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This article is about the toon. For the game, see Trogdor!! The Board Game#Stack 'Em to the Heavens.
"Now you can play a game called Stack 'Em to the Heavens!"

Marshie's talkwords inspire a new Trogdor!! The Board Game minigame.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marshie, Wendell, The Sad Kids, Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Videlectrix Guys

Places: The Bar

Date: Thursday, October 25, 2018

Running time: 1:03


[edit] Transcript

{Four towers of marshmallows assemble in front of a purple background.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover} Stack 'em to the heavens!

{Three towers of obliquely placed peasant and knight meeples are assembled in the spaces in between.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover} Stack 'em to the heavens!

{Marshie flies in onscreen, knocking out the marshmallow and meeple towers in the center.}

MARSHIE: Now you can play a game called—

{Marshie becomes angry as the words he speaks come out of his mouth in spiky-edged yellow balloons.}

MARSHIE: —Stack 'Em to the Heavens!

{The text drifts upward to the top. The background fades to orange as a white bag with the words "Stack Em to the Heavens!" and a flaming Marshie appears onscreen with a tower of four meeples and several more meeples scattered throughout.}

WENDELL: {laughing} That's right, Marshie.

{The Boardelectrix logo slides in from the right}

WENDELL: New from—

{A record scratch interrupts. Marshie suddenly peeks in from the text above.}

MARSHIE: Oh no you don't, Wendell! {Close up} This my barbecue!

{Cut to Marshie sandwiched between peasant and knight meeples stacked in a tower. The scene pans out to reveal the bag.}

MASRHIE: Stack 'Em to the Heavens is a quick stacking game that's great for when your little brats—

{The scene stops panning out when The Sad Kids are shown beside the table.}

MARSHIE: —are waiting for their chicken fingers!

THE SAD GIRL: We're...

THE SAD BOY: ...vegan.

{Cut to a white screen. The TROGDOR!! The Board Game box slides in from the right. As Marshie speaks, Trogdor on the box spits out a Stack Em to the Heavens bag, which spins out onscreen.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover} And it comes free inside every box of Trogdor!! The Board Game!

{Cut to the Stack Em to the Heavens bag on a pink background.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover, anticipatory} Shake up the bag!

{The bag is shaken, and all the meeples are dumped out of it as Marshie's mouth appears and speaks}

MARSHIE: Roll the knights and peasants!

{Cut to a blue background with meeples scattered about. Marshie is wearing a pink helmet and rolling on a skateboard. The meeples assemble themselves into two towers.}

MARSHIE: And take turns {Marshie spins his skateboard} making radical stack-em-ups!

{Marshie jumps and spins in the air}

{Cut to Homestar and Strong Bad at the bar, playing Stack 'Em to the Heavens. A can of Coldson Lite and a bowl of peanuts are on the table.}

STRONG BAD: {unenthusiastically} If I can force you to {he places a meeple on top of the existing tower} stack three peasants in a row, you lose.

{Homestar adds a peasant meeple to the tower.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {unenthusiastically} Not if I can stack 'em weird-ways enough {Strong Bad adds a meeple to the tower} to topple you down.

{The tower becomes unstable and wobbles, then collapses.}

STRONG BAD: {raising his arms, unenthusiastically} Oh no, {trailing off} you toppled me down...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {unenthusiastically} Hooray. {He turns backwards} 'S great.

{The music resumes, cutting to a dark-faded scene of two Marshies wearing vampire costumes floating top-to-top. Below read yellow words "Talk-Say Re-Enactment". Stacks of yellow and black marshmallows appear behind them. Marshie floats past in front of it from the right.}

MARSHIE: "Stack 'Em to the Heavens" is a talk-say I made a long time ago...

{Cut to an angry Marshie in front of a black background.}

MARSHIE: And then-then—

{Cut far out to reveal a tiny Marshie floating in front of the pixelated forms of the Videlectrix Guys.}

MARSHIE: —these jerks STOLE IT!

{The words "STOLE IT" resound with an echo several times.}

{Cut back to the orange screen, where Marshie is peeking in upside-down.}

MARSHIE: The first one to stack a million, {comes in closer} is doing it wrong!

{Cut to a white screen featuring the Stack Em to the Heavens game next to the Trogdor!! The Board Game box. The yellow-spiked letters "Stack Em To The Heavens!" wiggle below.}

VIDELECTRIX ONE: {voiceover} Stack 'Em to the Heavens from {the Boardelectrix logo fades in on the upper left} Boardelectix and that floating horror. {A picture of an angry Marshie accompanied by the words "That Floating Horror" fade in next to the logo.} Included in every box of Tragdar cereal. I mean, board game. Don't... don't pour milk on it.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • To follow Marshie's instruction and stack a million meeples, one would need 90,910 copies of Trogdor!! The Board Game which, at Wingaling level (the lowest tier), would cost $3,636,400. If every peasant, knight and Troghammer that comes with each game was used, the height in total would then be approximately 286,000 meters (286 km) or 938,320.2 feet (177.71 mi), which is over 100 kilometers above the Karman Line and in outer space. At the end, 10 meeples would be left over, which is one off a full copy of the game.
    • Using only one peasant, knight and Troghammer from each game, the resulting tower would be approximately 26,000 meters (26 km) or 85,301.8 feet (16.15 mi) in height, taller than the Burj Khalifa and Mount Everest combined. It would climb higher than the Troposphere and into the Stratosphere.
  • The YouTube description for this toon is:
Marshie's made up song from 15 years ago somehow turns into a stacking game included with Strong Bad's made up dragon board game!

Pre-orders for Trogdor! The Board Game end Oct. 31 at midnight!

[edit] Remarks

  • The Sad Kids state that they are vegan.

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