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"Oh, wow! Look at Da Huuuuuudge!"

Strong Bad envisioned Da Huuuuuudge in animal, after deciding that he'd been over-thinking ideas for his own made-up animal. He tried to create a name first, and let the name dictate what the animal will look like. As a result, Da Huuuuuudge looks like a big yellow bubbling blob with a Strong Bad face on it. It also sports some The Cheat-like spots. Only one of the six consecutive U's in the creature's name needs to be pronounced.

He is the only rejected imaginary animal to make a reappearance in alternate universe. He is able to support Strong Bad's weight and has a very high singing voice.

Da Huuuuuudge lives in a fenced off area, which is apparently located in a zoo, as it features a sign warning visitors not to feed Da Huuuuuudge (emphasized by an appeal to "the love of Pete") and was visited by Marzipan. There is a slowly expanding dark stain spreading through the grass beneath Da Huuuuuudge, indicating that he secretes some kind of oily substance.

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