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"I'm gonna have to ask you to leave my parent's basement now."

The location of someone's parents' basement has been mentioned in a several cartoons, often used disparagingly by Strong Bad. Typically, it is stated or implied that an individual lives in their parents' basement, suggesting a lack of personal or professional success.

Sometimes the phrase is used in a singular possessive case ("parent's" with the apostrophe before the s), implying that there is only one parent in possession of the basement.

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[edit] Use by The Brothers Chaps

The Brothers Chaps have discussed their real-world parents' basement on occasion. Prior to February 2003, when they began working with a fulfillment company, distribution of Homestar Runner merchandise was done out of the Chapman parents' basement; the brothers have repeatedly emphasized that they never lived in said basement, as the running gag had led some fans to believe.

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