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Stu, Missy, Craig, and Joey

Welcome to the user page of Joey Day, the founder and former proprietor of the Homestar Runner Wiki. I started the Wiki on October 7, 2003 and transferred proprietorship of it to Tom on November 15, 2010.

I don't do much around here anymore. If you’re looking for help, it’s best to post at the FAQ talk page, or email the entire administration staff (click here for the email address).

[edit] Me and Homestar go way back

I was introduced to Homestar Runner shortly after Strong Bad Email #51, “website”, was released (circa Nov. 18, 2002). Web-design has been one of my hobbies for a while and a friend of mine knew that ’toon would resonate with me. It’s still one of my favorite emails. Other favorites include “the basics”, “superhero name”, “guitar”, “techno”, “japanese cartoon”, “english paper”, “caffeine”, “different town”, “flashback”, “virus”, “do over”, “”, “bedtime story”, “space program”, “technology”, “pop-up”, “isp”, “the movies”, “email thunder”, “independent”, and “videography”.

I own the first four Strong Bad Email DVDs, the Strong Bad Sings CD, a Trogdor polo, a Stinkoman blue ringer t-shirt, and a Support the Municipality t-shirt. I'd like to eventually own the remaining Strong Bad Email DVDs and the Everything Else DVDs, and would've loved to have owned a Kick the Cheat before they were discontinued.

[edit] Things I’m proud of

  • Stu and I went to a screening of Craig Zobel’s movie, “Great World of Sound”, when it came to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The festival always has a handful of screenings in Salt Lake, so we caught a screening at the Broadway Centre Cinemas downtown. Craig and two of the actors fielded questions after the show and Missy Palmer, who produced the film, was also there. The Chaps, both executive producers of the film, were apparently in town, but decided to catch a different screening that night. Craig and Missy were both really nice, and Craig’s movie was amazing—laugh-out-loud comedy at some points, powerful drama at others, an entertaining and educational exposé of a real scam that goes on in the music industry. One of the actors had high praise for Craig’s directing skills and remarked to any screenwriters or filmmakers who may have been in the audience that Craig is the man you want working on your project. I’m excited to see where “Great World of Sound” goes from here—crossing my fingers that it hits theaters and DVD—and really hope Craig brings more movies to Sundance in the future.
  • Due to a glitch in the html file, I was able to transcribe “Fall Float Parade” (using the swf file) before it was properly available on the Homestar Runner website. It was my first transcription in a long time and it felt a-pretty-pretty good to be back in the trenches.
  • I get my kicks pruning the Links page.
  • My wedding video blooper reel is a music video for “Circles” from the Strong Bad Sings CD.
  • I’ve carved a Bubs pumpkin (2004), a The Cheat pumpkin (2005), a Trogdor pumpkin (2006), a The Goblin pumpkin (2008), and a Homestar Runner pumpkin (2009).
  • On behalf of the wiki, I received a letter from Matt Chapman along with a small collection of original pencil sketches.

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