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DuaAaAaAaAaAaA! I'm a puzzle craze from the 2000's!
"I r teh artist!!!!!11111"
I got the last one in my size! (Aug 7 06)


[edit] A Really Short Definition List

My name, according to the guy after me at Best Buy who just pressed the confirm button a lot after I failed to input a name for my high score in the Guitar Hero demo. I'm serious.
What Marzipan calls black.
With their new E-niversity, you can get a degree in Caps Lock Technician in just four clicks!
The best one ever was in 2001.
Name of some guy who likes the Homestar Runner. The intro page seems to be dedicated to him: "Everybody! La-di-da-di-da!"
I don't really know what this word means. I think it means, like, friendship, or bondage, or something. . .
I can count to it!
A word of salutation used by bow salesmen who live behind fences which can be knocked down by scaring horses named Gary. For some reason.
When you put it in an empty glass, it becomes colorful and a great subject for, say, experimental films.
Strong Bad quickly discovers that this dance is more effective for catching fish than a lure is.
What the King of Town claims to be.
A band that Strong Bad likes. One time, their name was at the top of the screen, but Larry didn't know that.
Mississippi Mud 
A delicious cake-type thing that's SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. Seriously, you ought to try one. And if you're under 10, good luck spelling it.
What Strong Bad got Marzipan for her birthday. Also, what The Poopsmith says.
According to a new law passed on the internet, anyone who fails to respond to this with a YA RLY! will be fined a million billion dollars.
I really got, I really gotta do this, I really got, I really gotta do this, do this.
A word Scrabble players LOVE, and most people don't know what it means.
The perfect bicycle brake. (Hey, if it worked in Earthbound. . .)
Making Bubs say this word renders him incapable of lying -- I mean, flying.
A Pokemon character, and mathgrant's favorite, possibly. The fact that he even knows Pokemon besides Pikachu exist probably makes him insane.
Viral Fox 
Ever since mathgrant created a song entitled this, it's become his random running gag with which he annoys everybody else. Viral fox, viral fox, viral fox. See? It works.
Nobody knows where he is.
The fear of strangers. Hey, I had to put SOMETHING for X.
Yon dungeon 
Where a SCROLL and a FLASK usually reside.
mathgrant wishes his IQ were this high.

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If this is your first time here, please read the Find out if your name begins with an X or not page. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have over at the end of eternity. For detailed instructions on editing the wiki, read the You are so freaking stupid!!!!! page. To practice your editing, feel free to play in the exciting game called "Kill Yourself!".

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February 1, 1493: New Homestar Runner cartoon!!!!! "Homestar Runner Gets Run Over By The Santa Maria"

February 8, 1493: New Homestar Runner game!!!!! "Pom-Pom Jousting"

February 15, 1493: New SB e-mail!!!!! "this is anachronistic"

February 22, 1493: New Homestar Runner short!!!!! "What Year Is It Again?"

February 29, 1493: New SB e-mail!!!!! "not a leap year"

February 36, 1493: New Homestar Runner merchandise at the store!!!!! "Lump of gold that looks nothing at all like Homestar"

February 43, 1493: New Homestar Runner game!!!!! "Build KoT's castle out of cheese"

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