong Bad describes scooping the pudding back into the bag as scooping its brains back in, "like you would a real baby".

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