Pom Pom's Hypothetical Family

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From left to right: Stella Do, Stom Stom, the Filing Cabinet, Pom Pom

In the email Family Resemblence, a fan emails Strong Bad asking what Pom Pom's family looks like. Strong Bad is sure that Pom Pom's family bears the same resemblance to Pom Pom that his family bears to himself, and he begins to theorize what Pom Pom's hypothetical family might look like. According to Strong Bad, "They could be one of those families on the cover of board games that look way too enthusiastic about playing a board game together." Later, they are shown in a commercial for the board game Jurvy-Skat.


[edit] Stom Stom

Stom Stom is Pom Pom's brother. Strong Bad figures that since Pom Pom's head is orange, Stom Stom's head would be a bulldog's head. He has a horse leg for a body and leg, and has boxing gloves for hands, "just like all normal people do".

[edit] Stella Do

Stella Do is Pom Pom's little sister. She is a pair of headphones with a floaty face inside, because Pom Pom floats a little bit when he walks. Strong Bad thinks that Stella Do is hot because of her floaty face, but soon realizes that she is hypothetical and that the hypothetical make-out session is "not gonna cut it". In an Easter egg, he invites her over to his house so that he can plug her into his record player, but is interrupted by Pom Pom, who becomes quite angry with Strong Bad.

[edit] The Filing Cabinet

The Filing Cabinet would be Pom Pom's parents. Strong Bad comes to this conclusion because since Pom Pom talks in bubbles, his parents would naturally be a filing cabinet. This contradicts Pom Pom, Too, which showed his parents in a portrait as two differently colored Poms. Pom Pom's parents were also mentioned in the email pom pom, referred to as General and Fraulein Pom Pom.

[edit] Complete Filmography

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