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[edit] where is all your info

where is all your info for doing reports ond hip hop

What? This in the Homestar Runner Wiki. If you are looking for a wiki that has information on hip hop, I suggest Wikipedia and their article on Hip hop. -- Tom 12:15, 23 Mar 2005 (MST)

[edit] Page Loading Bug

I've been having problems opening up some pages on the wiki. This problem only happens on and seemed to only happen after the server switch. Occassionally, when I try to open a page, I get a pop-up that says:

Opening [Page]

You have chosen to open
which is a: application/octet-stream

   What should Firefox do with this file?

Then I can choose to Open the page with a file, save the page to a disk, or cancel. Opening it and downloading do seem to work, and cancelling doesn't help. After I get this message, the page in questing won't load for a while.

Strangely enough, the pages which are messed up seem to change on occassion, with previously messed up ones working and previously working ones messed up. Am I the only one with this problem? Can I fix it? (P.S. It seems like this might be a Mozilla Firefox-only problem, but since I'm not allowed to go online with anything else, I wouldn't know.) --Joshua 19:35, 16 Mar 2005 (MST)

Hello? This thing is really bugging me, and I want to know if I can fix it! --Joshua 18:34, 18 Mar 2005 (MST)
Hi there Josh. I had a similar problem with another web site recently. Try clearing your entire cache by going into Tools --> Options... --> Privacy --> Cache --> "Clear". That should do the trick, but let me know if it works. -- Tom 09:57, 19 Mar 2005 (MST)
I tried it. So far I haven't expiernced any more problems, but I just cleared it. Seems like it worked, though. I'll let you know if the problem isn't gone. --Joshua 07:11, 20 Mar 2005 (MST)
Good. -- Tom 17:12, 20 Mar 2005 (MST)
It works, but it isn't permanent. After doing it, I can enter the page, but it's only a few minutes before another one pops up again. Anyway to get rid of this for good? (And I checked even though I'm not supposed to, this is a Mozilla-only problem.) --Joshua 17:15, 20 Mar 2005 (MST)
The problem is with your cache. You can try clearing it agian, and I guess if it keeps happening you could reinstall. Either way, the problem isn't really on our end, so there isn't much we can do. Sorry. -- Tom 12:12, 23 Mar 2005 (MST)
Actually, this is a bug with MediaWiki and Firefox (Bugzilla report here). I run my own version of MediaWiki, and it has this same problem, too. --screetchy cello 12:47, 31 Mar 2005 (MST)

[edit] Missing Information

Hey, I got some information on the 'Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon' that you guys forgot to post. When Strong Bad and The Cheat are behind the fence with the Poopsmith all tied up, you can see a statue of the original sketch of Pom Pom's dog that was never put on the site. Just telling you in case this was a mistake. Thanks.

If you see a mistake, go ahead and try to fix it. If you're not sure how, play around in the sand box. If you're not sure if it's a good fact or piece of info, post it in the STUFF page first. --Joshua 13:25, 17 Mar 2005 (MST)

[edit] Removed Page

I had begun a page about Coach Z's accent that included the phonetic representation of all the words that he butchered. It was very hard work getting those oomlouts, tildes, etc. to show up. I expected that other readers would continue what I had started, but the page got deleted without my notification. Was I just silly to create the page, or did someone make a mistake? I thought I was making an interesting linguistic page. --homestar3.14 10:28, 22 Mar 2005 (MST)

The page was called "accent"? From what I can tell, the content of that page was mostly non-canonical and was deleted accordingly. Coach Z's accent is covered on Coach Z. Additionally, articles aren't "yours" as this is a community effort. Also, it isn't the responsibility of a sysop to inform individuals when articles are deleted. Everything is recorded in the deletion log. -- Tom 12:10, 23 Mar 2005 (MST)

[edit] Character Evolution

I think that we shouldn't include the Yello Dello versions of the characters in the character evolution pages because those weren't ever solid designs. I feel the same way about the Reddest Radish designs (although the designs themselves in the Reddest Radish are valid, the drawing aren't as they are just for that one toon). Should we get rid of them?

