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Meh I take your order?

Waitre D is a minor character in the Dangeresque series, who is played by The Cheat. He has a small moustache and carries a cloth like a stereotypical waiter.

His name is a portmanteau of waiter and maître d'.

Waitre D works as the waiter in Perducci's restaurant, Perducci's. Perducci has a lot of confidence in his Waitre D, saying he trusts Waitre D with his life, and Mama Perducci's sauce recipe. Waitre D uses a password-protected computer to organize orders in Perducci's restaurant, but apparently prints his secret WaiterID (ILKO418) on the customers' checks. When Perducci is shot, Waitre D enhances the shot by using ketchup to simulate blood. He also diligently cleans up any messes that his customers may make.

[edit] Apperance

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