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This article is about the character. For the Strong Bad Email, see stunt double.
The stunts Strong Bad does are so... done by him.

Strong Sad performs as a stunt double during the production of many Dangeresque movies. The stunts performed are typically quite painful — including falling from a great height, being kicked repeatedly in the face, or getting hit by a speeding car — and seem to be primarily a way for Strong Bad to bully his brother.

Strong Sad goes uncredited for this role, as Strong Bad falsely claims that he does all the stunts (with an "All Stunts by Strong Bad" credit appearing in Dangeresque 3). Although Strong Sad is credited for his other character performances, those credits mockingly list his name as "El Dumpo".

Interestingly, Strong Sad's belly button is not visible in stunt double.

[edit] Characters Performed

When doubling for an actor, Strong Sad wears a shoddy approximation of their costume (often donning a paper bag mask with their face crudely drawn on it). This makes the "doubling" effect far from seamless.

Stunt doubles for Marzipan and Coach Z are seen in Dangeresque 3, but are respectively played by Cardboard Marzipan and a plant, not Strong Sad.

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