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This article is about the HRWiki policy regarding general uploading and use of images. For the HRWiki policy regarding personal images, see HRWiki:Personal images.

The following guidelines are strongly encouraged when uploading images for use in articles for this knowledge base.

[edit] Format

When uploading a file, it should be in one of the following formats (See Help:Image#How to take a screenshot for more information):

  • PNG — Screenshots of toons on the official sites, general screenshots, DVD screenshots of toons, and Puppet Stuff on the official site. Also used for SBCG4AP screenshots.
  • GIF — Animated images.
  • JPEG — Live-action screenshots, on the official site or from a DVD.
  • Any images on the official sites should be uploaded as-is. Their format should not be changed.


  • BMP images are never desirable.

[edit] Specifics

  • In most cases, an image for use on the Homestar Runner Wiki should be a uploaded via the Upload file page.
  • Images' dimensions should be approximately the same size as on the official site and never exceed 600 pixels in width.
  • Images should be optimized for the web and their filesize should not exceed 153600 bytes (150 kilobytes).
  • When uploading the file, be sure to give it a meaningful name which describes its content and more importantly, its use on the wiki. For example: "homestar_with_a_hat.png" is not meaningful. "dangeresque_3_screenshot.png" is more meaningful.
  • When uploading, describe the image and link to important characters or places. End the description with "(from [[name of toon]])" and choose an appropriate license template from the dropdown menu.
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