I agree with you. I thought the same way the first time I saw them. Although this isn't really the right place to ask this. --Joshua 19:32, 23 Mar 2005 (MST)
Where should I put it then? I couldn't fins a suggestions page anywhere..
It should have gone in the "Discussion" page for Character Evolution, but don't worry about it.

[edit] Strongbad_email.exe

How can I access the Strongbad_email.exe page? I've been able to view the main page by searching for DVD, but any direct link I use brings up a Download dialogue, and the same when I attempt to access the discussion page. Is there something I am missing here, or is the page title incredibly inconvenient?

Try DVD, a redirect. That should work for you. I find it odd strongbad_email.exe brings up a "Save as..." dialogue for you. I'm thinking something might be set weird in your settings or something, as myself and countless others using Firefox and a slew of other browsers haven't had a similar problem. Under Tools --> Options... --> Downloads, is there anything odd in the "File Types" box? Or do you have any download modifying extensions installed? -- Tom 13:55, 26 Mar 2005 (MST)
Note: resolved here. The problem was an offending extension. -- Tom 21:57, 27 Mar 2005 (MST)

[edit] New Pages

This probably sounds stupid, but can non-admins create new pages? There are a few topics that don't have pages that could be on the site. Just wondering.

The nice part about a wiki is that just about anybody can do just about anything. I myself am not an admin, but I've begun several pages. So if you think we need a new page, feel free to jump right in and create it.
It's easy:
  1. Up in the title bar, right after "index.php/", type the name of your new page. (Be sure to capitalize it how you think it should be, and include any appropriate punctuation (subject to the naming restrictions).) You will be taken to a blank page.
  2. Next, click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page. You're all set to write your content!
  3. When you're just about done, click "Show preview" at the bottom.
  4. Carefully look over your text, noting any problems with spelling, grammar, formatting, or broken links. Fix these as necessary, and click "Show preview" again.
  5. Repeat the previous step until you think the page is ready to be published.
  6. Finally, click "Save page" and voilĂ .
If you haven't already, read the Standards page. You can also get a sense of the style by looking at the source code of other pages.
If the page is useful, it will be kept and embraced by thousands of HRWiki-goers. (You should note, however, that it will be edited mercilessly. And if enough people don't think the new page is useful, it could be removed altogether. Not that it will be removed, mind you, but you should be aware of that going in.)
The main thing is not to worry; you don't sound stupid. And if you make a mistake, that's okay too, because there's a whole bunch of us who've got your back. — It's dot com 16:13, 8 Apr 2005 (MDT)

[edit] These Peoples Try to Fade Me

Please tell me where on i can find the music video for These Peoples Try to Fade Me



You can only find the music video for These peoples try to fade me on the Strong Bad Sings CD. It is labeled "Super Secret" in your C: drive when the disc is inserted into your computer. →FireBird

[edit] new member

i want to be a new member but whenever i type something it says invalid user name whats up?

Maybe the name is already taken; what name are you trying to use? --Jay 21:08, 11 Apr 2005 (MDT)
Okay, we didn't need a new topic for that. Anyway, I just looked it up, and there seem to be issues with a new system that won't let some (all?) new users have user names. You can stil make edits without a user name, but you can't have a user page (sorry.) --Jay 21:11, 11 Apr 2005 (MDT)

oh never mind thanks for the help!

[edit] The swf files

Is it legal to download the files for toons, emails, and other homestar pages that this site supplies in ".swf" format? If so, what kind of media player could be used to view them? Quicktime and RealOne reject it.

1. You're already downloading it every time you view the page. So, no, it's not illegal, unless you were trying to sell them for some reason. 2. Your browser should work, actually. Aurora the Homestar Coder 00:36, 14 Apr 2005 (UTC)

No, I meant download them as files. Like, onto my hard drive.

Believe it or not, you do download them as files to your hard drive every time you access them.... And the answer to your question is, still, no, it's not illegal to deliberately download and save them. Aurora the Homestar Coder 21:55, 14 Apr 2005 (UTC)

[edit] The Forums

What are the Wiki forums, and why can't I sign into them when I go there? It says my username is invalid, so do I have to create the name again (for the forums) or what? Please let me know! -acekirby13 01:41, 14 Apr 2005 (UTC)

You have to sign up seperately for the wiki and for the forum (is that what you're asking?)
Links for reference: Register for the wiki Register for the forum phlip 14:35, 17 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Thank you. That was what I was asking! --acekirby13 19:24, 17 Apr 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Inappropiate Context?

