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Through the years

Over the years, characters have undergone a number of changes to their appearance. Below are links to charts for individual characters as they have changed.

[edit] Character Evolutions by category

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Old-Timey

[edit] 20X6

[edit] Storybook World

[edit] Other

[edit] General design trends

Many characters were initially designed for children's books. These designs were simple and loose, with thin outlines and bold, solid colors:

When The Brothers Chaps began using Flash, character designs still kept the hand-drawn feeling (images may have been digitized with Adobe Streamline) with thick, irregular lines. Coloring was often done with gradients:

Around the time of A Jumping Jack Contest, characters were redesigned to use cleaner vector lines with more precise shapes. This art style primarily used black outlines, flat colors, and limited shading:

Characters' current designs are typified by colored outlines and the use of shadows, highlights, and varying line width to add depth:

Most character designs have not significantly evolved since 2001. Post-2001 changes typically include minor adjustments to facial or body proportions, additional facial expressions, or reworking how a character is animated, not major changes to how the character is drawn.

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