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"Oh, sorry! Alls we had was onion powder."

A commercial for the Magicks and 'Mergencies Expando Deck for Trogdor!! The Board Game.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Boardelectrix (voice only), Strong Sad

Places: The Bar

Date: Monday, May 2, 2022

Running Time: 1:24

Page Title: Expanding your horizons/parameters!


[edit] Transcript

{The scene opens up with a shot of the board game. Strong Bad has his hand over the Trogdor piece, before lifting it up and putting it behind the table. The shot pans out to fully show Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Aw man! If only I had one more action point. I could burninate that peasant!

{Homestar Runner walks in, making siren sounds and holding a card that reads "Stray Action Point".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Emergency card to the rescue! {Scene cuts to the card.} Have a Stray Action Point, Trogdor!

{Cut to Homestar and Strong Bad. They look at the camera. Strong Bad lifts his arms in "excitement".}

STRONG BAD: Whaaaaaaa-?

{Cut to a white screen with a banner above reading "Majicks & 'Mergencies", the product appears in the center.}

BOARDLECTRIX NARRATOR: It's the Majicks & 'Mergencies {The "Expando Deck" logo pops out a bit before fading out.} Expando Deck for {The scene shifts to have the board game appear behind the deck.} Tragdor the Board Game! {The Boardelectrix logo enters from the top right.} New from Boardelectrix!

{Cut to wooden table.}

BOARDLECTRIX NARRATOR: More action cards! {A deck of new action cards appear on the left.} New emergency cards! {A deck of new emergency cards appear in the middle.} And new spell cards! {A deck of new spell cards appear on the right.}

{Cut to Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: It's like new cards that they didn't think of the first time they made the game.

BOARDLECTRIX NARRATOR: That's right. {Cut back to the wooden table, only a set of action cards are seen, spread out. A banner appears reading "New Action Cards".} Brand new action cards, with the kind of dumb names that you've come to expect!

{Cut to Homestar Runner. He shows a card reading "Peasant Intern".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Peasant Intern? Ah ha haaaa ha!

{Cut back to the wooden table again, now showing Emergency cards spread out like before. A banner appears reading "Emergency Cards".}

BOARDLECTRIX NARRATOR: The new emergency cards can be used at any time on anyone's turn.

{Cut to the Bar, showing the board game up close. The Knight is seen on the left tile and Trodgor is two spaces away on the right tile. As Homestar says "East", the Knight jumps one tile to the right, heading towards Trogdor.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: The Knight moves East-East.

{Cut to a wide shot, showing Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Sorry, Knight. {He holds up a card reading "Singular Consummate V", it cuts to a full shot of Strong Bad's hand.} Singular Consummate V! {Cut back to the board game, Strong Bad picks up Trogdor and moves him to the top left of the board on the burninated forest tile.} We moved out of the way!

{Homestar peeks his head down, obscuring most of the view. The background darkens slightly.}


{Cut back to the wooden table again, now showing Spell cards in one stack. A banner appears reading "Spell Cards".}

BOARDLECTRIX NARRATOR: Spell cards feature mini quests {Cut to live-action Strong Sad's hand picking up a Peasant on the Void card, he then places it on the Trog-Meter.} that when completed, can bring peasants back from the void.

{Cut back to the bar. Strong Sad is wearing a black cloak.}

STRONG SAD: I cast the spell of Un-Voidening! {He swings his arm as he was casting a spell, a "poof" noise is heard and Strong Bad's face is covered in a pale yellow powder. Homestar and Strong Bad starting coughing and groaning.}

STRONG BAD: What the?

STRONG SAD: Oh, sorry! Alls we had was onion powder. {He holds up a bottle of onion powder.}

{Cut to a white shot showing the Expando Deck. The cards behind it peek out.}

BOARDLECTRIX NARRATOR: Add even more fun and chaotic burnination to your game, with the {A banner appears below reading "Majicks & 'Mergencies". The text reading "Expando Deck" appears at the top.} Majicks & 'Mergencies Expando Deck. {Starts speaking quickly, the items Trogdor the Board Game and a bottle reading "Onion Powder" respectively appear on the top left and right of the corner.} Requires Trogdor the Board Game to play. Onion Powder sold separately.

