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The Wiki is an ongoing project that will never reach a "completed" stage. Since content is always being added to the Homestar Runner site and new wiki pages are always being created, we will always be cleaning up our wiki. If you consider yourself a WikiGnome, these are the projects for you. Also see Category:Articles needing cleanup for articles that have been flagged for revision and updating.


[edit] General Cleanup

If you find an article in need of some work and are either unsure how to proceed or would like some help fixing it up, add the template {{cleanup}} to the beginning of the article to flag it for future edits. Also add a comment to the talk page indicating what you believe should be done. The Category:Articles needing cleanup page will be updated automatically. For lists of specific articles pending revision or proofreading, visit HRWiki:Article cleanup.

[edit] Disambiguation Pages with links

Ideally nothing should link to a disambiguation page. Using the "What links here" feature, you can determine if any article in the Category:Disambiguation has unneeded links. Links should be edited to go to the appropriate article.

[edit] Dead End Pages, Orphaned Pages, etc.

There are a number of pages on the "Special Pages" list that are useful tools to keep the wiki in tip-top condition.

Before creating a new page, check that a suitable page does not already exist.

[edit] Merge and Redirect

Sometimes multiple pages are created for the same thing. If you find multiple pages that need merging, Put the {{merge}} and {{mergefrom}} templates on the respective pages.

After a consensus is reached on one of the talk pages, to cleanup this situation one will:

  1. Move and integrate important information from the redundant pages to the proper page
  2. Use the What links here feature to list all the references to the redundant pages
  3. Fix all the found links to the appropriate page
  4. Turn the redundant pages into redirects or add them to Category: To be deleted

[edit] Pages Needing Deletion

If you find a page that doesn’t seem to belong on the wiki, add {{tobediscussed}} to the top of the article and comment on its talk page whether or not it should stay. If consensus to delete is reached a sysop will delete the page.

If a page is created as part of vandalism to the wiki, is an unnecessary redirect, a duplicate unused image, or is patent nonsense, add {{delete|Reason}} to the top of it to mark it for speedy deletion. A sysop will delete it shortly.

[edit] List of common misspellings

HRWiki:List of common misspellings is a page of all spelling errors and typos frequently found on the HRWiki. Instructions for searching pages and correcting errors can be found on that page.

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