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"We've transformed a boring cardboard spacer into a mighty The Void Tower!"

In this episode of Six-Sadded, Die, Strong Sad shows how to create a Void Tower.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Strong Bad

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Running Time: 2:31


[edit] Transcript

{Live-action shot of a black surface; Strong Sad places down a die, revealing it to resemble his head.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade to black and then fade into a top down shot of Trogdor!! The Board Game. Strong Sad's hand is shown moving a knight.}

STRONG SAD: East, South, South, East. And Trogdor is hit, and takes one peasant of damage.

{Cut to Strong Sad's hand moving a peasant.}

STRONG SAD: So let's move him not into the void, but the...

{Pan to reveal a paper tower with a fanged skull face drawn on it. The guitar solo from the karaoke version of Trogdor plays, as squiggly white text reading "THE Void TOWER" rises from the bottom of the screen.}

STRONG SAD: Void Tower!

{Several shots of the Void Tower are shown as Strong Sad drops peasants into it. The text disappears.}

{Cut to the Trogdor!! The Board Game box.}

STRONG SAD: {rolling his R} Grrreetings, Six-Sadders. {opens the box} I have here a meeples-only Wingaling copy of Trogdor!! The Board Game, and we are going to use this cardboard spacer here to craft our own Void Tower.

{Cut to Strong Sad putting the white cardboard spacer on a green surface.}

STRONG SAD: If you're brave, you can cut up the original, or make your own with poster board, a utility knife, ruler, pencil, and maybe a glue stick. {as he speaks, he places a utility knife, ruler, and pen on the cardboard}

{Cut to "The Void Tower Template", with lines to fold and cut along.}

STRONG SAD: So just follow the measurements on the template I've included a download link to.

{Strong Sad holds up a page with the cutting and folding lines on it.}

STRONG SAD: So, I've got my lines drawn, you see we have our flaps here, that will slow the peasant down, and spit him out the front of the tower, right onto your void card.

{Fade to a sped-up shot of Strong Sad cutting and folding along the lines.}

STRONG SAD: So let's get to cuttin'. We're cutting on the solid lines, and folding on the dotted lines. Be careful not to slice open your stubby fingers... if you have those... like me. Uh, now that we finished our cuts, let's make some good folds, everything folds to the inside of the Void Tower, and to make our little slide flap at the back more effective, we can add a couple of folds to help direct the peasant, {the footage slows to normal speed} you wanna make sure this back slide flap is on top of this... tongue flap here.

{More sped-up footage as Strong Sad glues the side and folds the tower up.}

STRONG SAD: With our folds done, let's put a little glue stick on the tab here, and we'll fold our void tower up, which is more difficult... than it looks... when you have stubby fingers... like me.

{Cut to Strong Sad placing the Void Tower upright on the green surface. Stone bricks are drawn on the wall in the background.}

STRONG SAD: And there you go, we've transformed a boring cardboard spacer, {"THE Void TOWER" text once again rises from the bottom of the screen} into a mighty The Void Tower.

{Fade to another shot as Strong Sad drops peasants into it. Fade to a right-to-left panning shot of four different Void Tower designs resembling a horned red creature, a fanged skull, a castle, and a face-like tree.}

STRONG SAD: Now it's up to you to get as creative as you want with your decor.

{Fade to another shot of the four Void Towers.}

STRONG SAD: {drops a peasant into rightmost tower} "Oh, I'm dead!" {drops a peasant into next tower} "Ooh, me too!" {drops a peasant into next tower} "I guess I am as well!" {drops Strong Bad meeple into next tower}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I'm dead... {camera zooms in on the meeple, whose mouth moves with the dialogue} and also I didn't authorize my appearance in this lame Instructables videoooo...

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this toon is:
Strong Sad demos how to make the cardboard spacer from the Wingaling version of the Trogdor board game into a crafty Void Tower. Sending peasants to their doom has never been so much fun!

Get the template here:

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • When originally posted, the download link was missing. This was fixed shortly after.

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