{Cut to the same onion powder bottle, which now has Bubs' face drawn on it. The crowd is heard yelling and cheering in excitement.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

The expansion deck for the board game, like the email parenting was announced on the very same Kickstarter update:

Announcing "Majicks & 'Mergencies," an all-new Expando Deck for Trogdor!! The Board Game!
It's NOT a Kickstarter! It's already a thing! And it should be for sale in the next few weeks!
This deck contains awesome new cards that give players more options, more interesting choices, and more chaotic burnination!
* New communal Emergency Cards can be used anytime on anyone's turn to get Trogdor out of tight jams!
* New Spell Cards have mini sidequests to complete that can bring Peasants back from the Void!
* Plus brand new Action Cards to add more variety to your styles!

The Deck Includes:
* 21 all-new Action Cards
* 10 Emergency Cards
* 10 Spell Cards
* 3 additional Troghammer cards (to balance gameplay)
* 2 rule cards
We'll scream and holler once it's available! It will be for sale in the Homestore as well as in many of the same fine, board-gamey retailers that sell the base game.
Keep On Burninating On,
Mike, Matt, and Missy

[edit] Remarks

  • In the toon the expansion deck is spelled "Majicks", while on the store it is spelled "Magicks".
  • This toon is animated in a noticeably higher frame rate at certain points. Some examples include Homestar shaking his Stray Action Point card, the "Expando Deck" splash screen appearing, and the "appear" effect of the cards showing up on the live action wooden table.
  • When the cards on the wooden table appear, the lighting becomes a bit darker.
  • The new cards that are seen and readable in the toon are as follows:
    • Action Cards
      • The Trogorb - 4 AP - Before Trogdor's actions, flip over the top movement card to forsee the Peasant and Knight movements.
      • Wraparound Burnination - 5 AP - Once during Trogdor's actions, if he is on an edge tile, he may burninate one corresponding wraparound tile for free.
      • Flaming Haldo - 4 AP - If Trogdor ends his turn on the Archer, a flaming arrow is shot in the direction Trogdor last moved, burninating all countryside tiles from the Archer to the edge of the board.
      • Sneak 'Em Up Stan - 4 AP - Before Trogdor's actions, he may teleport to any tile occupied by a Knight without taking damage.
      • Peasant Intern - 5 AP - For this turn only, every Peasant Trogdor visits becomes a Junior Burninator. When Junior Burninators move, they burninate the tile they start on and the tile they move onto, even if they're supposed to Repair. Peasants stay on the board.
    • Emergency Cards
      • Stray Action Point - Add 1 AP to Trogdor's actions.
      • Troghammer Rejection - Ignore a Troghammer card. Discard it and keep playing.
      • Instant Recharge - Recharge any one Item of Trogdor... expect for Disk of Healing. Sorry.
      • Movement Card Snob - If you don't like the movement card that was JUST drawn, discard it and draw the next one instead. You gotta stick with that one though!
      • Third String Keeper - Choose any one Keeper NOT currently in the game (like, still in the box). For this turn, use both their power and the current player's power.
      • Tile Swappins - Swap any 2 empty map tiles.
      • Singular Consummate V - Move Trogdor one tile diagonally now.
    • Spell of Un-Voidening
      • Perform these tasks (in any order) on a single turn to move one Peasant from the Void to the Trog-Meter.
      • Card 1:
        • Burninate a tile Trogdor is not on
        • Visit a tile directly south of any Knight
        • End your turn on a burninated forest tile
      • Card 2:
        • Move 3 tiles consecutively in the same direction
        • Visit the Archer
        • Hide in the Mountain

[edit] Goofs

  • In both the beginning scene with Strong Bad and the part where Strong Sad shows up to cast the "Spell of Un-Voidening", a peasant can be seen on the same tile as Trogdor. In the scene where the Emergency Card is demonstrated as the Knight advances towards Trogdor, the peasant on the aforementioned tile is not present.

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