My friend wants to know if this other character email on the Fanbase is legal, or if it he would get in trouble if he makes it public. It's just a story, but it has questionable content. It currently isn't public, it's just in the history of the page. I need an admin's opinion on this, he doesn't want to get in trouble for having something like this. -- Joshua 09:08, 10 Apr 2005 (MDT)

I don't think it is so bad. He is using all the technical terms and only implies everything else. - Dr Haggis - Talk 13:39, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)

That's what I thought too, but he was seriously scared of being banned if he makes this public. But now that an admin says it's okay, I'm sure he won't mind haven't it open again. -- Joshua 22:27, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)

[edit] swf

What is swf?

.swf is the file extension of flash movies.

[edit] seek bar

what is a seek bar?

To see more information about the flash seek bar bookmarklet and how to use it click here. Basically it is a link in your bookmarks that when clicked while on a page with flash, it will add a progress bar and pause button to under every flash file on the page. «Rob» 06:16, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Others Contributions

I know how to view my contributions, and I know that clicking on links to IPs show their contributions, but how do I find out other user's? Is that even possible? - Joshua 10:51, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)

It's possible. This is the URL you'd visit to see any user's contributions:[USERNAME HERE]

Hope that helps. --Gafaddict 10:57, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Or, when on a user's userspace, simply click on "User Contributions" in the toolbox. →FireBird

[edit] Strongbad Email

I was just wondering if you guys had any tips on how to get Strongbad to answer emails.

Nope. You might try asking him yourself. -- Tom 23:16, 23 Apr 2005 (UTC)
If you click on the email button on any of the main pages, it tells that it's just pure luck. That probably means that The Brother Chaps randomly select an e-mail for each week it's on. I wouldn't try too hard to get it checked myself. As long as The Brother Chaps think it's sbemail material, you still have a chance. Thnikky
In fact, TBC has a "good ones" folder, where they sort to and pick out from the e-mails that are sbemail material. They have also stated that it takes about 5-6 hours to pick an email that they will do, so I wouldn't call it exactly "random". --Sysrq868 22:42, 28 December 2007 (UTC)

[edit] IP

If someone defaces a page how do you learn thier ip address?

Their IP ends up in Recent changes. Kvb 12:01, 24 Apr 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Why?

Why did the stinko man game dissapear from the website?

Internet hates me right now, so I can't check if it's gone. (I really can't believe it.) But if it's gone maybe that means we'll be getting those new levels soon. (Remember that the KoT and Yellow Dello toons were gone too when TBC were making DVD versions of them?) Kvb 09:21, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Yes, I think they are adding new levels or something. It'll be back soon. «Rob» 10:30, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Recent Changes Page

What exactly do all the little symbols on the Recent Changes page mean? (especially the red exclamation point) --The Real Zajac 11:11, 2 May 2005 (PDT)

The ones I know of are that:
    • The red exclimation mark signifies that the page is not patroled (meaning that no-one agreed to continallu watch the page)
    • The m signoifies that the creator of the edit signifies that this is a minor edit
    • The N signifies that this edit created a new page.
Correct me if I'm wrong. -- Posted by: -erson Talk 18:15, 2 May 2005 (UTC)
The red exclamation point means the particular edit hasn't been "patrolled". To patrol any edit, click the "(diff)" link next to the edit on Recent changes and then click "Mark as patrolled" on the top right. By having a group of people patrol all the edits we can keep spam to a minimum. I recently started a Recent changes patrol to help with this effort. If you're interested, please consider joining and helping out. JoeyDay (Talk) 18:26, 3 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Bitmap? guys never mentioned this. Are bitmaps allowed? Just Wonderin' Stongbah

Yes we have mentioned it. It's in the Image use policy, which clearly says "BMP formats are never desirable.". The filesize of BMPs are too big. PNG format is the best, good quality, and small filesize. «Rob» 06:21, 7 May 2005 (UTC)

Sorry...didn't notice.

