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"That tickles!"

Akira is a popular Japanese animated movie based on the manga of the same name. The story is about genetically altered youth and motorcycle gangs in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. It often considered one of the first Japanese animated films to draw mainstream attention to the style, so it often gets referenced. In the Homestar Runner universe, this means a close association with the anime-influenced 20X6. In addition, Stinkoman's voice is similar to Cam Clarke's dub of Kaneda.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email japanese cartoon — The line, "No way, you're just a kid! Maybe when you're older." is a reference to a scene where Kaneda refuses to let Tetsuo ride his motorbike because he's "just a kid".
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — Giving Stinkoman the jar labelled "Akira" will make his arm explode into a grotesque organic tendril.
  • Under Construction — Stinkoman saying "WHAAAAAAAT are you doing?" references the Pioneer dub of Akira, where the character Yamagata asks Tetsuo in a similar manner: "WHAAAAAAAT the hell are you talking about?"
  • Sketchbook 2005 — One of the sketches shows Stinkoman as Tetsuo.
  • Twenty THANXty Six — The color scheme and decals (the Citizen logo and U.S. Air Force roundel) on Stinkoman's tractor resemble those on Kaneda's motorcycle.
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