Dangeresque Roomisode 2: The Intersection of Doom & Boom Walkthrough

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"Looks like I'm gonna have to jump... inthistrashcan!"

This is a complete walkthrough for the game Dangeresque Roomisode 2: The Intersection of Doom & Boom.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


[edit] Walkthrough

The Dangcaresque has mysteriously broken down. Renaldo is stuck inside the car, leaving you to explore the intersection around it.

[edit] Prologue

  • Talk to Renaldo about the hood and he'll give you a small hint on how to open it: "Hub-bump to the front, bump-hub to the back."
  • Touch the front hubcap, the front bumper, the rear bumper, and the rear hubcap in that order.

[edit] Calm down Renaldo

The car's engine has a bomb in it! The bomb is not active yet, but it's enough to send Renaldo into a panic. He attempts to give you the bomb defusal manual, but he loses his grip and it flies down a storm drain. He's useless to you now. Even more so, now that he's panicking!

  • Use the trash can to get a broken tape.
  • Use the tape on the finger-like sign to fix it.
  • Give the tape to Renaldo.

[edit] Stop the green car

Now that Renaldo is back to normal, he can help you out a little bit. His inventory is shared with Dangeresque's. You can't get into the sewer thanks to a green car racing around, so let's deal with that.

  • If you stand on the pressure plate, the green car will stop... but it will immediately race off again as soon as you step off.
  • Talk to Renaldo to switch to his perspective inside the car.
  • Grab the bag of fast food on the floor.
  • Open the ashtray to reveal a paperclip.
  • Take the paperclip and use it on the glove box's lock.
  • Press the button inside the glove box and take the bottle of colognac.
  • Exit to switch back to Dangeresque. The button opened the trunk, and there's a tire iron back there. Take it.
  • Use the fast food on the pressure plate and a large fat raccoon will come out of the trash. He'll hold down the plate for you (in fact, it'll get stuck in place) and the green car will stop. Handy!

[edit] Turn off the power

  • The raccoon left behind the Meltshake cup. Grab that.
  • Talk to the guy in the green car and he'll reveal that his car stinks due to sick pet issues. He promises his antenna if you help him out.
  • Use the tire iron on the manhole cover to remove it. Go into the sewer.
  • Strong Sad is down here as an electrician. He wants to repair a fuse, but can't while the building above is using power. He's in the way, so you'll have to deal with him.
  • While here, use the tire iron on the crack in the wall to dislodge a "chunk rock". Grab that.
  • Well, time to deal with the power. First things first. You can just use the Cold Ones sign to turn it off. (Or, for a bonus point, smash it with the tire iron. Either way works.)
  • Talk to the Homeschool Winner-looking character playing the arcade machine. He won't turn it off until he gets the high score in Rig Rug.
  • Talk to Renaldo about Rig Rug. He'll reveal a secret code that crashes the game and alerts the feds for some reason.
  • Talk to the arcade guy and tell him about the code. Thinking it will give him a super-high score, he'll use it... and get the result Renaldo predicted. Well, that's another one down.
  • And finally, chunk the chunk rock at the street lamp to break it. That's all the power dealt with, so now let's deal with that electrician.
  • Talk to the electrician and he'll leave... once you're offscreen. Head back topside and then go back into the sewer.

[edit] Get the bomb defusal manual

  • The electrician left his toolbox. How convenient!
  • Look at the pattern of bricks in the sewer, and specifically, how many bricks are in each set.
  • Use the toolbox and set the three tumblers to stars with the same number of points as the three brick sets: five, three, and four.
  • Get the wire cutters inside.
  • You still can't reach the manual with anything in your inventory, so go back topside.
  • Pour Colognac into the A/C intake in the Dangcaresque's engine.
  • Check the pile of street debris for an old air freshener that has long since lost its scent.
  • Switch to Renaldo.
  • Hang the air freshener on the rearview mirror.
  • Turn on the air conditioner to get the Colognac's scent all over the air freshener.
  • Take the air freshener back and switch back to Dangeresque.
  • Offer the air freshener to the guy in the green car to get his antenna. Hey, this thing's got some reach!
  • Go back into the sewer and use the antenna on the manual. Finally, back in your possession!

[edit] Defuse the bomb

  • Read it to learn how to defuse the bomb: cut the wires in the order blue, red, and green, and short circuit it... somehow. Once you cut the first wire, you'll only have 30 seconds!
  • Well, nothing for it. Go to the engine and cut the wires in the order given. But, wait, what about short circuiting the bomb?
  • Quickly, head back into the sewer and fill the Meltshake cup with sewer water. Carry it back up and use it on the bomb before all the water drains out.
  • There is an optional method to disable the bomb's timer. Start the timer, then get Renaldo to use the radio several times until a cutscene plays where the timer is disabled. Doing this is not necessary to get a maximum score.

You did it! Or... well, turns out you missed an important step. Oops. Well, I'm sure the crooked cop car repair shop has seen worse. Anyway, on to the next Roomisode!

[edit] Score

[edit] Mandatory actions

  • Open the car hood: 5 points
  • Get the broken tape: 5 points
  • Fix the tape: 5 points
  • Calm down Renaldo: 5 points
  • Get the fast food: 5 points
  • Get the paperclip: 5 points
  • Unlock the glove box: 5 points
  • Open the trunk: 5 points
  • Get the colognac: 5 points
  • Get the tire iron: 5 points
  • Put the fast food on the pressure plate: 5 points
  • Open the manhole: 10 points
  • Get the chunk rock: 5 points
  • Get the arcade player arrested: 5 points
  • Break the streetlamp: 5 points
  • Open the toolbox: 10 points
  • Get the wire cutters: 10 points
  • Pour Colognac into the A/C intake: 5 points
  • Get the air freshener: 5 points
  • Hang the air freshener: 5 points
  • Re-scent the air freshener: 5 points.
  • Get the antenna: 5 points
  • Get the manual: 10 points
  • Read the manual: 10 points
  • Defuse the bomb: 15 points

[edit] Bonus points

  • Walk into the street five times before changing the light: 1 point, Stunt Dub Achievement
  • Use the traffic light twice: 1 point, Head Traffic Achievement
  • Look Renaldo until Dangeresque runs out of nicknames: 1 point, Nick Nameth Achievement
  • Give the "Slow Jamz" tape to the guy in the green car: 1 point, Fair Trade Achievement
  • Give the "Rock Spotty Party Mix" tape you received from the previous to Renaldo, and play all possible songs on the radio: 1 point, DJ Renaldo Achievement
  • Use the tire iron on the Cold Ones sign while it's lit up: 1 point, Smash Ones Achievement
  • Hear all of Strong Sad's permits (Talking to him in the sewer, using the Tire Iron on him, talking to him through the sewer drain with all the pub's power off, and finishing the puzzle to make him move): 1 point, P4per work Achievement
  • Use sewer water on the toolbox before opening it: 1 point, Gunkiller Achievement
  • Talk to all inanimate objects: 1 point, Stuff Talka Room 2 Achievement
  • Get five Game Overs: 1 point, Or Did I 5ee Achievement
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