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"Then behold: Le Restige!"
3-D Restige!

Le Restige (a portmanteau of "Rest" and "Prestige") is the leather chair Bubs sold to Strong Bad in the Strong Bad Email the chair to replace his longtime email-checking seat Stooly. The high back almost completely obscured the Lappy's screen along with Strong Bad's attempt to remove his mask and a supposed photograph of his parents.

Le Restige may be made out of so-called Corinthian leather, though Bubs' response to Strong Bad's query about this was unclear as he simply replies, "Crabadonk!". It features a compartment in its armrest which houses a small red button. When this button is pushed, a pair of robotic arms assist in applying sweatpants to whoever is occupying the chair. This feature seems to have malfunctioned when Strong Bad used it while checking his email, resulting in the uncomfortable application of several pairs of sweatpants to Strong Bad's legs and head. Perhaps as a result of this accident, it appears that Le Restige was replaced by Strong Bad's old chair Stooly in the subsequent email, what i want. Although Strong Bad reacted with amazement to Bubs's presentation of Le Restige, Strong Bad has been seen elsewhere sitting in a chair of a very similar design. This similar chair has appeared before in rock opera, HomestarRunner.com PAY PLUS!, and Strong Bad and The Cheat's Thank You message. A blue chair in the same style was also depicted in Everybody to the Limit. It is unclear whether or not these are appearances of Le Restige or merely chairs of a similar design.

Later, in Trogday 08, Strong Bad sat down on the chair as he talked about The S is for Sucks Dragon. Strong Bad also sits in Le Restige in the "required by video game law" SBCG4AP Tutorial. A similar chair appears in The House That Gave Sucky Tricks, although it has different legs and spins around.

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