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This article is about the sign. For the Strong Bad Email, see no loafing.
"Get back to work!"

The No Loafing Sign can be found in Strong Bad's computer room. It is a white rectangular sign with red letters, written in the font Impact, reading "NO LOAFING!".

As he claims in the email no loafing, Strong Bad originally put up the sign in 1987 to increase productivity, which was down something-eight percent. It first appeared over Strong Bad's desk in the Strong Bad Email superhero name. In some early appearances, it has been in other places, such as in the laundry room over the dryer in an Easter egg from 2 years, and the garage in 12:00. In Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, it is shown that there are at least two signs, one of which is in the laundry room.

According to the DVD commentary for no loafing, the sign itself is a reference to the Joker's "No Loafing" sign in the episode "The Joker Goes to School" of the Batman TV series.

The sign has had some variations. An Old-Timey version of the sign, reading "Loafing Not Permitted", can be seen in the Telegraph Room in 50 emails and an Easter egg in flashback. In virus, the effects of the virus cause the sign to fall off the wall and turn into pseudo-HTML code. It is seen in drawing-form in Sbemail 150?!?. In Strong Badia the Free, a similar sign appears in the King of Town's computer room, reading "Ye No Loafing!". In redesign, Strong Bad attempts to get The Cheat to redesign the sign. He ends up rejecting the redesign because he doesn't approve of The Cheat's new computer, and instead replaces the sign with a scrolling LED marquee. The Email Processing Room has a similar sign reading "GET BACK TO WORK!"

At the end of the Quickstart Overview video, a new sign reading "Some Loafing Implied" hangs in The Cheat's computer room.

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