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This guy needs a leg up on the pile.

Balding Man is a short, middle-aged man dressed in a light yellow polo shirt and jeans. He uses a comb-over to hide his advanced case of male-pattern baldness; as such, he is a stereotyped middle-aged male. However, Balding Man's mid-life crisis seems to have ended in defeat, and he is simply resigned to his fate as a La-Z-Boy jockey. He has been called the "Husband of the Year", although he is depicted as being alone. So far, the only thing the Balding Man can apparently vocalize is a long, exhausted sigh, as seen at the beginning of Senor Mortgage and Senorial Day, and in theme song and Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2. In an advertisement in theme song, he is asked if he wants to cut his own arm off. In the Senorial Day DVD commentary, Strong Bad says he wants to make a cartoon with him.

In the DVD menus for Sbemails' 50 Greatest Hits, a live-action man tries to carry all of the previous Strong Bad Email DVDs and eventually drops all of them. The man shrugs, and proceeds to sigh in the same voice as the Balding Man. This could, therefore, be the live-action equivalent of the Balding Man, despite having a full head of hair.

[edit] Finances

Balding Man's financial situation is precarious; he was NOT APPROVED and has trouble buying a home or a partially eaten Pop-Tart as seen in Senor Mortgage. Balding Man has been rescued twice from the depths of financial despair by Senor Cardgage's talented entrepreneurship, though it is unclear if he ever achieved the "re-financin'" promised in the first ad or took advantage of Senorial Day's "vera low prices".

"Husband of the Year"

[edit] Appearances

Sketched balding men
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