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"Can you spare any mush for me?"

Sickly Sam is the Old-Timey version of Strong Sad and is apparently a destitute victim of the Great Depression. Visually, he bears little resemblance to his current self, save for a more stylized version of Strong Sad's "soft-serve flip", and his personality is even more down-trodden than that of his modern-day counterpart. He has a thin mustache and wears a dirty Potate sack over his torso. While Strong Sad is Strong Bad's brother, Sickly Sam does not appear to have any relationship with Old-Timey Strong Bad. In That a Ghost, Old-Timey Strong Bad doesn't even seem to know who Sickly Sam is, misidentifying him as the Old-Timey ghost.

His eyes appear to be empty sockets, and his legs are bare bones. When he's denied what he needs (which is very often), he vanishes into a cloud of dust. He also seems to have an adverse effect on inanimate objects that come in contact with him. Both his feet are cold, but his left foot is colder than his right, and his legs are very fragile and fall apart when he tries to dance. When he eats Old-Timey Strong Bad, he claims that it's the best meal he's ever had in his "extremely long life". None of the other characters seem to like him, and The Homestar Runner refers to him as the gang's "worst friend" and an "affront to God and Man". To highlight his utter hopelessness, he buries himself alive on Tuesdays in Eustice Pietimer's grave. On the plus side, he's good at dancing the Charleston.


Another Old-Timey version of Strong Sad (pictured to the left), which looks much more similar to the modern Strong Sad, appears being blasted out of a circus tent on Main Page 10. However, since it predates Parsnips-A-Plenty, it is clear that this design was scrapped in favor of Sickly Sam.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Assuming the unnamed Old-Timey Strong Sad isn't a separate character, this the first character to debut with a design that was later scrapped.
    • In this way, Sickly Sam is remarkably similar to Marzi-Mei. Both characters made their first appearances on Main Pages with designs that were only used once before being redesigned.

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