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Crap people list:

  • Slipstream, PatrickRego and Lapper for not liking my style.
  • Chwoka for literally being made out of crap.
  • Physijockeymanwhatever for overappreciating fish.
  • Want on this list? Come to IRC and audition.
The face of subtitles!™

[16:12:28]  <TheSlipstream> Windows stinks, but at least you don't have to
                            recompile the kernal or anything.
[16:13:29]  <SysRq868>      The head of a nail there. It's like, it sucks total Dan,
                            but every other options stinks even more.
More quotes...


[edit] About Me

I'm most likely a person. Maybe not the most best one. But a person nevertheless.

I translate. Subtitles. Into Finnish. These.

[edit] Random Blurbs

  • Good things don't come instantly or with ease. For example, I waited for the Strong Bad Sings CD for 7 months and it was resent 4 times until I finally got it. The year had changed before I received it. Guess whether I'm looking forward to place another order with them.
  • DeFender1031 let me know that the KoT Character Video subtitles file was the 500,000th edit on Thank you, tonight.
  • I started (unlogged-in) the Podstar Runner article. Believe it.
  • The reason why I scarcely put my nose into other things here is that I'm usually reverted or deleted or generally disagreed on. That's why I do something nobody else can say anything about (Finnish subtitles), mainly because they don't know anything about it! Now how clever is that?

Also check out Senor Cardgage's Intregway, which is actually a land mower turned bankways.

[edit] Stuffs

It's apparently against this wikis policies to keep things organized and neat. Here are the contents of my subpages that are illegimate.

[edit] Awards

Oh I am popular. This is the page I print out every day.

Dazzling work good chap!

Awarded by ~ SlipStream

Oh, I'm seeing doubles...


Awarded by ~ SlipStream


Awarded by Trey56

A cold one. Awarded by DEI DAT VMdatvm center\super contra

[edit] Quotes page

Fewney awkward relationship insinuations quotes from IRC - collected by me.

