Trogdor's Fiery Rage (video)

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"But Troggie's got a fire that cannot be contained!"
This article is about the song. For other uses, see Trogdor's Fiery Rage.

For the Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP, Brainkrieg plays a song about Trogdor's Fiery Rage. Homestar wants to know if you won.

Cast (in order of appearance): Sci-Fi Greg, D n' D Greg, Open Source Greg, Japanese Culture Greg, What's Her Face, Brainkrieg, Trogdor, Homestar Runner

Places: School Stage

Date: Friday, May 10, 2019

Running time: 2:47


[edit] Transcript

{The four Gregs are standing around a table playing Trogdor!! The Board Game}

D N' D GREG: And then the knight moves... {moving a knight meeple} west, north, north, east! {the knight ends on Trogdor's tile}


OPEN SOURCE GREG: We've been hit by a knight with an empty trog-meter! {close-up on the empty meter}

SCI-FI GREG: {throwing up his arms in despair} We lost the game!

D N' D GREG: Now just wait a minute gentlemen...

{Reverse shot shows What's Her Face at the other end of the table}

D N' D GREG: ...and the one lady we've found who will tolerate us.

WHAT'S HER FACE: {bows} S'right!

D N' D GREG: Trogdor has one more trick up his spikey wristband that he wears in my head-canon!


{Zoom into D N' D Greg's chest as drums start. Cut to Brainkrieg performing onstage.}

[edit] Trogdor's Fiery Rage

Lyrics Visuals
So you lost the game Brainkrieg are on a stage.
Well that's really lame Cut to closeup on the Brainkrieg guitarist.
But Troggie's got a fire The top right corner of the speech bubble is on fire.
That cannot be contained! Cut to the stage.
Trogdor's Fiery Rage! Cut to Trogdor walking over board tiles, breathing fire. The tiles are then burnt.
Draw five cards!
Trogdor's Fiery Rage!
Five movement cards!
Cut to the band.
Trogdor's Fiery Rage! Cut to a man with hairy legs stands on a scale printed with 'TROGDOR'S FIERY RAGE'. The dial moves from the left side to the right side.
Draw five cards! Cut to five movement cards that appear one at a time, with the text 'draw 5 cards!' on the top of the screen.
Trogdor's Fiery Rage! Fire appears from the left side. The cards are burnt into ash.
He gets wraparound Cut to a Trogdor board with a deck of cards, an empty Trog Meter, a knight, and a peasant. Trogdor moves three squares to the right, and then jumps to the leftside of the board. The cards he steps on are blackened.
Burns everything down Cut to DnD Greg daydreaming about Trogdor wearing a spiky arm bracelet and burninating a house tile. The tile is flipped over to the 'burninated' side.
Just by touching it Cut to Trogdor on a board with a two knights and a peasant. He moves right, right, up, and right, knocking over the pieces and turning the tiles black.
Except the archer lives Cut to the guitarist next to the archers piece. The archers smile upon being told they live.
Trogdor's Fiery Rage!
Draw five cards!
Trogdor's Fiery Rage!
Five movement cards!
Cut to the band.
Trogdor's Fiery Rage!
Draw five cards!
Cut to Trogdor flying through the air.
Trogdor's Fiery Rage! Trogdor is now carrying all four Gregs, and wears a black spiked bracelet on his arm. He gives a thumbs up as he flies over the band.

{Cut back to the Gregs' and What's Her Face's game, where every piece has been burninated}

SCI-FI GREG: Trogdor's fiery rage was successful!!

OPEN SOURCE GREG: I'm sure that success will extend into our social lives!

{Everyone present is suddenly squashed by a deck of Brainkrieg playing cards}

BRAINKRIEG: {spoken} Deck of cards!
Jugga jigga wugga.

{Blackout, which lasts for about sixteen seconds before pieces of the toon start playing glitchily at random}

{Sci-Fi Greg appears, unaccompanied by any other characters or props}

SCI-FI GREG: We lost the ga—! {all but his left arm disappears}

{A tune plays as Brainkrieg's drummer appears briefly, then cut to meeples moving on their own on a blank page}

D N' D GREG: {offscreen} West, south, south... {the background goes black and the meeples vanish one by one}

{A slow drum beat starts as Homestar Runner ducks in from the bottom}

[edit] Did You Win?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {speaking in rhythm}
Did you win?
Did you win?
I take it you were playing Trogdor!! The Board Game
So did you win?

Was it a real close shave?
Or did you win handily?
Did you play it with some friends?
Or peoples chosen randomly?

Did you have a good time?
Did you think it was worth the purchase price?
I hope that you enjoyed yourself
'Cause that would make me feel oh so nice

{singing off-key}
I know you can't see my face
So you can tell how serious this is
But I really want to know
{speaking} That's why I'm givin' you this game outcome quiz

Did you win?
So, so, did you win?
I heard you were playing Trogdor!! The Board Game
And I just really want to know if you did

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first appearance of Brainkrieg since Decomposing Pumpkins, about nine years and seven months prior.

[edit] Goofs

  • When the lyrics "That cannot be contained!" are shown onstage, the word "cannot" is written as "can not".

[edit] Inside References

  • Brainkrieg ends their song with a phrase beginning with D-E ("deck of cards"), followed by "jugga jigga wugga", as they did in death metal.

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