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[edit] Commonly misunderstood Coach

Coach Z's line about "Glorten" Camp echoes a similar line from him in mascot. There, he refers to the same entity in two different ways, and here, he refers to two different entities in the same way.

From: Weclome Back
Posted on: 06:43, 4 July 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • Compare the lines below - an almost identical construct with only a reversal of one detail.
  • What lines below?

Arguments against:

  • It's like somebody said "Remember that time that Coach Z did that thing that was the exact opposite of what he did just now?"
  • Coach Z talks funny. There doesn't seem to be a special connection between the two instances mentioned that distinguishes them from other instances.
  • Even if the fact is accepted it should be rewritten as it is unclear about what is being referenced.
  • It is a similar joke, but it's not clear that it's a reference
  • The lines are actually different then what the fact is trying to say. (See Comments)
    • No idea what this argument is saying.
      • The original line said "The Chort" then "The Cheat". Weclome Back's line is "Glorten Camp" then "Glorten Camp".
  • The similarity is striking. There would be more of a case for it, though, if he said "Gluten" the second time.
  • Looking at the fun fact about this in mascot#Remarks, and where it's discussed on the article's talk page, it seems the consensus is that Coach Z is referring to two different entities, not one, thus taking the legs out from under this proposed fun fact. I think the joke here is just that when spoken with Coach Z's accent, "Gluten" and "Glutton" both sound like "Glorten".

Additional comments:

  • The quote referenced in the remark is this:
COACH Z: Get yer head in the game, The Chort! The Cheat is wide open!
  • The other line (for a fair comparison) is:
COACH Z: Let's go, Glorten Camp! Glorten Camp is pain and scranin' on yous!
  • It's not that what he did is exactly the opposite as is argued in one ArgAgainst - it's that what he did was extremely similar, but he reversed one detail.

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[edit] Whistling candy

"Toot sweet" is a play on the French phrase "tout de suite" (which translates to "immediately" or "at once"). Both phrases are pronounced roughly the same.

From: Weclome Back
Posted on: 23:08, 3 July 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • This is the origin of the phrase - anything else that used it was borrowing it from the French phrase in the first place.

Arguments against:

  • This is the exact phrase that an entire song was written about in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." I'm not saying that it's a reference to that either, only that there are multiple possibilities.
  • Not that I'm saying this isn't accurate or anything, but it's really not that worth saying.
    • Not worth saying? I certainly wouldn't have known what it meant before taking French, and even after taking it the best I had was a vague consciousness that I should know what it meant. People will look in Explanations for, well, some explanation.
  • Um... does this fact even apply if the transcript is showing the original French phrase rather than "toot sweet"? :P

Additional comments:

  • Re: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Where do you think they got the phrase from?
    • They invented a candy that made a "toot" sound when you blew in it. That's where they got it from.
      • And where do you think they... etc. etc.
        • The candy in Chitty was a pun on 'toute de suite' as well.
          • Furthermore, at one point during the song, one of the characters makes a pun by using the name of the candy in place of the French phrase.
  • The second "T" in "tout" is silent. Marzipan mispronounces it.
    • Which might be relevant if the real phrase wasn't "tout de suite".
      • Marzipan's line is certainly heavily Anglicized, but all of the resources I can find show the internal -t- as being pronounced. None of the pronunciations I can find have the "de" factoring in at all (or it blends with the first word). I have reworded the item above accordingly.
        • Actually, the "de" is the "t". The "t" is silent, but the "de" makes up for it (final unaccented Es, even in two-letter words, are usually not pronounced.) So, it's "tou-d-suit", which sounds very much like "toot sweet".
          • Given which, I don't feel that it even qualifies as "heavily Anglicized". Okay, her vowels are a little bright, but that's not "heavily."

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