Dangeresque Roomisode X: Inspection Certificate on File in Building Office Walkthrough

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This is a complete walkthrough for Dangeresque Roomisode X: Inspection Certificate on File in Building Office.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Stop the elevator!

Dangeresque Too finds himself in an elevator that is plummeting to the ground! Take too long to solve this problem, and you'll get a Game Over!

  • Take the umbrella (the "Brolly").
  • Use the Brolly on the loose ceiling tile to open the hatch.
  • Looks like you're gonna have to jump! Through that hatch! Good thing you're played by a terrific athlete.
  • There's an emergency brake up here. Convenient! But it doesn't completely stop your descent. You'll need to find another way to slow your fall further.
  • Close the hatch and use the Brolly on it. The extra drag will be just enough to stop the elevator. Whew!
  • There's a toolbox that was left behind in the elevator shaft. Click on it to take a washer out of it.
  • Jump back into the hatch.

You'll try to open the door, only to find some gangsters ready to shoot you! They recognize you because of your propeller hat, your cool shades, and your star shirt. Somehow, you've got to find a way past them. Disguise time!

[edit] Disguise your face

  • Examine the elevator buttons. None are clearly marked, and four won't work at all. The bottom-right button goes to the lobby, and that's where you already are.
  • Try the second button from the bottom (the only working one on the left). This will take you to "Floor 7 1/2", where you're stuck between floors. A woman wearing loafers and a man wearing sneakers are waiting to kill you.
  • The woman's loafers have quarters in them. Use the washer on the loafers to get the quarter.
  • For now, there's nothing else you can do here. Click the second elevator button from the top on the right, which will take you to some vending machines.
  • Put the quarter in the coffee machine. It will dispense a cup first, and then coffee after a short delay. Grab the cup before the coffee pours (otherwise, the coffee will melt the cup.) Do so successfully, and the coffee will pour out into a puddle on the floor... and seep through to the floor below.
  • Use the cup on the ice machine to fill it with ice.
  • Now use the top-right button to go to the penthouse. There's no room number visible. The man inside will not want to talk to you (he's waiting for room service), but leap through the ceiling hatch to find Dagger Skew, the pointy-headed jewel thief, who's in the middle of a heist of his own.
  • Talk to Dagger Skew and ask what he's up to. He'll reveal that he's stolen a diamond. That looks like a useful item. Ask him for the diamond, and he'll insist on a trade.
  • Turns out that Dagger Skew isn't terribly picky about what sort of crystals he goes for. Carbon crystals, water crystals, it's all the same to him. Offer him the ice and he'll give you the diamond! And he'll drop some strange orange thing that falls down the shaft.
  • Drop back into the elevator and use the diamond on the poster on the wall. Examine it and reveal the full menu on both sides of the poster. Examine all the menu options.
  • Go down the lobby. Jump up into the hatch and you'll see the orange thing that Dagger Skew dropped. It's a little high to reach, but use the Brolly and you'll knock it down. It's a room keycard.
  • Go up to the penthouse and try the keycard out. It works! But the occupant has locked the door and tells you that you're in the wrong room—he's in room 802! Well, now you know the room number.
  • Return to the vending machines and jump through the hatch. There's a room service box here.
  • Tell Room service to deliver all of the meals from the menu—the romantic dinner, the ribs, and the kid's meal—to room 802.
  • Jump down into the elevator and go to the penthouse. The VIP guest within has already eaten all the food, but examine the trays. You'll get a rose, a clown-faced bag, and a bib.
  • Use the bag on Dangeresque Too and you'll find it a perfect disguise for your face! The propeller in your cap bursts through, and it doesn't cover your star shirt, but it's a start. (Unfortunately, the sauce that's all over the bib just happens to perfectly resemble a star, so that's not going to work for covering your shirt.)

[edit] Disguise your hat

  • Head back down to floor 7 1/2. You'll notice that the coffee is dripping in front of the sneakers-wearing man.
  • Use the rose on either set of feet and the lady will suddenly sneeze. Hmmm... seems she's allergic.
  • Climb on up through the hatch to see the heads of the people waiting there. The coffee is, in fact, dripping on the man's head, and the woman is wearing a floral hat... but she'll notice if you try to take it.
  • Use the rose on the hat. The woman's allergies will start acting up again, so the man suggests giving him the hat to block the dripping coffee. He won't easily part with it either, but there's still a way to get it from him.
  • Drop back down into the elevator and click on the man's sneakers. You'll untie them. He'll bend over to re-tie them, and drop the hat in the process. Quickly grab it before he picks it back up.
  • Use the hat on Dangeresque Too and he'll declare it a perfect way to disguise his propeller cap.

[edit] Complete your disguise

  • Return to the vending area.
  • Use the bib on the coffee. It will be disgusting, but at least it won't look like a star any longer.
  • Use the bib on Dangeresque Too and he'll be satisfied with the disguise.
  • Return to the lobby and use any part of the disguise on Dangeresque Too. He'll put on the whole thing and try to leave the elevator... and have to fight his way out anyway. Messy barbecue-coffee-stained clowns with flower hats never have it easy. Ah, well, Roomisode complete!

[edit] Bonus actions

  • While plummeting through the elevator shaft, use the Brolly on the hatch before pulling the brake. Then, examine the Brolly: Brollyrina Acheievement
  • Before learning the penthouse's room number, tell room service to take the romantic dinner to the vending area. (Do not tell him to take another meal there.): Oily Boid Achievement
  • Examine the kid meal on the menu twice: Marshie Jump Scare Achievement
  • At the Room Service box, select "Umm..." multiple times: Supa Room Soivice Achievement
  • See all possible deaths (wait too long while the elevator is plummeting, use the Brolly on Dangeresque Too while on top of the plummeting elevator, click on the elevator doors at the lobby three times, and click on "Certain Death" at floor 7 1/2 twice): Dead4Dead Achievement

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