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Quite the duo.
From ripped to hip.
This article is about the Teen Girl Squad character. For the main character, see Coach Z.

First appearing as a lonely pair at an "Olympic Race", Olympic Man and Coach are two characters from Teen Girl Squad. They are both human, unlike several other TGS characters, and both seem to have an affinity for athletics.

The Coach seems to be a very nervous man. While it is understandable that he would be worried about angering Olympic Man, he also becomes quite distraught when talking to Cheerleader, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One. Because he acts as the Phys-Ed teacher for the girls' school, the class becomes rather easy, with the Coach handing out A's to everyone, whether or not they have completed the class's curriculum. He speaks with a slight New York accent.

Olympic Man is much more assertive than his short friend. Due to his rather large size, he is able to lift other people with one hand and do with them as he pleases. He seems to have moved on from being a competitor in the Olympics to protecting Peacey P from harm. Equipping a pair of shades, he now goes by "Hiphop Man" and acts as a bodyguard for the rapper. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 13, he dropped The Ugly One off of a balcony, leading to her death.

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