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Hey there, every-peoples! I've had previous expirances on other Wiki's, so I know my way around the block.


[edit] Favorite Toons

[edit] Things I hope To Do

[edit] Favorite Pages

[edit] Favorite Quotes

  • "What the crap were you doing out there?!"
  • "Out where?"
  • "Outside! I saw you prance by like five times man!"
  • "Oh, I doubt it. I drove."
  • "You don't own a car."
  • "Yeah, your probably right."
  • "Okay, let's get down to the brass tacks."
  • "Oh, I didn't bring any. I drove."
  • "Ugh, this is gonna be painful."
  • "What? The tacks? Probably, try not to sit on them." — Strong Bad and Homestar Runner (from The Interview)
  • "Doo doot-tsp. Do doo doot-tsp. Do doo doot-tsp. It's the hold music, do doot-tsp. Pa doo doot-tsp. Boodoo doo doot-tsp. {high pitched voice} Hold, music! — Homestar Runner (from isp)

[edit] Some Homestar Related Acrotic Poems

Inspired by Invisible Robot Fish's hikus, I though I should try it, but with acrositcs. Not sure if this should be on the Fanstuff Wiki, but eh, I'll give it a shot. They don't rhyme.


  • How
  • Oblivious this
  • Man is. But
  • Even though you're
  • Stupid
  • Thousands of people
  • Around the globe
  • Really love ya'.


  • How come
  • Only Strong Sad and
  • Marzipan hang with you?
  • Some say you're really
  • Annoying, but I
  • Really like you.

The Cheat

  • Tiny yellow thing
  • Helping Strong Bad and
  • Even Strong Mad
  • Cheating and
  • Healping at
  • Everything
  • All because if he don't, he'll be
  • Taped to Pom Pom agian

Strong Sad

  • Sad and drepressing are
  • Totally his forte. His
  • Ramblings don't cause much joy
  • Or happiness, that
  • Giant waste of space
  • Somtimes smiles, but is
  • Always
  • Depressed


  • Bubs is
  • Usually selling
  • Bad
  • Stuff


  • Main girl
  • Around town.
  • Really likes health foods like tofu and
  • Zucinni
  • Is always Homestar's girlfriend and is
  • Propably
  • Always
  • Not

Pom Pom

  • Possibly the coolest
  • One in Free Country, USA. Or
  • Maybe not
  • Practicly always
  • On his phone talking to his
  • Million girlfriends


  • Mascot of Fluff Puff Marshmallows
  • And all their other items
  • Really
  • Scary in my opinion.
  • Homestar
  • Is
  • Enormusly mad at that freakin' robot
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