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'lo. I'm Gafaddict, a member of the Homestar Runner Wiki.

My main goal here is to make the Talk articles have dates and proper formatting. I find it fun, too, so if you need any talk pages to be organized, drop a line.

[edit] Contributons

  • Creating the page of bottom 10 and writing its transcript all by myselfs.
  • Majority of the transcript for the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.
  • Going through the "talk pages" and standardizing them to include the poster's username and a timestamp.
  • Creating the page of A Folky Tale and writing its transcript.
  • Transcriped Teen Girl Squad Issue 10.
  • Total Edits: 1400 and counting
  • Trolls Reported: 11
  • Edits Patrolled: 355 and counting
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