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"I feel like it breathes fiery new breath into Trogdor!! The Board Game."

In this episode of Six-Sadded, Die, Strong Sad demonstrates the Trogdor!! The Board Game Expando Deck's new features.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Coach Z, Senor Cardgage

Date: Saturday, July 2, 2022

Running Time: 7:00


[edit] Transcript

{Open with a shot of a black surface. Strong Sad sets down a die which resembles his head.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade to black.}

{Fade back in to a wooden surface. Strong Sad pokes his hand in and wiggles his fingers.}

STRONG SAD: {trilling the r} Greetings, Six-Sadders!

{Strong Sad places the new Expando Deck on the table. A red banner reading "Magicks & 'Mergencies" expands above the deck.}

STRONG SAD: Highlighting the new "Magicks and 'Mergencies" {Strong Sad flourishes with his hand. A red logo reading "EXPANDO DECK" appears} Expando Deck!

{The banner and sign fade away.}

STRONG SAD: For Trogdor!! The Board Game. {pointing with his fingers on both sides} This is an exciting new add-on deck, that requires {The board game box pops in with a "ding!"} the full base game to play.

{The board game drops out of the frame.}

STRONG SAD: So as always,—

{Cut to the Strong Sad die sitting on the black surface. Strong Sad reaches his hand in to pick it up.}

STRONG SAD: —before we begin, {the die is rolled. It lands on the bulgy edge, with the six face up} let's roll a {moaning} sad six.

{Cut back to the deck. Strong Sad picks it up.}

STRONG SAD: This new deck comes with three different types of cards.

{A small deck of action cards pops into existence. Strong Sad points to it.}

STRONG SAD: New action cards.

{Another deck of red emergency cards pops in next. Strong Sad points to it.}

STRONG SAD: Emergency cards.

{A third, green deck of spell cards pops in. Strong Sad flourishes over all three.}

STRONG SAD: And spell cards. These new cards introduce {points to the decks} new gameplay elements. {hand flourish} They give players more options, {wiggles his fingers} more interesting choicès, and most importantly—

{Cut to an overhead pan of the board game tiles all set up with the plastic pieces, filtered in red. The Trogdor theme plays loudly, accompanied by sounds of burning and screaming.}

STRONG SAD: more chaotic burnination!

{Cut back to the action deck on the wooden surface.}

STRONG SAD: First up, {spreads the brown action cards in a fan} we've got twenty-one—

{Strong Sad spreads his hands, and a red banner reading "New Action Cards" appears.}

STRONG SAD: —new action cards.

{Strong Sad flourishes his hand again. The banner disappears.}

STRONG SAD: These are additions to the action deck from the base game; featuring such stand-outs as:

{A card reading "Tunnel Breath" rises from the table to be featured.}

STRONG SAD: Tunnel Breath,

{The card fades back. The next card featured is "Flaming Haldo".}

STRONG SAD: Flaming Haldo,

{The next card featured is "Peasant Intern".}

STRONG SAD: Peasant Intern,

{The next card featured is "Rollover Minutes".}

STRONG SAD: and Rollover Minutes! Which I'm sure the young people will totally get!

{The card fades back.}

{Cut to a fully set-up Trogdor!! board. The southern half of Peasantry is already burninated.}

STRONG SAD: So let's try one of them out!

{Strong Sad reaches in holding the action card "Knight Moves".}

STRONG SAD: Knight moves is a new action card {The image of the card expands to the left side of the screen. Strong Sad discards the card} that lets Trogdor move like a chess knight to a new spot from which to start his turn.

{The image of the card fades.}

STRONG SAD: {flourishing his hand} So, lessee. If Trogdor is here, then...

{He indicates the tile Trogdor is standing on. He traces a path one tile down and two tiles east where a knight is standing. A yellow dotted line indicates the path.}

STRONG SAD: Don't want to move this way. {shakes his hand} Knight!

{The knight is indicated with red majesty lines as a buzzer sounds. The yellow dotted line withdraws as Strong Sad begins again at Trogdor's position.}

STRONG SAD: Don't want to move that way.

{Strong Sad traces a path two tiles north and one tile west, where another knight is standing.}

STRONG SAD: {shakes his hand as the buzzer sounds again} Also knight! But this way...

{Strong Sad traces a path that is one tile east and two tiles north, where a peasant is standing. A "ding!" sounds.}

STRONG SAD: I can start my turn right atop this peasant! {Strong Sad moves Trogdor to that tile} That I may chomp or burninate as I please!

{Cut to a fanned-out deck of red Emergency cards.}

STRONG SAD: Next up, we have a totally new class of card. The titular—

{Strong Sad flourishes his hand. A red banner reading "Emergency Cards" appears.}

STRONG SAD: —'Mergency Cards.