[edit] Fanstuff Wiki Upgrade Page

JoeyDay/Tom/IJ/Stu - can you please remove the "Is anything wrong?" link from the navigation box on the fanstuff wiki. I don't think we need it there anymore. Thanks. «Rob» 05:26, 8 May 2005 (UTC)

Done. Sorry it took me so long to notice, Rainer. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 15:53, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Fanstuff Uploading?

I was wondering if an image is uploaded here is it possible to post it on the fanstuff wiki? And if there is an upload page on the fanstuff wiki? I've been looking for one for days. - T.C.

...I've been waiting for a response a good while now... - T.C.


Are you gonna respond or am I gonna have to kick your ass?

I might not know much, but I do know that threatening the adminstration will probably result in getting your account blocked, instead of taking them action. --Gafaddict 02:36, 9 May 2005 (UTC)
45 minutes between asking question and saying "I've been waiting for a response a good while now" is a bit short, don't you think? If you really need an answer quicker, try here. --phlip 02:50, 9 May 2005 (UTC)
There is an upload page on the fanstuff wiki. Go to the fanstuff wiki. Then look in the "toolbox" box on the right. Right there is a link to the upload page. Please be patient when asking questions on the FAQ page. «Rob» 06:27, 9 May 2005 (UTC)
Sorry. I didn't notice. I'm also sorry, but I was born without patience. - T.C.
I fixed Rainer's link above so it points to the upload page on the fanstuff wiki. One thing that may be tripping you up is that uploads are only available to users who are signed in. If you're not signed into the Fanstuff wiki as a registered user you'll never find the upload page. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 18:28, 11 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] FAQ Reform

In case anyone wonders what I'm doing, I'm going down this talk page list and adding worthy questions to the main FAQ. We've got a good base of real-life questions here, so I'm working to make the FAQ a little more robust. I'm planning to add several questions and then break it into sections that make sense. If anyone feels like helping out, be my guest. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 15:36, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Well, I think I'm done. There were fewer questions than I thought there would be. Many of the "real-life" questions here are too specific for the main FAQ page. I'm a lot happier with the FAQ, and feel confident that more people will actually find the answer they're looking for there. Feel free to clean up after me if you think I did something stupid. Thanks. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 17:15, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] New Main Page

I love the new main page, it's really spiffy and all, but I can't find a lot of the things I used to go to without having to use the search engine. Things like the WikiTroll page, the Sandbox, List of Users, STUFF, etc. are all kind of hard to find. Can I get some help here?--Because, It's Midnite

I agree. It was good having all those wiki-related pages listed in the one spot. «Rob» 10:49, 24 May 2005 (UTC)

I don't like the change at all. I had to go through my watchlist to find the darn FAQ. The old page linked to all the important areas, but the new one wastes space with the updates and "?featured article?". What's that all about, anyway? Call me a reactionary, but I move for a revert. Of course, I doubt anyone will be able to find this page anytime soon, what with the confusing main page. --homestar3.14 14:04, 24 May 2005 (UTC)

We're not changing anytime soon, homestar3.14. —FireBird|Talk 19:38, 24 May 2005 (UTC)
All the important stuff can be found at The Stick. Kvb 19:41, 24 May 2005 (UTC)

haha, thanks man, I totally missed that! Because, It's Midnite

The Stick lists those pages, which makes up for it a bit, but it's still hard to find those important pages. Of course, it's not a major problem, it's just harder. «Rob» 10:09, 25 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Lists

How do you make those lists, like the ones on the bottom of all the Strong Bad Emails show the list of all the emails? -Stinkoman K

It's quite confusing to explain, actually. You should just be able to copy the whole list, then add what you want and delete the email names from the list you've copied. Make sense? —FireBird|Talk 19:38, 24 May 2005 (UTC)
The list at the bottom of the Strong Bad Emails aren't really special - someone simply sat down and typed them all in (though it only went up to pizzaz when it was first started). The magic happens because they weren't typed into the bottom of each email, but rather into Template:Strong Bad Email. Then all you have to do is put {{Strong Bad Email}} at the bottom of each email to get the list. Magic because the list is only in one place, so when a new email comes out they just have to change the template and all the email pages are updated. --phlip 11:12, 25 May 2005 (UTC)
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