[00:38:06]    <D-Fender>  ?
[00:38:09]  <Brightstar>  ?
[00:38:11]    <SysRq868>  ?
[00:38:13]      <Lapper>  ?
[00:38:15]  <Brightstar>  ??
[00:38:20]      <Lapper>  Fail.
[02:17:50]         <Heimstern>  We can't marry me to any of them, because I'm an old guy.
[02:18:08]  <D-Fender|Hereish>  Heimstern, sammi tried to set melissa up with me...
[02:18:12]         <Heimstern>  Like, that would be really creepy.
[02:18:29]         <Heimstern>  D-Fender|Hereish: But I'm five years creepier than you.
[23:06:24]  <Loafing>  yes, nobody kisses my reputation!
[02:31:28]       <Ch`mera>  I don't have a boyfriend!
[02:31:32]      <SysRq868>  Yet.
[02:31:43]  <DeFender1031>  Ch`mera, got a girlfriend then?
[02:31:53]       <Ch`mera>  I'm not gay!
[02:31:58]      <SysRq868>  Yet.
[17:30:44]  <DeFender1031>  you're going to outlive your wife? my condolences
[17:31:17]      <SysRq868>  What wife?
[17:31:19]      <SysRq868>  Where?
[17:32:02]    DeFender1031  points to sammi
[20:44:57]   <SysRq868>  Hello.
[20:45:31]  <Tommyspud>  hello.
[20:51:01]  <Dinoshaur>  Hellote.
[20:51:28]   <SysRq868>  Hey, we all have the exact same number of letters in our nicks.
[20:51:39]   <SysRq868>  What do you say if we go record a number one jam?
[20:52:01]  <Dinoshaur>  *grumble*
[20:52:14]  <Dinoshaur>  I suppose...
[20:54:27]   <SysRq868>  "There's a crazy world of IRC in this crazy world..."
[20:55:32]  <Dinoshaur>  "Typin' it out, typin' it out..."
[20:56:39]   <SysRq868>  "I hope it's from a girrrrll!"
[20:56:52]   <SysRq868>  "Save the last smiley for #hrwiki!"
[20:57:15]  <Dinoshaur>  "Save the last smiley for meeeeeeee"
[01:32:50]  <SammiSeldowitz>  I'm not a fanstuffer.
[01:33:01]  <SammiSeldowitz>  But I pretend to be.
[01:33:13]        <SysRq868>  You need hobbies.
[23:31:23]  <SysRq868>  Can't wait for PlayStation IV with 4D graphics.
[23:32:09]  <SysRq868>  Games like... Tesseract's Revenge, or... Grand Tesseract Auto...
[18:02:42]  <Lapper>  That's right, Sys. I like to start my day off by cleaning my shotgun for 20 minutes
                      before flying off to Iraq to shoot up some civilians.
[14:14:37]  <Slipstream|>  This is The SysRq868 Haters Wiki, currently working on 1678 articles about how
                           much SysRq868 sucks.
[14:15:05]     <SysRq868>  Userlist: Slipstream (bureaucrat, sysop)
[14:15:13]     <SysRq868>  Total 1 user(s).
[14:15:16]  <Slipstream|>  If this Knowledge Base has proven useful to you, why not put a bullet into the
                           brain of SysRq?
[14:15:42]  <Slipstream|>  It helps give our sole user a reason to live. *cries*
[14:16:58]  <Slipstream|>  This Weeks Featured Article: SysRq868, How Lame He is.
[02:51:25]  <DeFender1031>    well... i'm off to shower and bed...
[02:51:29]  <DeFender1031>    hmm...
[02:51:35]  <DeFender1031>    shower IN bed....
[02:51:35]  <SammiSeldowitz>  Yay.
[02:51:39]  <SammiSeldowitz>  YAYZ
[02:51:42]  <DeFender1031>    someone should invent that
[02:51:51]  <DeFender1031>    but not me, because i'm too tired
[02:52:09]  <SammiSeldowitz>  Tiredness is what causes the greatest thoughts.
[02:52:10]  <SammiSeldowitz>  XD
[02:52:21]  <DeFender1031>    and because when i wake up tomorrow, i'll probably realize that it was a stupid idea...
[22:54:23]  <SysRq868>  Well, what normally comes out when you throw 3.4 times a dice that has just a little under -4 faces?
[10:27:40]  <Slipstream|>  Sell your camera. It won't help you in the slammer, unless you can take parts of it
                           and make them into shivs.
[10:28:28]  <Slipstream|>  With a shiv you can take non-essential organs from others too. And eventually, you
                           can buy another camera.
[10:28:45]  <Slipstream|>  Think of it as an investment in...crap.
[10:28:51]  <SysRq868>     Indeed.
[23:10:42]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:10:45]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:10:49]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:10:50]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:10:51]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:10:53]  <|20eric06|> lo
[23:10:54]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:10:57]  <|20eric06|> l
[23:11:01]  <SysRq868>   olol
[23:11:09]  <|20eric06|> o nose
[23:11:11]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:14]  <SysRq868>   this is stupid.
[23:11:18]  <|20eric06|> is not
[23:11:22]  <SysRq868>   okay
[23:11:24]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:28]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:32]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:33]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:34]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:36]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:37]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:39]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:40]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:42]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:44]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:46]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:47]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:49]  <|20eric06|> lol
[23:11:50]  <SysRq868>   lol
[23:11:53]  <Loafing>    stop flooding
[12:57:59]  <Phlip>  there's only one person in Finland anyways, if two people claim to be finnish, then they're the same person.
[19:35:53]  <SysRq868>  Why won't you touch our thingies?
[21:51:17]  <Chwoka>    BURN SAMMISELDOWITZ!
[21:51:42]  <Chwoka>    BURN 'ER!
[21:51:53]  <Chwoka>    BURN HER!
[21:52:15]  <Conchris>  BURN!
[21:52:27]  <Chwoka>    BURN THE BABIES!
[21:52:35]  <Chwoka>    BURN BABY BURN!
[21:52:40]  <Chwoka>    BURN MUSIC!
[21:52:47]  <Chwoka>    BURRRRNNNNN ICE!
[21:53:09]  <Chwoka>    And that, children, is where the phrase "Ice Burn" comes from.
[21:53:16]  <Chwoka>    Any questions, class?
[15:27:36]  <homestarwinner>  can you give me a link?
[15:27:43]  <YeahItsMee>
[15:27:43]  <TheSlipstream>
[15:27:45]  <YeahItsMee>
[13:24:25]    TheSlipstream  shoots SysRQ
[14:00:50]    TheSlipstream  kicks everyone in the face, nine times.
[14:03:46]  <TheSlipstream>  I'm not violent, just misunderstood.
[14:04:23]    TheSlipstream  punches SysRq in the nose.
[10:15:59]  <TheSlipstream> I think SysRq868 could probably make the entire thing, since he knows codes n' stuff.
[10:16:08]  <SysRq868>      *blush*
[10:16:38]  <TheSlipstream> No need to, you're like the face of subtitles on HRWiki. :D
[07:53:00]  <SuperMartyoBro>  Hi.
[07:53:05]  <SuperMartyoBro>  You have a quotes page.
[07:53:08]  <SuperMartyoBro>  I'm not on it.
[07:53:16]  <SuperMartyoBro>  How am I not on it?!?
[23:56:01]  <|20eric06|>  I'm gonna go play something. Because it's boring in here.
[23:56:21]  <SysRq868>    |20eric06|: What do you mean? I quite like it here.
[23:56:35]  <SysRq868>    Talking about grammar and cows
[23:56:40]  <SysRq868>    ...and soup.
[23:57:02]  <SysRq868>    ....nails in.. in pants....
[18:13:07]  <YeahItsMee>  Do we have any cigarettes left?
[18:13:19]    YeahItsMee  slaps himself in the face
[18:13:25]    <SysRq868>  And if not, how come?
[18:13:29]      SysRq868  does likewise.
[16:58:57]  <DeFender1031> SysRq868, what about sucking me?
[16:12:28]  <TheSlipstream> Windows stinks, but at least you don't have to recompile the kernal or anything.
[16:13:29]  <SysRq868>      The head of a nail there. It's like, it sucks total Dan, but every other options stinks even more.
[01:54:55]  <Heimstern>  The subtitling machine has arrived!
[01:55:36]  <SysRq868>   oh, am I really that cool?
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