{Strong SAd flourishes again, and the banner disappears.}

STRONG SAD: These communal cards have abilities that can be {runs his finger over the fan} used at any time, on anyone's turn! Including Phase Two of gameplay! When the countryside does their thing! There are ten of these cards,—

{Cut to the deck face-down.}

STRONG SAD: —and you start the game with one, {Strong Sad holds out a handful of emergency cards face-up} while the other nine are shuffled {turns the cards over to show the backside} into the action deck. See, they look the same on the back.

{Strong Sad picks up the deck. }

STRONG SAD: So it's a surprise!

{Strong Sad shuffles the cards together.}

STRONG SAD: When you draw one during the game, {puts the whole deck down} you don't have to use it right then.

{Cut to the eastern edge of the board. Strong Sad sets down a card face-up.}

STRONG SAD: You just place it face-up on the table and draw another action card. You can have more than one emergency card {sets down a second one next to the first} available at a time, {hand flourish} and use as many as you want on a turn!

{Cut back to the fanned-out deck of Emergency cards.}

STRONG SAD: We've got {an image of the card appears} Movement Card Snob, {the next card is featured} Troghammer Rejection, ooh, and {the next card is featured} Third String Keeper. Check this one out. {reading the card} Choose any one Keeper NOT currently in the game (like, still in the box). For this turn, {a Powered By The Cheat Strong Sad with a carrot on his head shambles across the screen} use both their power and the current player's power. Imagine! Two Keeper powers at once.

{The image of the card enlarges to zoom in on Hardybardy.}

STRONG SAD: Look at how excited poor Hardybardy is there! Hopin' to get the call up from Coach.

{A Trogdor!!-style Coach Z enters the card.}

COACH Z: I'm sorry, Hadry-Badry, {pronounced "Had-ree Bad-ree"} I gotta go with my number one guy!

{The regular Senor Cardgage wearing his Team Kneepads jersey walks across the screen.}

ANNOUNCER: Now entering board game: numbuh forty-seven, Reggie Toupee!

{Cut back to the board game tiles.}

STRONG SAD: So let's say I just finished my actions and I draw this movement card.

{The image of a card is shown with the movement East, East, North, East.}


{Strong Sad indicates a knight adjacent to a burning cottage.}

STRONG SAD: This knight is going to repair this cottage that I just burninated! {shakes his fist} How frustratin'!

{The image disappears.}

STRONG SAD: But wait!

{Strong Sad plays the Third String Keeper card.}

STRONG SAD: If I play Third String Keeper,

{Cut to the game box. The Keeper Worchex is at the top of the Keeper pile.}

STRONG SAD: {pointing to card} And I've got ol' Worchex still in the box,

{The image describing Worchex's Keeper power rises up, reading "Knights cannot repair Cottages during your turn.}

STRONG SAD: I can bring them in {picks up the Worchex card} to prevent the Knight from repairing!

{Cut back to the game board.}

STRONG SAD: Sorry, Sir Reparo of... Mason-Knight. {wiggles his fingers} We won't be needing your services to-day!

{Cut to the Spell deck.}

STRONG SAD: And finally, {Strong Sad flourishes his hand. A red banner reading "Spell Cards" appears} we have the Spell of Un-Voidening cards.

{Strong Sad flourishes again, and the banner disappears.}

STRONG SAD: {wiggling fingers} This new type of card has three tasks one it. And if they are completèd in a single turn, you get to bring a peasant back from The Void! {moaning} So let's take a look at one.

{Cut to a 3X3 tile board.}

STRONG SAD: Our active spell card has these three tasks.

{An image of the spell card appears.}

STRONG SAD: {reading card} Burninate a tile Trogdor is not on.

{Cut to a fan of four action cards and That Dog Tennis Ball Thing 'cept with Fireballs.}

STRONG SAD: Which means you'll have to use {hand flourish} a special type of card or i-tem.

{Cut back to the spell card.}

sTRONG SAD: {reading card} Visit a tile directly south of any Knight.

{The Powered By The Cheat Strong Sad with the carrot shambles across the screen.}

STRONG SAD: Visiting is defined as Trogdor touching it at any point during a turn, including starting on it. And, {reading card} end your turn on a burninatèd forest tile.

{The image of the spell ard retreats to the corner.}

STRONG SAD: Now, completing these spell cards may take some planning. Or even sacrificing a whole turn to pull it off. But it can be well worth it—

{Cut to the Trog-Meter with five peasants and the Troghammer on it.}

STRONG SAD: —if the ol' Trog-Meter {The peasants vanish one at a time as a power-down sound plays. The last peasant blinks in and out} is getting low on peasants.

