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Into the dragon's lair!

D n' D Greg is a Dungeons & Dragons expert and fantasy enthusiast. He wears a ringer tee with his name written on it ("(early adopter)" appended in one instance) and long pants (one of relatively few Teen Girl Squad characters with visible pockets drawn on their pants); his long dark hair is worn in a ponytail and he has a scraggly goatee.

His fantasy interests extend to cosplay and LARPing, both of which he took part in at Cosplayover Camp by dressing as a medieval knight. This interest in fantasy role-play led him to mistake the Fighting Growlbacks mascot for "a level 4 shambling Krenshar", declaring an unwitting Regular Greg to be a shapeshifting sorcerer. He even has an in-depth understanding of the rules of football; although not considered a traditionally geeky subject, he asserts that "fantasy football still counts as fantasy!"

He considers the Wireless Wizard to be "so awesome it hurts". He hosts role-playing sessions with Coach Z in his parent's basement. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 15, he goes to the Priggidy Prizom with The Ugly One.

He and Sci-Fi Greg are the most prominent of the four Gregs, appearing more frequently than Open Source Greg or Japanese Culture Greg. Matt Chapman mentioned this duo as two of his favorite characters in a 2008 interview, adding that they were loosely based on some role-players he knew in high school. When Sci-Fi Greg describes a scenario using D&D terminology, D n' D Greg angrily tells him to "quit bitin my style!"

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