{Cut back to the game board.}

STRONG SAD: So let's say I drew Majesty.

{The image of the Majesty card appears.}

STRONG SAD: That gives me five actions. And before my turn, I may burninate any tile on the board for free.

{The card disappears.}

STRONG SAD: So I'm gonna choose this one, {points to a tree tile east of Trogdor and takes it} a tile Trogdor is not on, {slides it back in, burninated} and that's my first task complete.

{A checkmark appears on the spell card with a "ding!" sound.}

STRONG SAD: And I'll visit a tile directly sound of the knight.

{Strong Sad picks up Trogdor and moves him south.}

STRONG SAD: That's one. {moves west, due south of the knight} Two actions. Second task down!

{Another checkmark appears with a "ding!"}

STRONG SAD: {picking up Trogdor to move him} And last, I'll move east, that's three actions, {moves again to a forest tile} east, four actions, and then for my fifth action, I'll burninate this forest tile.

{Strong Sad flips the tile and puts Trogdor back.}

STRONG SAD: Thusly completing {check and "ding!"} the third task!

{Cut to the Spell Deck next to The Void, with two peasants on it.}

STRONG SAD: And successfully {picks up a peasant and shakes it} casting a Spell of Un-Voideniiing!

{Cut to the Trog-Meter. Strong Sad places his peasant in the fourth space.}

STRONG SAD: So we can bring one peasant back from The Void.

{A crowd gives a lackluster cheer.}

{Cut to the Spell deck, face-down.}

STRONG SAD: And once you complete a spell card, {draws a card} you simply turn over a new one with new tasks to complete.

{Cut to the full board.}

STRONG SAD: Now that you know what each card type does, I'll show you how to set up a game using the new Expando Deck.

{A red banner appears reading "Setup".}

STRONG SAD: {whining} I guess.

{The banner disappears.}

STRONG SAD: {indicating the Spell deck, on the left side of the board} We'll set the Spell Cards of Un-Voidening {circles the deck} over here. {The Void is directly south of it} Next to The Void. That's convenient.

{He indicates the Spell deck. The first card is turned over already.}

STRONG SAD: And we turn over the top card. That will be our first active spell. Then we make sure our Emergency cards are separated from the deck {holds up a deck of Emergency cards, shaking them} and shuffled. And we drew one and placed it face up here. {indicates the card on the right side} Now I'll shuffle in the twenty-one new Action cards into the existing Action deck.

{Cut to three player sets of Keepers and Items, represented by meeples of Strong Sad, The Cheat and Homsar respectively. Strong Sad deals three action cards.}

STRONG SAD: And deal each of our players their starting Action card. Just like in a normal game.

{Cut to Strong Sad, shuffling the Action deck.}

STRONG SAD: Now that we've done that, {shuffles and places the deck down} we can shuffle in the remaining nine Emergency cards into the Action deck.

{Cut back to the full game board.}

STRONG SAD: Oh. And in the least exciting news possible, the Expando deck comes with {holds three Troghammer cards, whining} three additional Troghammer cards. {withdraws hand} The Action deck is bigger now, so this is their attempt to balance the gameplay.

{An image of the Troghammer card appears.}

STRONG SAD: Hopefully, you draw Troghammer Rejection, {an image of the Troghammer Rejection Emergency card appears next to it} so you can shut that riveted bully down!

Cut back to Coach Z standing at the bench next to Hardybardy.}

COACH Z: You see? Now that's what I'm talkin' abort, Hadro-Badro!

{Cut to the Troghammer Rejection illustration, showing Trogdor blocking the Troghammer from shooting a basketball into the hoop with his single beefy arm. Coach Z pops in.}

COACH Z: Shut that mess down, son!

{Cut back to the game board.}

STRONG SAD: {two hand flourish, causing the banners to appear} So that's the Magicks and 'Mergencies Expando Deck.

{Strong Sad cycles his hands. The banners disappear.}

STRONG SAD: {sounding bored} I feel like it breathes fiery {wiggles fingers} new breath into Trogdor!! The Board Game. And I hope you, do. So until next time, {getting excited} let's roll a sad six!

{Strong Sad motions a die roll, and a die landing sound plays, but no die is actually rolled.}

{Fade to black.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "Rollover Minutes" was a plan used by cell phone companies. A cell phone user would be able to talk for a certain number of "minutes" per month, and any minutes that were not used by the end of the month would be added to next month's minutes. See also Ever and More.
  • Hardybardy is the only Keeper of Trogdor without a special power.

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description of this video is "Strong Sad takes a shallow dive explaining the new cards and how they work in the expansion deck for Trogdor!! The Board Game. Will Too-Much-Talking-Man make a triumphant return? You can probably guess!"

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